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  1. I feel insulted. Genuinly. Just how stupid do you guys think we are? Do you actually expect any human with a functional brain stem to believe this "reasoning"? "Oh, yeah, we were fixing a bug and then decided to make a huge, negative change to farming, because YOLO!!" Seriously, if you wanted to change this so much then you could've just made it an end of mission reward. Nope. We all know that's not what this is about. Nobody is going to believe that you just killed off Hydroid, made the Hema even more idiotic and made the game so much more grindy for the sake of that one farm/quest that everybody hates. Either something underhanded is going on, or somebody making decisions has absolutely no idea what they're doing.
  2. It doesn't render her stationary. Also, she can use her back 2 to be perma-invis whilst using it.
  3. I just watched AGGP use it to wipe a group of level 165 corrupted bombards off the face of the earth. It's probably fine.
  4. Why is 12 Hexanon a teir C reward? As far as I know, it's not useful for anything that you'd want to do more than once, AND I get hundreds of it from just doing mission. Just... Why?
  5. Been running it with Zephyr. Haven't had a problem. Just don't stand around on the middle platform.
  6. They DIDN'T remove the Corrosive Damage from her 4! Woohoo!
  7. Nah, that's what's taking so long: They're adding new and interesting bugs.
  8. Just starting playing wisp, gonna give some early feedback: Her passive is fun, and useful, especially considering how much parkour there is in the new map. Her 1 is surprisingly useful, I've been mostly using the health - like having a mini Oberon spectre! Obviously the speed buff isn't as good as volt, but it can be handy. The damaging one I basically never use, but it can be handy occasionally. Her second ability is one of my favourite parts of her kit, it reminds me of something from LoL or WoW, it does give her that trickster feel, and using it during her 4 makes from some fun moments. Her 3 isn't that interesting, but it has good scaling and is basically a better radial blind. The bolts have some similar problems to Pax Seeker, but it works great with AoE weapons! Her 4 does a *lot* of damage, looks cool, if a little too bright, but the damage ramp enables it to be useful even at higher levels. It doesn't actually work that well with her 3, though, because the damage is done in many smaller ticks, whereas the 3 only seems to be able to proc once. Overall, he's pretty fun. About to take her into a deception! Anyone wanna form a group for a long run?
  9. Honestly, the longer I wait for the this, the less hyped I'm getting. The more I look at the upcoming content, the more I realise that the mods are basically gimmicks with no real use, the new Warframe is an incoherent mashup of "meh" abilities, and the boss and new game-mode are probably going to have meh rewards. T.T I'm probably not going to buy Wisp with plat after all, so, in a way, I guess this waiting has been a net positive. ^.^ Tileset looks nice, though. :)
  10. Yes. They usually release around 5-6 GMT
  11. Oh? I thought they said they had it ready Friday?
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