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  1. You got me laughing at the thought of Suda talking like that. Aaaaah what a good day.
  2. Yes, and even in the example of Trinity it was just a matter of time until I got an idea. I have this problem too with Mag's Pull. I got some ideas and results but they're not that great. But here for Well Of Life I ended up finding something that is usable in missions and give decent results. Now that's worth sharing =)
  3. Assuming you'd like to be able to take hits, and if your frame has a decent base Armor and Health pool. Yes. All 3 work wonders, with the 1st one working even better since it has multiple lifesteal Ticks but it does have a 10 seconds cooldown afterwards If you and your squad have the required stats, you can just all stop dodging, you can't die anymore. As for Lavos, I have 6 Config Slots so I don't mind switching things around =) I would use it only if I want to help my squad survive or to have a relaxed run.
  4. It was on purpose, never thought it would be an issue to someone :/
  5. I looked at various frame abilities I rarely used, they either don't kill stuff or are not needed in the frame kit. Either because there's another ability that can do the same job but better or because it's hard to find a proper practical use for it. Alot of time I'm disappointed and eventually after a while I get an idea that works, this is what happenned with Well Of Life. Well of Life is not needed on Trinity, if the purpose is specifically to heal allies it's not bad but she already has Blessing. Not only that but Blessing lowers damage received to a point where your allies can take hits
  6. TYPE: In-game, Greedy Pull augment DESCRIPTION: Greedy pull augment range is capped at 58m even though my Pull range stat is at 70m VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Equip enough range mods to have 70m range on Mag's Pull. Equip Greedy Pull augment mod. Mark a pickup item so that you can know the distance between you and the item. Go to 70m try to pull the item using Pull. You can't pull the item from you until you got close enough, which is around 58m. Greedy Pull range is the same as Pull until we go above 58m. Removing or adding mods expose the cap. EXPECTED R
  7. @Freitag-You should choose based on how you planned to play your frame. If you don't know what each abilities do, then check them on each of their respective frame Abilities window, read the tips that go with it and their augment if there's any. I like Inaros kit but the way it works in practice is quite awkward. I still had 3 builds ready for him. -1st build is a balanced one, it has defense mods and some duration. I would put Elemental Ward for the Cold reflect. -2nd build is a funny one, specifically made to kill enemies even at high level with the passive. I had Rhino's roar to b
  8. I realised, quite late, that the backstory of our crewmate can only be seen once when hiring them from Ticker. I know they're probably randomized generic story but it would be nice if we could keep the story they had from when we bought them and have it displayed on the side when checking a Crewmate. I personally forgot what my main Engineer story was, I red it but I was mostly looking at the stats (as I should), but now I would have liked to read the story again.
  9. @mrpyro12345678 So what you're saying is you're having bug free runs unlike other users. Good for you, must be nice. As for the damage you're taking from fighters on your shield, you're most likely doing it wrong, here are some info and tips you may want to use considering you're struggling that much. Have a nice day.
  10. That's it, you convinced me, I'm going to bed. Good night.
  11. Doubt. Unless one really want to be Negative, usually people don't just change the meaning of a sentence when reading it. I'd hope you wouldn't do that either. Oh so even Do's list are actually Don't even for your own list, that's too bad if it means you won't be doing them at all. Is it now ? You know how Somachord works ? The ones in Orb Vallis especially. I heard about it and I believe it to be true considering I only found 2 or 3... There's only One somachord spawning, in the entire Vallis. Sure when you know what are their spawn locations it can be faster, but when
  12. Now that we heard from devstream about AI Count issue, there's a thread in general discussion talking about it. At first I thought I'd just join in the conversation but I ended up making a longer post, maybe this is worth posting here too. Even if it meant reducing the number of enemies and making them stronger so that each enemies are worth 5 instead, I'd still wouldn't remove the freedom that Skirmish had. At least now I know why it is the way it is. The honesty is greatly appreciated. Thank you. I suppose there are ways to make me like Corpus Railjack a bit more, if I make it s
  13. You could easily use other words to remove the negation in this list too. Like No Kill Run, I could have called it Pacifist Run. It's lot more tricky to finish missions without killing enemies sometimes y'know. There are some Do challenges in the game already, and they're really not easy but most players spoiled themselves by checking solutions online. I'm Mastery Rank 30 and I still didn't get all of these, I know solutions are public already but I refrained from checking them. I found alot on my own but I still have a bunch to find. Like collecting all Cephalon Fragments All Soma
  14. If you meant the update, this is more on DE than us but if you meant what we could do already in game... You could make up your own variants for the missions you go in, pick one or combine them. These were a few I had and already used.
