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  1. A unique build that I'm starting to love alot. Nyx is already invulnerable with her assimilate, however, in endurance runs here energy gets drained obscenely fast. Chaos itself is a good CC ability, but its unreliable at times and requires recasting. After messing around with the Helminth system, i realised Silence fit right in. Most assimilate builds would have some efficiency and duration included, and honestly even with Cunning Drift (+15% range) as your only range mod, silence already has a 23m radius, which is good enough for most tilesets. The aim of Silence is so that enemies
  2. I fully agree Space is better. However, are Pub Squads bad? I mean i get 22min-24min runs (usually) in Pub as a Condrix + Sentient DPS Nova through Contagion, lockdown one entrance using Ferrox, and Catchmoon to quickly kill Aerolysts. I end of pub missions with 90+% dmg but thats okay. Doesnt contradict your point though, but just saying Pubs arent all that bad. (I know preformed Ground squads can do sub 20 min runs, and I have done so many times as well. Yes, preformed Space Squads can do it much faster assuming no waiting for codes)
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