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  1. Did Vectis get buffed or nerfed? 0.85 is more than 0.8
  2. Just had another instance of the new Arbitration being locked after coming out of a long run. It's a different mission, so not sure of the cause, but it's very frustrating.
  3. Forum ranks are based solely on forum activity. Glyphs sometimes take time to update.
  4. It definitely does not. You may be seeing an overall loss in efficiency due to enemy flow being disrupted by your moving around, but the pickups themselves have no effect on enemy spawns.
  5. Earlier today, an Infested Excavation Arbitration appeared on Earth. I was with a fantastic squad, mission went for over an hour, skipping over the next arbitration, finishing during the one after that. (10.45 to 11.15am) After extracting, the newest Arbitration (two after the one I played) is now marked as "already completed". The newest Arbitration is on the same node I just completed. Another member of the squad confirms this. It seems that the Arbitration completion status is tied to the node, and not the Arbitration cycle.
  6. For comparison, what was the spawn rate before?
  7. I actually very much like how you've implemented the cutscene skip. It also doubles as a way to speed through the conversation for people who read the subtitles and don't have the patience to listen, and being instanced stops any one player from ruining it for the rest. This is a great way to solve it, and when it comes time to implement a permanent fix, I hope the end result isn't too dissimilar. On a tangential note, I'd recommend enabling something similar when replaying quests. For example, while Sacrifice was very enjoyable the first time, on the fourth time through while hunting for Fragments, the long cutscenes were unbearable.
  8. The update has promoted a below-Warlord player (he demoted himself ages ago, left me in charge) to Founding Warlord, where I was previously the only Warlord. This seems like an oversight.
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