  15. Yeah I know, but I think the one I wrote was different probably ? You don't need to have tanky Space Fighters, nor does it make sense for a Crewship to tank 2 to 3 forward artillery shots considering the big cannon was made to be fired at them. But those were the basics. Then we get introduced to Crewship with a shield, giving you some extra steps. This one would have even more steps to make up for the total lack of Space Fighters and AI inhabitant, some kind of Mini Boss for Space Combat. This is what I meant by doubling down on it for better performance, and it's only temporary like I exp
  16. Even if it meant reducing the number of enemies and making them stronger so that each enemies are worth 5 instead, I'd still wouldn't remove the freedom that Skirmish had. At least now we know why it is the way it is. The honesty is greatly appreciated. I suppose there are ways to make me like Corpus Railjack a bit more, if I make it so the mission seems to have more Railjack than Core Warframe in it, it gets more enjoyable. I still prefer Skirmish but I suppose the real problem for me come from the Really fast and short objectives. In Veil Proxima Corpus it Can look like this someti
  17. Yep. Although if low gear is not enough, and high gear is too much, maybe an in-between would fit your taste better within Warframe ? All the above make for a decent and balanced base for the combat system, unfortunately you don't need to take all these factors into account if you got a solution through your modded build, or new powers. Why would you care about the enemy health if they all die in one or two hits ? Why would you hide, dodge, or protect yourself if they can't kill you ? Why would you aim for a specific body part, if you can kill him easily without aiming for
  18. It depends on the mood at the time and the player. Some are fine speeding things up, some are fine letting someone else do the work, others won't be. It could be because they simply want to play and not just wait for the enemies to die. It could be because they planned to test their unmastered gear, like if they're not deep into the market yet, they might be thinking "I'm gonna master all the weapons. While leveling it if I like it, I keep it and if I don't I sell it to free a weapon slot". But if you kill all enemies (assuming all enemies with none left for them) they can't figure their
  19. @Raven_HeartUse them if it's on a frame you like AND if the build you're going for actually requires it to free Mod Capacity. Umbral Mods cost alot only at max rank, for most builds you won't actually need all 3 maxed. The first umbral mods you get are already ranked 5, so you can max those but you can get Unranked Umbral mods from Simaris saving you tons of capacity on all your builds. Ultimately, it would be interesting to have all 3 Umbral mods maxed in case you need them, and a duplicate of each unranked if you just want the bonus set. If you need high health, high ability streng
  20. 27 Hydrolyst mean you also got Teralyst and Gantulyst. That's 81 Eidolons just for these times you got the Hydrolyst. It's alot of giant laser firing sentient enemy to see, I don't think one can really picture 80+ Eidolons and make a proper difference with 300+ Eidolons in their mind. That could be why you felt like you did lot more when having to compare with regular eidolon hunters. But who knows, maybe the stats bugged somewhere too (?)
  21. I'm not naive enough to expect DE to nerf melee that much. I'm fine with anything they release as long as it's fun and I can customize my gear enough to get different results in battle mainly to have variation in the mission duration without the need for it to be an Endless one. I've been playing like this for the past years. I'd like Fun, and I'd like Play, as long as I can have it, whether it's from DE or Bugs or unpopular mechanics within the games, I'm fine with it. DE made Warframe, it's a pretty decent game, even if numerous changes weren't necessarily the best choices imo, I can
  22. You're a funny one alright, but I guess all this talk now makes more sense lol 😅
  23. Never said you did, I'm just making my point. Ah... well yeah they are not Sentient but they do Nullify abilities. However they're not immuned to Status (including DoT). so they're really not like your typical Sentient enemy :/
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