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  1. It's not exactly coloring but you can alter the visual of some decorations like posters using a filter to blend with it. For now the filters are limited but that's still something you can check out assuming the limited choice still has what you're looking for. Dojo rooms can also be colored using Polychromes. Shawzin Mimica was made to copy your warframe colors, so you could be switching your frame colors according to the result you get on the shawzin.
  2. If you look at the target carefully you can see some FX playing on the synthesis target when that happens. Similar to limbo's rift affecting enemies. Pretty sure it's a power they have now, the power being random between clone, teleportation, invisibility, and probably other stuff. But it's just my own assumption on the matter.
  3. Congratz ! I'm at 33 right now. They're fun, it's nice to hear something else than Ordis from time to time, I prefer when the liches have a different personality from my previous one though, I tended to have the same voice lines like 5 liches in a row. Could be better. Right now I'm playing on an old computer so I avoid public matches, which tend to make the murmur farming lot longer. I managed to guess the first two requiem for the lich I'm currently hunting after 2 tries. I'm quite happy with this one. They make for nice trophies you can look back to at the codex. And best of all, they can steal your rivens so you can keep playing sorties, how nice of them.
  4. Alright. Here's how you do it ... I guess ? Just to be sure we're not having any weird mix of colors, since it's a thing as you'll see later on. Set all interior railjack colors to default, leave dojo, come back. Once colors have been reset You can start coloring your railjack. Choose colors for all parts, it doesn't matter which, random ones are fine. We'll screw them later on anyway. (I have no idea how much this part really influence the final result in the mix) Leave dojo. Come back. Randomize under category All Colors until the lighting has the 2nd Emissive color you want. Once you have it stop randomizing. Then select the color you'd like the 1st Emissive Color to have. If everything went like in my run, you should now have two emissive colors for your railjack interior. I'd wager it's a bug since there's only one color slot for the emissive interior but I'm fine with it. Thanks for the help guys, it was a great exchange. Here's an example to show we moved from the issue, Red 2nd color with Green 1st Color. All with one color slot input. The more you randomize All colors and mix it with 1st color, the more bland it becomes, make sure to reset everything if you want to get vivid colors back again. For the more curious ones, yes the colors stay in dojo, yes they stay the same in an actual mission, yes they stay even if you leave do a mission, leave dojo and come back again. Only cool stuff are allowed on my ship.
  5. I'm not sure how but I managed to change the Railjack interior 2nd emissive color. Somehow it doesn't update just when you're changing the emissive color for the interior. Before the 2nd color (dark part) was red, then I managed to make it yellow, and now it's stucked to blue. Does anyone have a proper guide for that ? I've been exiting my dojo just to refresh the colors, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't and now I just don't know anymore. The obscure understanding I got from this is that somehow, previous colors can stick to the darkest part of the mask and new colors refresh properly on the light side of the mask. I'm trying to get two specific colors but it's kinda hard to do when it doesn't change when I expect it to. So how would you guys do it ? (I'll keep trying and answer back to my own question if I find something) -Restarting the game doesn't change the color the 2nd color. -Changing emissive color at the dry dock doesn't change 2nd color. -Changing all colors of the railjack, exterior and interior, doesn't change 2nd color. -Exiting the dojo and coming back doesn't change 2nd color. -Setting colors to default doesn't change the 2nd color. -Setting colors to default, then exit the dojo does change the color back to Yellow. (Finally heh...) -After that part, setting any specific color will color the 2nd part blue and tint the bright part with the color you selected. Hitting Randomize for this Emissive Color or the bottom Randomize All will do the same thing...
  6. Nah it's pretty clear that he's all about repairing.
  7. @Strahdcrown you may have missed this thread They seem pretty similar, you could have known what alot of people think about such statement without even posting. Or even just post there since it's the same thread to me.
  8. Actually, there is such weapon, but you'll probably not like it. It's the Ordnance Milati. Meaning you'd be replacing your Tycho Seeker. Since they're Ordnance they have limited use, you need to spend resources to reload, they also have a cooldown like all Ordnances do and... here's the kicker, unlike the two other Ordnances this one has no homing function. But it does function kinda like a flak cannon, since all missiles are fired at the same time. As you can see here. If you love your homing functions, you'll probably hate it, but if you want your flak shots so bad maybe this is for you (?) I rolled with Tycho Seeker MK3 for a long time, I'm currently pondering the idea of crafting a new Ordnance to spice it up aswell.
  9. A beam weapon can simply not miss if you aim at the target. A projectile can miss depending on what the target does while the projectile is travelling. Of course a great gunner will make any weapon decent. But the results are even bigger with beam weapons with pin point accuracy, since there's no room for accident like the enemy suddenly dodging, with projectiles you have to aim where the enemy is travelling, if they switch directions, then the projectiles you missed before that change will miss. I mean it makes sense, right ? At time A the target was moving right so you're firing projectiles that will hit the target in the following second if it keeps going. But too bad it switches direction, so these projectiles are now going toward nothing. That issue does not exist with beam.
  10. If you want big projectiles Cryophon is the way to go. You should use it as a shotgun when close to your target for maximal output though, the range isn't that high. If you want a machine gun that has faster projectiles than Apoc then Carcinnox is a good choice. Photor is the best choice if your gunner can keep aiming at the target while firing. It deals good damage and hit the target instantly, making it more reliable than projectiles in the hands of a great gunner. Hope we get more weapons in the future as I'm sure we will.
  11. That's true, let me correct that part. Antitoxin mod does reduce toxin damage though, especially noticeable on the ancients.
  12. It's perfectly fine if the mode can be customized too. Just having something to suit everyone's taste could work out. I don't need the game to be set in a specific fixed way. Other games manage to do that, DE is trying to adress the issue aswell. You could have a set of "Custom Rules" in the game itself, have the player select which handicap comes into play and give a slightly bigger reward for those who go for it. Considering the current game reward system, it would be something like a little bit more endo, credits, and mods. The usual I suppose. Some games already did that kind of thing in the past. There are ways to satisfy everyone, I mean look at the players on forums, even in this thread. One even told us he completed all star chart with Excalibur Braton Mk1-Bo. We all can have fun in the game. It would just be better if the game would offer us these options. The fact we have to go for house rules makes it hard for most players to get into it, it requires more work to invite a squad of friends to tag along for example. In comparison, it's really easy to get into a fissure mission with any gear with randoms. No question asked, you get into it and play. That's the speed at which I would like to find a custom game, through matchmaking, automatically meet players following the same rules. While it would mean "everyone can have their own fun" (assuming it was done properly), it could also mean splitting the playerbase even more. If the split becomes too big and players have trouble finding matches they begin to play less of that specific mode. It's not always an issue assuming the mode can play itself, many solo players exist in the game, they're fine if no one joins and smile a bit more if someone do join them. A custom pve mode could work, unlike a custom pvp mode where you just cannot play at all if you're there alone and somehow even for the Conclave there is still some dedicated players keeping the mode alive that you can meet on specific days and hour. All in all, it's not that scary to get such mode in the game, but big decision are better guided when the devs know for sure this is the right decision. They get their answers with time as they keep seeing more and more talks on forums and in games. I guess we'll first have to check Hard Mode and see if it evolves later on.
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