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  1. GRANUM'S NEMESIS and WORM'S TORMENT are not listed in the Codex.
  2. Here a few ideas to make Railjack parts (Research, Building) less confusing: 1) Give Sigma armaments the 'Sigma' in their name, currently only the Sigma components have 'Sigma' in their name. Example: change 'Apoc' to 'Sigma Apoc' 2) Give fully maxed parts a visible mark. 3) Make it possible to scrap default (Mk 0) Sigma parts. Make it possible to build default (MK 0) Sigma parts. 4) Currently some Sigma armaments do not know they are Sigma armaments. Example: Apoc does not know, Glazio does know :p 5) Make the tabs for Mk 0, Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3, Sigma, Lavan, Vidar, Zetki always visible, not only when parts are owned. 6) Make it possible to purchase slots for Railjack parts from within the Dry Dock and the Player's inventory (for that give Railjack a tab, currently we can't see Railjack parts in our inventory).
  3. Same here. Have 2x Vengeful Toxin which I can't delete, sell, trade...
  4. I don't like the idea of the Ventkids lab. Why a new lab? It makes no sense. Ventkids are not a big faction like Corpus etc. Are those kids scientists or what? Does DE plan to add MORE syndicate labs later? The Yareli frame could have easily been added to the Tenno lab instead. Or to the existing Ventkids syndicate offerings. Now I have to deconstruct and rebuild parts of the dojo to add this new lab. Just to see those brats sitting there, which also makes no sense, what are they doing in the dojo?
  5. How do I equip the new OULL Requiem Mod? My Lich dropped one and it's in my inventory but I can't equip it to my Parazon. The mod simply doesn't show up there. I can only find it sitting in the inventory under Miscellaneous.
  6. In Steam this announcement was locked after mod deleted 70% of the comments. Good to see it's still up here.
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