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  1. Would you ever consider implementing a community market system in warframe similar to what steam has, such that I could put prime parts up for sale with a set price in the game and then go run missions? I just find it irritating that in order to do trading in the current trading chat I have to spam the chat with messages, and cant go run missions or play the game if I want to sell or buy items.

  2. Ember doesnt seem to regen energy from being on fire if world on fire is active, is this intentional or an oversight?

    Also are you going to stop adding frames after Titania given that this will make it an even thirty, or do you intend to keep adding warframes nigh indefinitely?

  3. With the upcoming changes to the star map, will primes in the prime vault be released? As I understand it they get vaulted to make sure the drop tables dont become too bloated, but if void missions become available all over the place surely this problem disappears?

    With the proposed changes to the MR system, surely this caps the max rank at 30 (As then you'd get weapons at max rank by default) and surely this also means that the higher rank you are, the faster you can level e.g. at MR 0 you have to level a weapon up from 0 to 30, which takes a while, compared to MR 15 where you have to level a weapon from 15 to 30, surely this eventually leads to a point where you can build all of the weapons and harvest all of their affinity in an afternoon, allowing you to reach the max mastery rank in only a few days.

    The new system for claiming extractors is pretty rad, but could a button be added that redeploys them where they were? That would be great.

    Also, the whole "radial blasts from syndicate weapons" is still super irritating in stealth missions, and doesnt really fit with some of them, like the rakta cernos.

  4. The problem I find with sniper rifles is that they dont have very good burst damage, which i think arguably is what makes a sniper rifle a good weapon elsewhere. The ability to instantly drop stupidly tough enemies like high level bombards or heavy gunners would be invaluable and would arguably make a sniper desired for long term void missions (60 min+ survival, ect).


    The trouble is that if you were to re-work the snipers so that each shot did around a thousand damage (about as much as a tigris) at the expense of fire rate, reload speed or magazine size, every other player would just mod those back to a normal-ish level and run around laughing about their stupidly damaging semi-automatic rifle. At that point it would probably end up being considered "mandatory" which is exactly what DE doesnt want if this multishot debacle is anything to judge by.


    I suppose the environments play into this problem quite a lot as well, most tiles being little more than short, narrow corridors where snipers only trump rifles if the rifles are being wielded by dogs. Its only really in the large, high ceilinged tiles that a sniper would be a benefit, being able to kill the tough or dangerous enemies before they are in range to shoot you would greatly improve your survivability.


    Perhaps the best way to improve the snipers would be to increase the damage they do to weakpoints? I think the standard is double damage, but if snipers did quadruple or more damage on a headshot, it might: A) Make them viable for late game, and B) Make it challenging enough to use that every idiot and his mum cant just pick it up and become the king of space overnight.


    I dunno man, i just want my vulkar to not be outclassed by every assault rifle in the game

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