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  1. When we'll get the chance to buy the prime accessories of all the prime access that already exist? Like it'll be cool to get them like a drop of the arbitrations or buy them... Also, so many people was asking about the new infected kavat and we haven't seen nothing about it, or a more easy way to get oxium or nitain extractors too.. Talking about reworks I think Hydroid "the king of the sea" deserves a better set of abilities to honor his name, so here's what I've been writing and thinking his abilities could be: Passive: Instead of hitting the floor and releasing a simple tentacle, when he hits the floor he receive a damage bost in the melee weapon in use and also a wave expands from the center of impact and hit all the enemies closer causing impact damage Tempest barrage: Instead of random water spheres that fall everywhere it could be like: Holding and charging, Hydroid can release a cloud that cast a furious rain that follows enemies nearby catching them inside big water spheres (it can be amplified with duration mods) that drowns the enemies inside. Tidal surge: Hydroid can create one giant wave that grab the enemies forward and gets affected by status damage when he receives enemy fire (ice, fire, toxic or electric stat damage depending on the enemy class) the wave finish spreading the rest of the damage around. Undertow: This power can be stronger combined with the first one, Hydroid can grab easily the enemies trapped in the water spheres and also the second power can be used to affect the enemies trapped with stat damage or deal stat damage to enemies around (the entire lake can give allies stat damage for a time if they get closer enough Tentacle swarm: Hydroid can summon a sea creature that grab and kill the enemies and hitting the floor, it has a probability to release more tentacles in all the area, combined in the exact time it can cause the kraken to deal stat damage using Tidal Surge.
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