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  1. I have similar bug, but with Baruuk and Stropha. I use Stropha as a stat stick to build up Blood Rush and Gladiator buffs, so Baruuk's 4th ability crits more. It works for some time, i have red crits and all, but at some point it just resets, even if combo counter on Stropha is 220 x12 so i need to use heavy attack to reset it and start allover. This bug bugs me.
  2. Please fix Stahlta with Shock Rifle skin secondary attack. Please let me hover on spacebar in mech.
  3. Let our necramechs hover on space, please.
  4. So, i now i will not be stopped by top step in staircases?
  5. You would become too furious too fast, and that's a no-no. Spend as much looooonger in the game, that's the way.
  6. Give us ability to hover with necramech on SPACE please! It's revolting to hover on mouse!
  7. You know that new "Mission End" screen, the one when you loaded back to your orbiter and you seeing that animation "MISSION COMPLETE/FAILED" playing before reward window? I know it's fancy and all, but can you speed it up? Like x15 or even x20 times faster, or being able to skip it? Cause when it's playing, i can still move around my orbiter, which means i already loaded and by watching this animation i literally just waste my time. I seems lately that it's made intentionally - make things take more time. Recent level design punishes you for being fast, like HARD. Affinity bugs that aren'
  8. Sadly, it's not a bug, it's a feature. DE made this because poor controller users found it hard to hover and aim. Why it has affect the keyboard? DE knows. DE knows.
  9. New bug on Bone Widow - on Plains of eidolon on host migration my Mausolon lost its mods.
  10. Not only ironBride mods aren't working. When you install critical damage multiplier mod, which gives +100% CD IronBride's CD is 3,3, so it should give in total 6,6 CD, but it gives 6,3.
  11. Absolutely agreed. I'm not touching the game until it's reverted, or we have option to change controls. It's hideous to hover on RMB, completely uncomfortable and counterintuitive. Dreadful.
  12. So, when Steel Path was out, i'we done deep dive in Khora's mechanics and abilities, and found out:-"Whoa! This is actually good, strong and useful warframe." and surely after she became my semi-main. Until then, when i got random Khora in the team, i thought:-"Uhh, here we go, another annoying AF Khora, with her annoying AF strangledome.", because it seem s most players(at least most of many-many which i've met) do not even know about her full potential. They think it's enough to put in "Pilfering Strangledome" for loots, place "The Dome" ind just idly sit there and wait until they die, which
  13. Wait. So to make Theorems work you have to stand in Residual-made ares? That's not what synergy is. That means one is not working without another. And not to say "not working properly/to fullest", but "not working at all".
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