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  1. I've only encountered this in one mission on Deimos, but with that said I've only had the involved squad composition once, so bug reproduction mileage may vary. Never the less, I was on a mission in Deimos and whipped out my Necramech. One of my squadmates was a Limbo. During the defense of the Corpus dude as he uploaded data, the Limbo put up Cataclysm. I noticed that while Cataclysm was up and my Necramech was inside of it, I could not damage enemies who were also inside of it. I COULD however damage enemies outside. This seems the complete opposite of how Cataclysm works. Since it was
  2. Don't ask me how I came to this conclusion, I don't know and had no information to support it, but prior to U29 I was convinced that the spawn points of the flowers from Helminth subsuming Warframes was determined by Warframe order. As in, there would be a linear garden of flowers. I thus decided to subsume frames based upon release date, to give the garden a glorious theme and honor the game itself. Well, turns out I may be wrong. The flowers just seem to appear on the wall by some logic I'm unaware of. Thus, I inquire upon this logic. Does the flower for each frame have a specific spawn
  3. Not sure if this would fall explicitly under Art and Animation, but it seems the most accurate category. To reproduce, equip a Cortege and hold down primary fire, then depress the button to stop firing. The controller continues to vibrate as though the gun is firing for nearly a full second after. This is similar to the old Phage bug, but the vibration isn't nearly as intense.
  4. Not sure exactly when this occurred, probably with update 29, but Solaris characters such as Eudico and Little Duck are being coy lately at max rank. They'll pop their hoods open if I chat with them in person, but on the orbiter interface or in-mission pop-ups, they're shut. t
  5. I really appreciate you guys rapidly addressing bugs and fixing them across all platforms. That said, whatever changed you made to Scintillant spawn rates, I don't think it made it into this one. I've run something like 12 vaults and 4 T2 bounties over the past 5 hours. Not a single Scintillant. There is also a bug that often seems to happen when you use the tentacle thing to fast-travel out of the tunnels, you often end up falling through the surface map. It's not a big deal to me as I usually hop right into Archwing when I see this and fly back up with no harm done, but it's a bug
  6. So it was mentioned a while back that cross-save was being looked into. Do we have any updates on that?
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