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  1. I'll be repeating myself on some parts from [Fun Experiment 5] Gas Status plans. - General Discussion - Warframe Forums but I'll quickly go over Lavos specifically. With Status duration being raised from his Ability Duration, Lavos can reach 18.36 seconds just from ability duration and add some more from weapon +Status Duration mods. All weapons can have decent +Status Duration but primary and melee can get +100% Status Duration in one mod. Using primary or melee and +306% Ability duration we now reach 24.36 seconds for our status. It's quite easy to stack Gas on an enemy but we don't want any Gas Clouds, we want Gas Clouds that deal the highest damage possible so we'll have to use either a powerful primary or a powerful melee weapon. We have much more choice on the melee side because of how the melee system is, with combo and heavy attacks, it is fairly easy to reach high damage. Unfortunately there's no strong Gas Weapon, so we'll have to mod our weapon to proc Gas consistently, so that we get Gas Clouds on almost every hit. Alot of melee weapons have high damage and decent status to allow Gas to proc often but not consistently. Infusing Nourish on Lavos through the helminth can greatly help to pull up the Gas damage ratio as to proc it consistently. From there we can either, melee with normal attacks and combo to get more Status chance through Weeping Wounds, spawning Gas Clouds wherever we go. Or. We can use heavy attack builds for a high burst of damage on each Gas Clouds. We might spawn less often because heavy attacks are most of the time slower than regular attacks but the damage is nothing to laugh at. When talking heavy attacks we could use the same weapons as the previous way or we could use weapons with specific mechanics around heavy attacks. Like Glaives or some bonker weapon like Vitrica. For most weapons we'll have to look closely at status chance but not with Vitrica, the glass shattering has 100% Status Chance unaffected by mods. So not only we already have what we wanted but adding more wouldn't do anything at all. The only concern is the damage ratio but we already covered that with our build and Nourish infused. Make sure to add a +100% Status duration mod to get that extra +6 Seconds, with a riven you could get even more. No matter the build you chose, all your Gas Clouds are now landmines for enemies to step in. And if the damage is high enough, death traps. In this scenario I have a preference for range attacks even if I use melee weapons, and spawning gas clouds in doorways or corridors is always a better trade. There are multiple hidden mechanics allowing Gas Clouds to synergize with some weapons and arcanes, curious players might be able find these few exceptions making this tactic even more effective. Happy Hunting, Tenno 😁
  2. I was making another build with Lavos revolving around Status Duration but I realised I wasn't getting what I expected. I'm pretty sure the resulted Status Duration from before was something like this Status Duration = Weapon Status Duration * Lavos Status Duration So it was rather easy to reach 36 Seconds status duration if you had +300% Ability Duration and a +100% Status Duration mod on the weapon. That's how I remembered it. But now it's like this Status Duration = Lavos Status Duration * Base Weapon Status Duration + Modded Weapon Status Duration Bonus With +300% Ability Duration and a +100% Status duration mod on the weapon I can now reach 24 seconds. So even if you had 0% Duration you would have a 6 seconds Status if you had a +100% Status Duration mod on your weapon. I tried to find old footage of players checking the status duration but all I can find is flashy guides to use the frame rather than the specifics around Status Duration. Does anyone know if it was different before ? I'm pretty sure I remember counting the seconds with a watch on multiple status duration tests but I can't remember if I did that with the weapons too, I'm wondering if there was a change and if it was accidental or not because I can't find anything in the patch history related to it. I got something decent to work with but I'm just wondering, some of these results from one weapon to another are kind of weird even right now. Thanks for your time.
  3. @(PSN)grayhyhA game as big as Warframe and with so much content can only be fun if you approach it correctly. It's the same with any other game solo or multiplayer it doesn't matter. If you have the right attitude and drive, any game can provide a good time. If you do come back to Warframe, I'd suggest focusing on having fun rather than farming. Try stuff you never tried before, explore builds or weapons you didn't want to invest time in, double check your previous impressions, turn the game upside down to have another game experience. If you only focus on one aspect of the game, it will seem very repetitive, quickly tiring and the fun will eventually dry out. I personally come back everyday and I always find a way to have fun.
  4. If we're talking about a Gas Cloud from a dead enemy that relay damage to the tornadoes then yes Gas is great on Tornadoes, but if we're talking living enemies then Gas is still not that great, there are lot more talks to change Gas and make it work properly rather than Nerfing it. We already talked on multiple topics why Gas is weird af but the short version is that new stacks overwrite old ones with a capped number of 10 stacks per enemies. The good part about tornadoes is that they relay any damage they take to nearby enemies, including Gas Clouds. The bad part is that they also damage enemies even when they take no damage while using the last element type that damaged them. Now you have 3 tornadoes spamming low damage on your enemies overwriting your Gas stacks which had decent damage stored for 6 seconds but now after 3 seconds it's all been replaced with low damage. It's even worst when you had a high status duration build. 12 seconds worth of high damage done in 3, and even more ridiculous with the augment to have even more tornadoes. I suppose you could keep applying Gas Stacks to overwrite the bad ones, fighting against your own tornadoes. The damage distribution will still be nice because of how this all works, but Gas on its own isn't doing that much magic unless the pack of enemies die under 3 seconds. If you want AoE you already have Tornadoes relaying damage, any damage type would be fine if you keep hammering them. Electricity is fine too, Gas should be the better choice when enemies are packed, but because we keep wasting stacks it's not as effective as it should be. Heat on the other hand, now that's an element working with Tornadoes just fine. You get the damage as a DoT but your tornadoes also keep refreshing the status timer even if they deal no damage they would extend the Heat status duration by refreshing it.
