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  1. I stopped playing when Plains came out. What major changes have happened to my warframe? Big changes with the emphasis on nerfs. You don't have to list every change and rework just the major ones. For example the "new" blade storm would have been a shock. I feel I should give a couple more examples. Repelling Bastille kept everyone out. Octavia could throw her ball and everything would die. Nova could reduce her power strength and half enemies going fast. These are the types of changes I'm wondering about.
  2. I'm totally fine with having to farm the same boss repeatedly, but I feel you, but there's a difference between farming parts and mods and tedious chores like open 20 lockers. It's the stuff like that that grinds the game to a halt. I don't even feel like I'm playing a game at that point. I'm not trying to argue either 🙂
  3. Thanks a lot for the explanation. I have no idea why I reinstalled this game expecting things to be at least a little bit better. Is everything new (at least 8 months new) as nonsensically grindy as the daily nightwave challenges? (Serious question I'm not just trying to be an ass)
  4. Is it always stuff like "open 20 lockers" or "scratch your nose 50 times"? That's all I saw, but I'm choosing to believe that was an anomaly.
  5. I really appreciate your help. It looks very grindy to me (even for warframe).
  6. The problem is that I took an 8 month break from this game to get away from the grind and the first thing I see when I get back is a challenge. Awesome I love me some challenges. I need 5 ranks or whatever before I can play. Ok that's cool what do I need to do? Open 20 lockers....l see why I took that break. This is some of the most grindiest S#&$ I've ever seen. It's bad even for warframe. All of the challenges were some nonsense stuff like that. I'm still hoping I read it wrong because this is stupid as hell.
  7. DE didny learn a god damn thing it seems. Thanks for the reply.
  8. I took a break about 7 or 8 months ago. I want to do the event, but it says I need 5 nightwave links. I clicked on nightwave in the bottom right hand corner of my screen and the first thing it says is to open 20 lockers. It shows a flag (I can't make out the symbol) and the number 1000. I was really hoping DE would have learned something in the time I've been gone. Please tell me this isn't how I gain nightwave links. Also what does the 1000 mean? Edit: someone said that it goes on points not links. I feel like the challenge told me to get links, but it's gone now.
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