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  1. Zakharon

    Psa: Update 15.9 Status [Snowed In!]

    Thats a surprise.....IT SNOWS IN CANADA.....don't know how Canada ever survived....
  2. Zakharon

    Poll: Key Rewards As Syndicate Offerings.

    No no no no DE no random random is a key word a bad bad f2p word you are going down a dark dark path DE I am sorry but you are
  3. Zakharon

    Hotfix 15.1.1

  4. Zakharon

    Halloween Alert On Now!

    Fix the damn host migration issue no can stay in a mission together
  5. Zakharon

    Movember In Warframe!

    So no Halloween Color picker
  6. Zakharon

    Hotfix 15.0.8

    Hi DE I conducted a poll on the topic of syndicated I would like for you to see the results To vote: Results:
  7. Zakharon

    Hotfix 15.0.5

    Dat forma tho, no no no no no forma for you
  8. Zakharon

    Hotfix 15.0.5

    Ok then DE tell us what button lets us cast archwing abilities now
  9. So is Limbo's 4th ability he puts all enemies in boxes and saws them in half?
  10. Can not wait for DE to screw with my warframe builds then later revert everything back to the old (current) way and I have to fix my builds
  11. Zakharon

    Update 14.2.0: Avalanche Offensive

    oh all i saw him say was angstrum lol i should read better
  12. Zakharon

    Update 14.2.0: Avalanche Offensive

    2 catalysts?
  13. Zakharon

    Update 14.2.0: Avalanche Offensive

    WOW JUST A BOOSTER REALLY? No badge no scarf no nothing?
  14. Will the attica be silenced?
  15. Zakharon

    August 8Th: Community Hot Topics!

    Vote to kick can be exploited by &#! holes who knows someone needs a specific drop and as soon as they get it they kick them