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  1. If matchmaker doesn't find the good host, then just make me Host. I don't want Teleportation, Bug by Delayed Animation, and freakin' Operator bug.
  2. Not a consume when in-mission. consume when before the mission.
  3. Not a simply like that. Operator's Status Buff. Not a Amp.
  4. Many fishes and fruits we can get from the Plains of Eidolon. Add some animal and meat, and Cook them for Operator. Consume the cooked food to buff operator's status temporarily.(Example:Focus energy regeneration buff, Health buff, Etc...)
  5. Stage 4/4 stoned. 3 times of 2 times when used Phylaxis. 1 times are with mesa, destroyed multiple spawn with punch-through opticor, and killing spawned infested instantly with peacemaker.
  6. How about this? Grineer tech : Katana with Chemical accelerator(ex:detonate gunpowder[or explosives] to accelerate the blade) sheath. Corpus tech : Katana with Electromagnetic accelerator(ex:linear motor to accelerate the blade) sheath. or Energy-Blade(like plasma) Katana.
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