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  1. U a life saver!! 123 crit is mad! I have been using 323 with 28 crit🤡🤡🤡. I want that 127 but hey I will just do it slowly as you recommend thanks
  2. I saw a video of someone taxing someone there. Dunno if it still works. I just want gyromag system to rank up and buy better amp. Seems there ain’t no shortcut than to grid my life away😣
  3. I’m just wondering if it is possible to access profit taker quest with friends that are level 5?🤔
  4. I need help with kuva Lich confrontation, I do not own a railjack So I can’t go there yet anyone wanna help to take me there 👀 please
  5. I’m new to warframe I have been building Mesa prime but there is a circle ⭕️ symbol next to her ability how do I get that cause I see so many videos with it. Help look at the picture https://share.icloud.com/photos/0ZTln9MCdX0e4FXpWEkORcJUw
  6. Don’t waste ur time lol it is so so rare did 30 runs got 0
  7. Thanks might just have to wait till they fix this nightwave
  8. Someone please give me advice where I can find nitain extract as nightwave cred is broke. Need it for prime mesa. Thanks
  9. All sorted managed to unlock it just needed argon Crystal
  10. I need help from someone who has the void unlocked I’m pretty new to the game
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