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  1. whats so difficult in seeing that everything is too op to further buff our frames 😞 whatever nvm
  2. so we can clear the mission in 2,5min instead of 3min, wiping everything in sight before any1 w/o optimized builds can hit an enemie
  3. further lowering the "difficulty", pls no this should only come with a noticable raise in enemie strength and intelligence
  4. pls ignore all those extra augment slot requests my frames can faceroll a sortie even with 2 mods removed
  5. the loutout limit bug is the best thing since waiting for melee 3.0 please just dont take away this awesome surprise of having a loadout for every frame
  6. what will they do with my plat/slots when purchasing more than 20 extra loadouts now? patch testing non existent, proven again
  7. yo DE, probably never gonna read it, but why hasnt your reputation burnt to dust already? its rediculous, you dont play and dont even test your stuff im a very polite person but your half baked content frankensteins dont deserve to be answered with politenes - rant :)))) started this boss severel hotfixes after release, on purpose - i laughed about first patchlogs - and today im still failing more tries to bugs/issues than having successful runs - still migration stuff - orb doesnt come down after spawn, just shoots, minutes later people leave - 5 min fight intro from orb spawn to first canister, amazing - in 2nd phase i can dance 2min because no fissures are opening and then yeah aside the bugs, really goooood design with 2 seconds dealing dmg/killing parts after every 2-6min invincibility or so.. please.. i want to have a good "Warframe" - what are you doing???
  8. wtf they didnt, no1 read their text carefully, it said "a chance" spoiled childs aksing for more free stuff also crying that fortuna is too difficult lol please every1 stop thanking DE for every minute they chill gameplay mechanics and quality assurance are really LOOOOW TIER in warframe right now rant
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