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  1. yeah i agree its rly fun if u put aside the fact that u have to spend average 13 hours to farm someone like khora
  2. no no its not that I mean im a 1 month old player and those friends are clanmates so I have no one else that i chat with in game other than em but thank you for the kind advice
  3. makes a lot of sense xd, just was wondering because of the "beta" name that has been going around
  4. i hope they focus more on the big picture and maybe revival of margulis or something
  5. 'ts fine just that im not young nor are they
  6. hopefully it isnt, also thanks ^^
  7. i see then, im excited for that and i hope they dont mess it up xd
  8. oki then thanks for the reassurance
  9. ok i see thanks for reassuring me the
  10. i was wondering whether the game will end after new war or not, i mean it doesn't make sense for it to do but some of my friends have been telling me that the new war will be the last update and the game will stop receiving updates after that which made me kinda depressed, can someone tell me if this is true or not?
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