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  1. Happened to me recently after I used a revive near an object in the plains.
  2. Ah well, we can talk about it, it's just not as easy to setup, it's fun too I guess. Agreed, even though I doubt we're using the same method to raise damage considering yours only last 43 seconds but with the way the formula works, it gets harder to raise the bonus damage the more damage you deal. Wiki says it's 2.5.√damage, All ways are bound to be tedious with such formula. So it'd look something like this curve. Desmos | Graphing Calculator I pumped our result in there too, as you can see it's tough. To reach 100k% bonus damage, you'd need to inflict 1.6*10^9 damage
  3. It is fun, but you have to place the tether coil at a good spot so that the target's model doesn't obstruct tether coil "vision" of the enemies around.
  4. That's true, you can also use it like that, it gives another kind of utility to the mind controlled enemy. It'd be harder than just giving it Ferrox and leave it roam for 30 seconds but it sounds great too 😈
  5. Yes actually, you can't really buff mind control enemy with most frames. I think it can pick Titania's tribute buff but there's not much benefit from that. You can enhance the build for Ferrox alternate fire. Status, multishot, mods are ignored but with warframe abilities you can raise your damage and/or fire rate. You could technically raise the speed of your mind controlled target by using a speed nova build since Molecular Prime applies a debuff meant to fit enemies, but since it also raises the speed of all the enemies I'm not sure if that really change anything, unless you decide to
  6. I have been meddling with Mind Control ability from Nyx alot, I found multiple ways to get a really high bonus damage on the target. Some are obvious but boring, some can be extremely powerful but are glitchy and not always working. But one thing that I did find quite fun and which I can share without fear of it being fixed is the interaction with Ferrox. Ferrox alternate fire create an attraction field dealing electricity damage to enemies in a 10m radius, it can stays in place for 30 seconds it then comes back to you, you can also pick it up manually by moving yourself where it landed. O
  7. This issue is pretty old. For as far as I can remember this issue always existed. I came to accept it. But earlier today, something finally made me care about it. I have a protea specter setup, made for AoE, it cleans rooms quite nicely. As it should. I usually don't farm fissures but recently my clan got two newcomers and I decided to use this nice specter to clean rooms for me in Survival. It works wonders, just gotta make sure to not get afk or else the specter stops attacking. Everything's good. I can watch a video and farm at the same time. But during that time I'm not moving.
  8. Everything was cool, and everything needed fixing. All in all, progress is good progress.
  9. On the surface yeah, in practice this is much more glitchy and can result to extremely high damage potential given you find the way to master this new mess. This is also lot less practical to move around if you do though.
  10. Yes. Also, I'm sorry it's the first time I use Google Form, I saw the option to limit the survey to one answer per log but I didn't realise it was forcing users to sign with a google account (even though, with youtube being a thing most people would have one). I disabled the option, now you can complete the survey without logging in.
  11. I'm just curious but I hope you are too for clicking this thread. This is a google form document, If the results are a bit funny I might update the thread to inform more users. (No need to sign in this time) https://forms.gle/YdGrAb9a7AUuLAVz9 You can all check the results below Results
  12. 1) It's just Lavos. 2) Since you're specifically talking about 10 seconds cooldown, you must be referring to Helminth-infused abilities. If instead of picking a spammable one, you'd have taken a long duration one, you wouldn't even notice the cooldown. 3) Let's assume there would have been no cooldown, there would have been Energy I suppose, right ? -You'd be able to Vial Rush constantly, which takes so much space on the map and the screen, that part is horrible. God bless cooldown for that ability. -You'd be able to spam an ability which deal more damage per status which can ramp u
  13. His overall look is fine to me, even better with some nice color scheme, but these huge gloves man... They look cool but it's hard to aim with some weapons where Lavos' elbows are going up. Biggest offenders are bows and spearguns, With the other weapons, it's still a huge chunk of the screen but at least it's not too close to the crosshair.
  14. Everything was fine to me, except those few rare occasions where I'm doing a riven challenge where the objective should not take any hit and suddenly a glass enemy spawn in my trap protecting the objective and explode right after. Making me fail the riven challenge.
  15. Alot of bosses can suffer status, very few are actually immune to some status or all status. So he's not completely useless. This is the same with Ash which has two abilities that work as finishers, finishers don't work on most bosses. In a game where players have too much powers, nerfing some of them is a great way to make some enemies stronger. It's quite logical if you think about it. Take the cold Status for example, slowing enemy by 75%, even worst if you pile up Nova's slow. Wouldn't all fights be too easy to read and react if the boss would just suffer all of these slows ? Not to
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