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    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    Im usually not a fan of complaining about change or getting used to a new system but this one makes everything slower. If im running a sortie i like to change my frame and primary but by the time i switched everybody who doesnt change something is already ready to go and i feel bad about making people wait so i dont change the mods to the enemy type. Used to only be a few clicks now its a major process to change. Hopefully the fix can speed things up a bit
  2. (PS4)ctiwolf

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (+hotfixes)

    wish i could play this but i can't even update my game anymore. guess i'm losing my login bonus. anybody else having problems with a ps4 update?
  3. (PS4)ctiwolf

    Update 13.3: Pack Hunters & Specters Of Liberty

    my codex isn't showing complete anymore. it is showing that i don't have any fusion cores. i've gotten a new one of each since the update and still nothing. is there an easy fix or do i have to use them all and get some more for them to show up?
  4. (PS4)ctiwolf

    Status: Ps4 U13.3 Information

    In my clan weve seen more than half the people already playing significantly less because of watchdog. Since we really havent seen major support from de i dont see a lot of people spending that much more time after destiny and after the holidays i wouldnt be surprised if we lose everybody after the holiday games are released. But this game is really fun and i will at least play for as long as there are others to play with.
  5. (PS4)ctiwolf

    Status: Ps4 U13 Info

    It might be free to play but a lot of people pay money to buy plat or prime packages. I stopped buying any plat because of the lack of support but theyve designed this game to have people spend plat to speed things up so it it makes it really hard to get into this game without spending plat so i think some people have the right to gripe about it.
  6. (PS4)ctiwolf

    February 21St: Community Hot Topics!

    Sony usually doesnt reject for any other reason than it is crashing and isnt a stable build. Or in des case a semi stableish build