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  1. Noticing some posts about Nakak, I wonder if she will ever have jumbo sized masks to use as ship decorations. that big Excalibur mask in her stall always looked like it would be fun tp place somewhere. As someone who didnt really know how arcanes worked untill recently, are we ever gonna see the exodia ones from plague star ever again? or the zaw parts, aside from sometimes being in Hoks deal of the day?
  2. Will the Jat Kittag regain its glorious ROCKET SPIN charge/Heavy attack? Or I suppose to more generalize it, will meele weapons have some unique moves independent of their stance? Relatedly, with Steel Charge being the "strongest" in terms of bonux capacity aura and being the meele focused one, are we going to see any change to that, or auras in general?
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