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  1. Hello, I notice several hotfix and update since Nidus Prime release and the problem is never fixed. I think people on DE didnt pay attention to this. Arcane Icon Buff appear large in game (currently play on playstation) and I notice it also appear like that in mobile app: This not affect an experience but I think you guys should pay attention to minor things like this. I repeat once again. In game and mobile. I only share the screenshot of mobile but I bet other people can confirm me arcane buff icon in game appear large than normal. Thanks.
  2. lol thanks for the tips. Anyway thanks for your (and the others on this thread) now I really like Baruuk after forma and stuff. Thank for this explanation.
  3. Thanks. Im trying this right now but need to do aura forma first. anyway, So to clarify what you said on the previous post, we have to maintain regular melee combo counter every combo duration to maintain the red crit and dont let DW gain any combo count as it will "break: the red crit? or once we switch after 12x it will keep the red crit as long as the DW dont gain combo? Anyway, im having hard time to maintain the meter low. What's the trick tbh? I saw youtuber using zephyr airburst helminth. But what if I dont use any helminth ability?
  4. Thank you so much for explaination. Now I'm understand more about Baruuk. Thanks a lot for this extra effort. I will try your suggestion ^^
  5. Hello. I wonder if this normal or not. When I using Baruuk's Desert Wind. The combo counter is really hard to increase. And also when equipped melee combo counter already at 12x and changes to Desert Wind. The combo counter is reset to 0. (and really hard to reach even just for 2x) The question is: 1. Is the combo Desert Wind seperate than the melee? 2. Is Desert Wind is really hard to gain combo (I watch several youtube video showing the Desert Wind able to reach 12x easily). Currently playing on PS. If you have any tips for Baruuk please let me know. :) Thank you
  6. Hello, It might be three months I experienced this. Everytime after hotfix deployed I have to wait hours (literally) on connecting screen. Sometimes even it failed and says I need to update warframe. When Im checking update system says it latest version. I already send the support ticket but they respond it related to DNS. I already changed the DNS to or Google DNS but the problem still the same. I don't know why. I even rebuild my PS database but the problem still exist. I don't know either DE fix it or I have to be more patient.
  7. Hi, I just want to give feed back. It would be nice if Mantis Kuva Skin display the Grineer Logo in loading screen (the opposite side of now). Because it only display when you want to buy it. It's some kind of false advertising. lol. On the market: On loading screen: Thanks
  8. Talking about crossplay+cross save its different things I reported the bug for Playstation NOW. I'm not territorial in public forum, but the fact you talk about something you don't test it a bit weird. Unless you try it on Playstation and can confirm the other way, let's dont talk to far. Also adjust your attitude towards fellow players, because in fact you and me is just a players. The idea of me creating this thread to report bug. Just stop the non-sense debate.
  9. I'm only asking. It's funny you have to explain this long. It's really simple: Radial Howl Umbra not Open Finisher to Enemies on Playstation. That's it. That's the issue. I even post it on Playstation Bugs sub forum. So if you don't have knowledge or authority related this issue, just ignore this post and back to PC sub forum.
  10. If you can do that on PC. It might be bug on Playstation. Have you tried on Playstation? I'm not complaining if there's nothing wrong. .. yeah others players keep doing stealth finisher to use that skiajati feature.
  11. I'm still waiting for this to be fixed. It's funny if they really make open finisher dissapear from Radial Howl - Umbra. Because the point of Skiajati have the ability to invisible after finisher is literally for that ability.
  12. Hello, I noticed after this update excalibur Radial Howl now not let you do finisher after Radial Howl (before this update you can do that). I also asking other players here and they confirmed it: Please fix this. Thank you
  13. Yes regular human. I can do that before this update. Strange. So spesificly Excal Blind no longer can do finisher on blinded enemies on this update? Is it error or they announce it? Hmm. Im just tried using Radial Howl actually. Maybe this error or something. I will keep trying. thank you
  14. Hello, I need help to confirm that Radial Howl Umbra still makes enemies stunned and vulnerable to melee finisher. After this update I tried Umbra Radial Howl and can't do front/back finisher to enemies. I'm currently playing on PlayStation. Please let me know after you tested it, Tenno. Thank you.
  15. Hello, I'm looking for Skiajati Riven. Please PM me if you have it (and willing to sell it). Any stat its okay. You dont even have to roll it! Thank you
  16. Hello, I notice two month earlier everytime after hotfix or update I have to wait on connecting screen several hours. (2-4 hours) just to press the 'X' button for continue. I contact support they say the problem is DNS. Even after I follow the suggestions, the problem still the same. i tried to restart, turn off even rebuild my PS4 database but the problem still exist. Why this happen? Thank you
  17. Hello, Today I notice incosistency the riven stats when I link it on chat. See the image below. On Link: On Mods Inventory: Please fix this issue. Thanks
  18. Hello, I just want to suggest that new button for Slide Heavy Attack. With Tenet Weapons that have feature benefit Slide Heavy Attack. (Tenet Grigori for example) Currently the button for Slide Heavy Attack is is L1 + R3. But the problem is R3 is also for camera angle, so it messed the aim. I think the only players will benefit this weapon is PC players that easily aim with mouse. But for console players (Playstation, Xbox, Ninendo) its not that much. Please considering new button for this like maybe Hold L1 or something. Thanks
  19. Hello, I have several input for future features: Show stat for profile also the exp. Show stat for weapon in arsenal. Please make chat feature more user friendly. It's really a good thing. Please show trade limit on the app. Please allow user to trade without login. (It's good for warframe economy and also the app development) Thank you
  20. I see. Thank you soo much. :D i see. Thank you so much for the explanation. :D
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