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  1. actually, it used to pretty amazing when I was using it in the past. I'd click it, and it would stay up for a couple of seconds, latching onto and dealing decent damage to any fighters in front of me. While not necessarily a one-shot weapon, it had decent enough damage that I had sold every other ordinance in favor of it. I have no clue what happened to it, but now when i try to use it, it lasts for barely one second, maybe hits one enemy, and then doesn't even do any actual damage to it.
  2. Doign a spy mission on Ceres, and one of Stalker's goons spawned in. So i decided to wait outside of the mission objective, with the door still locked to ensure I would not accidentally trigger it. The guy spawned inside of the locked room, then teleported me inside of it as well. And now I can't escape this room. I have pressed F6 in-game as well.
  3. Managed to eat him with Lavos. 300% Strength, 145% Range, all 3 umbral mods. Duration and Efficiency 50% because of the corrupted mods, and missing two mods because not enough points. Also, stand united aura. Weapon was Cedo with max status, viral, heat, chilling reload, hell's chamber. max out the damage after the status chance, and just let the glaive rip free. For those interested in how I did it: There's essentially two phases you need to deal with. As soon as the fight starts, load up on magnetic, and then slide at him with 2. the constant spread of AoW plus you fiering at it
  4. Spira and Ebisu are the spears that bug out. Using Ebisu just gives you a bit more 'attempts' at getting fish before the bug triggers. From what I've noted: - Happens when you miss - Happens when you hook a fish, and have a capture screen from allies - Might happen when enemy spawn (Haven't noticed this one) - Happens when you hook a fish and probably exit the cut-scene too fast (or too slow)
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