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  1. Same, those ones where I have +500 spares, definitely can go free, I wouldn't even care. @Roble_Viejo Do you need avionics OP ? Oh hey, I wasn't alone in the end. Good job sir !
  2. Sorry the whole topic is about an experiment, there's no point if I don't give out the details. And you're right, like I said, it's hard to use, hard to mod, and the radial damage on headshot doesn't even work on all enemies and even when you can land it, there are still special rules that prevent it from happening like enemies suffering some crowd control or knockback might prevent the explosion. Or in some other cases, the explosion does occur but no spore clouds appear depending on the enemies. But, I play this game for the fun only, this weapon alone is adding playtime that I wouldn
  3. Oh ? Wait... Wasn't there some update that makes everything easier already ? Look mister solo player, you're just doing it wrong, even when everyone was spitting on railjack it was possible to solo, here let me show you my memories of that time I tried to prove someone wrong. Aaaah this community, I swear. "too hard this," "too easy that" just learn to play really, it's that simple. (The video was BEFORE the railjack buffs and I still went with no gear. So really there's no excuse for failure anymore)
  4. Zymos, that infested gun that you eventually get on Deimos. I wanted to play more with that weapon but I first set out to rank up all deimos weapons first. Long Reload Speed, slow fire rate, slow projectiles forcing you to guess where the enemy is going, average magazine capacity, low ammo capacity, decent radius on damage, very low crit chance, average crit multiplier, average damage if you don't land headshots, and quite high status chance. But if you do land headshots, that's when the magic happens. First step is to get there. There are many ways to make headshots easier with any
  5. Nah it's a bug. There's no defense arcane or mod on this build except Energy Siphon. Gaining Energy with Hildryn using Energy Siphon and Energizing Dash gives you back Shield. Normally the passive effect is only gained back when Shield is back to full, but here the bug when gaining Energy also resets the passive timer. Of course this is not normal.
  6. Oh hey someone posted this recently, apparently it's been in the game for quite a time. But I never digged into before today as I'm not an hildryn player. If DE gets there, here's an idea of what invincibility looks like on Hildryn. And Arindex is right, getting more shield constantly from Zenruik energy dash or Energy siphon is what makes it happen. It's not supposed to but here we are. Looking to try Hildryn in the future without this bug.
  7. So I'm not an Hildryn player but, she's special enough to stay on my radar. Some Hildryn players often told me that I should play her more, no real idea why yet. With Helminth update coming up I was looking forward to try stuff with her. Now I got to play her again, and I get it now. She just can't die, maybe that's why. Here's a gif of me just being afk in simulacrum surrounded by Exo Gokstad Officers and their turrets, all lvl 175 for 3minutes 38 seconds. (sped up) Just to be clear, I'm doing Nothing. I errr... I thought it was funny that such thing was possible so I'm sharing it
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Testing Resonator replacing Artemis Bow on Ivara. Unable to use my weapons, check their name, rank, and ammo capacity as currently equipped weapons. VISUAL: No visual REPRODUCTION: Play Ivara under Prowl, use Resonator's Octavia as an Infused ability from Helminth. Spawning another Resonator while out of Prowl will fix the issue. However you can't do that if you have the Resonator's Augment Conductor equipped, as using the ability will send commands to the Resonator instead of spawning another one, it gets even worse if you have a duration bui
  9. Passive: decent passive as long as the opponent has a weapon, it probably feels very weak against Infested especially on Deimos, the place where we get Xaku but it's a decent one. Far better than other frames' passive. 1st ability: Void damage is a good surprise. Having it fit in your other status is quite special as no other frame ability would do that but each frame being a new way of playing the game, one should think around Void Status when using it. The void status on a warframe perspective has many interesting uses. You can use it to help you fire your proejctiles sure but you can al
  10. Lot of bugs still left in the update but few enough for it to be a blast. Love the update especially the vaults secrets. I'm not looking anything up online, I find stuff on my own, it's so fun. Great work DE, good luck for the bugs fix to come.
  11. Oh people are still talking in here, let me put my 2 cents too. It makes sense that infusing an ability, essentially a copy, would be weaker than the original. But we have it easier than that, only few abilities were nerfed and it might not be that much of a big nerf. Most Tennos willing to pick these abilities for good reasons will still pick them. They'll obviously still be powerful enough to fit into the build you planned, if you had one. We'll also check Helminth exclusive abilities, some might even be more interesting than what you had in mind. So I don't see any problem there
  12. Ah ya linked the google sheets I see, now this is juicy. Thanks 😮
  13. The idea was that Grineer can teleport behind the player using Twin Basolk. Making Ash's Teleport not that much of a signature move. Like Commander which can also use Loki's Switch Teleport. It's just speculation, but Ash invisibility use smoke screen, and he throws shuriken with his 1st ability. Both are fairly linked to his "Ninja Assassin" theme. Out of the 3 the teleport is the one that has the less tie with this theme, in my opinion.
  14. Nice, too bad you can't have one different infuse ability per configuration. For now it sounds like you would need to craft more Ash frames to try all of them 🤔
  15. Unfortunately for you, they said you were only allowed to apply one infuse ability on a frame. Rebecca specifically said "You couldn't put Shock and Pull" on her Excalibur.
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