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  1. I haven't and I don't know I should've just said portals through time I guess
  2. Time displacement field. On the left is Poe day. On the right in Poe night. We know there's portals to take us to different time periods at least from that one lua spy. I think it's Lua at least. I think I meant temporal displacement but I am not super smart on the subject haha
  3. Now when I try to convert her it says mission failed. Edit: restarted my game and I could capture her.
  4. I am playing as wukong with steel charge, a phantasma, akbolto prime and xoris and I have a sly vulpaphyla equipped. All max rank. I'm fighting the sister drudiana sozz(rank 5) on Pluto. I summoned my lich from the railjack summon crew option and the sister went nuts. There were 5 or 6 of them and just as many hounds. I could stab the hounds without damaging them all the way. I ended up killing her by getting one of the clones down to zero but all the other ones were still there just walking around using their abilities at random. I can't give a screenshot because I got out of the mission asap before I got a fail.
  5. Pubs are pubs. You get what you get. If someone isn't doing it right or playing badly or messing around or doesn't know what they are doing too bad. It's pubs. You wanna super speed nuke the room kill everything in one shot don't break any containers leave when I'm ready group you make your own. You get what you get in pubs.
  6. I'm not replying to you anymore lol obviously not enough people wanted it to be changed to effect the bottom line. So it WASNT ENOUGH. If someone has an opinion they are allowed to share it with DE. They don't need to leave the game. They don't need some butthole on the forum to say this isn't about you. Try to stay on topic you obviously think you're very smart you should be able to stay with it.
  7. What are you even talking about. If enough people want bullet jumping gone it's gone. You aren't telling the truth or being honest. You're just pulling stuff put of thin air that's irrelevant. "They should just leave" is the jerk statement and thats your opinion not a fact.
  8. Then they can make their own topic and say how much they love it. Everyone has an opinion and if more people want it one way than the other that's fine. But telling someone to pipe down because "this game isn't about you" is stupid. This game is about each of us individually and each individual should try to make the game into the game they want. So countersalting the salt. Nice. Like I said you can have an opinion but that doesn't make OP's any less valid and they are allowed to voice it. If anyone reads this understand most people are on these forums crying all the time. See the post about "vets" and helminth because boohoo I sold my old frames already. Don't be afraid to post your opinion and ignore the people who try to shut you down.
  9. What does that have to do with what I said? You can ignore open world, railjack, relays too. That doesn't mean I can't want them changed to be more in the style I like to play.
  10. You have to understand in topics like these the fanboys will come out and say "the game isn't about you." Me and 4 other people want the game to be harder so it should. Imo they need to stop listening to the vets because they have proven from my time on these forums to be the biggest jerks. This is someones opinion and DE needs to hear it if they feel that way.
  11. Leave it to DE to make everything a pain in the butt lol like we don't waste enough time just playing the game. Everything's gotta be a job. Well, at least I never have to go back to it again.
  12. So there's a big hose coming out of my orbiter and connecting to another ship above me. What is that ship above me? My railjack?
  13. Made all the parts for yareli. Started the quest. Do a bunch of kdrive junk. No thanks. Just went ahead and did it. Decided to look up a video. There's a really easy way to cheese it actually. Not gonna link it because I don't DE to patch it out.
  14. Yeah pretty much. I just wanted to see if that's the reason people left or if I was making it up. You can do whatever you want in pubs. Don't like it don't play lol
  15. Nah I don't think so. There's no point to using a frame now except for the abilities that can help the mech like wukongs clone. I don't do star chart missions anymore. I haven't even started steel path because I don't wanna go back to the star chart. I only do open world and railjack now. The only reason I use frames now is for MR and ive got 6 or 7 frames and about 30 weapons I haven't even touched yet because I just don't want to go back to farming defense or running through onslaught. I only made this topic to see what other people thought I had no intention on changing the way I play because someone else is upset with it. If I get bored with the mech I'd probably just quit playing again for a while.
  16. No like host migration left the game lol I'm MR18 I hope I would be able to tell by now the difference :p
  17. So I've used my necramech to farm mods and missions since I got it. I like it. It's more fun to me. My frames arent as fun to me. However sometimes people will just leave when I start using it or just stand around which is Warframe for I'm taking my ball and going home. So I guess I'm asking how everyone else feels to see if maybe I've just had a string of bad luck with pubs or if people are really as upset about it as I'm perceiving.
  18. Thanks for letting us know it's nice to see people at the company being honest. Most aren't lol
  19. Just happened to me right now coming back from deimos. No way in hell I'm closing this game until it fixes. I have captures and fish and ore and bounty rewards.
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