  5. Well all the points you stated are part of why one would go solo but I think the main reason would be to have a plan in motion and not just chaotic destruction. I'm sure Tennos would enjoy squad greatly if every single squad member was needed for the mission. Railjack can be like that if you gutter the defense equipment, someone had to protect the ship by moving it, someone has to repair it and someone has to do the objective, if the objective is a mobile defense one it could be bad for a player to just go back to the Railjack too. Orphix mode restrains your equipment and strat so much that you need more players to have a higher firepower in total. Either to save time by spreading the Necramechs or to deal damage on one Orphix faster. More often than not if you go squad especially with randoms, they will all have a plan of their own that might not align with what you came up with. If the whole squad planned beforehand it could be different, one could nuke, another would heal, another would crowd control and the last one could be assigned to lockdown key targets. Either that or the whole squad could dumb down their builds as to make everyone useful again, like with Necramechs in Orphix mode, or they could get stupid builds just for the heck of it. Conclusion: Chaos is fun but in a game where we mod absolutely everything, it would be funnier if the squad modded together instead of individually as to see everyone's plan in action. I play solo alot, I play with friends when possible and I play with randoms when joining fissures.
  6. The versatility is much higher on Sevagoth because you can mod his Shadow too which comes with its own abilities. You could have a build on Sevagoth that min-max most aspects as to make Sevagoth strong enough to never need his Shadow. Or a build that is the .... Best (?) But I wouldn't be making this topic if I was just talking about one build, and I wouldn't make it either if all the builds were not giving good results. When talking about Sevagoth what you call ... ... destroys armies of lvl +120 grineer enemies even with no mods needed. So any other build would do that and other things your typical Warframe build would Not Do. Not every frame have such high power in their base kit and those that do often lose alot in Survival or Crowd Control but not Sevagoth because of his Shadow. Even Protea which has a similar defensive gimmick as Sevagoth's Shadow with Temporal Anchor suffer far more greatly from losing health during its use. This is leaving alot of room for mods that give stats sure but also mods that grant more mechanic and tactics. Maybe you'd be using augment on an infused ability without worrying because of these free mod slots you had. What's more versatile to you ? -A frame that can kill stuff and survive, -Or a frame that can kill stuff, and survive and do more ? This topic was about praising the "More". Congratulations, I'm glad you found what you were looking for.
  7. When Sevagoth dies, Shadow actions are restricted to the use of Consume and Heavy Slam. You could glitch and land some usual melee attacks but most of the time you're just casting Consume with any attack input you'd use. You need to kill 5 enemies using Consume to revive Sevagoth. For Consume you'd want to be somewhat close to your target and aim at it to properly hit it. While it can go far with Range mods it seems to be working mostly at short range. I often get close enough like less than 10m from the target to be sure that it'd work.
  8. More power to you my good sir. Glad you enjoy him. I'm not focused on Shadow damage at all. I'm stating that the base kit has all the minimum damage you'd need on Abilities. This fact alone means you can make Any build and still deliver results. The fact you don't need strength means you can add more if you want to. The fact you don't need range to have crowd control on Sevagoth because you could have it on the Shadow Embrace means you can add more if you want to. The fact you don't need duration to use most of Sevagoth abilities means you can add more if you want to. The fact you don't need all that mean you could add more utility mods like bullet jump bonuses, defense mods, offense mods or even peculiar mods. And being able to make any build decent is what makes a specific frame Versatile. From there you and I can make anything we want 😁
  9. Nah that's the thing really, he doesn't need anything specific. Sow+Reap doesn't need duration or ability strength to have its 26% Current Health radial burst, its radial range is restricted to 4m so range mods won't help for that either. 100% Ability Strength on Sevagoth is enough to have decent damage on Shadow... So you could fit anything really. The only reason you'd want ability strength would be to go overkill with Shadow damage. And the reason you'd want duration and range on Sevagoth would be to have a better Gloom and go melee with either Sevagoth or his Shadow. But since his shadow is dedicated to melee, it entices the player to use Shadow instead of Sevagoth for that. This leaves aloooot of room for mod customizations
  10. Shield gate is quite powerful when you setup for it but it's not something specific to Sevagoth, any warframe with a Shield stat can use it not only that but his kit already helps to survive so why bother. Shield gate tactic seems far more useful on a Warframe with no consistent way to protect themselves.
  11. Maybe it'll be something from an Augment even if it might end up looking like Wisp Wil-o-wisp except it is lot slower, so it's really not a crazy idea, I think.
  12. Edited original post, after running multiple tests I came to the conclusion that the radial damage from Sow+Reap synergy is 26% Current Health and Blast damage type. Current Health ratio not scaling with Ability Strength. Ok :o
  13. Are you perhaps having issues to figure how to survive ?
  14. If there was no forced knockdown upon losing all health during Temporal Anchor I'm sure everyone would use it more. Even with knockdown immunity or faster knockdown recovery you still have to suffer all of it with nearly 0 Health left. Meanwhile Sevagoth's Shadow can die and Sevagoth won't suffer any Health loss, any knockdown, any stagger, and it cost 0 energy. I would have been fine with the knockdown if mods could change how it works in some way but nothing I tried worked.
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