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  1. I suppose I should update this bug, only gets fixed if you go into options, enable large text, save settings, go back into options and disable large text, and fixed.
  2. Shoutout to the teams that go several hours straight or that one guy who went into T4 Survival solo and came out 7 hours later. I wonder what kinda rewards they'd get. Would that mess up the psuedo economy?
  3. The wiki corrected itself sometime in the past week. I thought wikis were meant to be editable by anyone but apparently the whole section was admin locked for months.
  4. I posted my Solution to the void drop tables quite some time ago but I don't think anyone takes me seriously. Hell, I don't even take myself seriously. I wasn't around in the before times when droprates were apparently a disclosed thing but it seems to me that new cool stuff gets added while grinding for them only gets worse. Every so often I see an "I'm leaving" thread from someone who's been playing warframe for over a year and describes how sick they are of the increasing grind RNG to grind RNG for a part of a set, so much that they become ill just thinking about going near grinding
  5. Ya, the numbers aren't correct. I misread Aladapos's post, which he edited for clarity but I'm still not getting the part where he changes damage per sec into damage per interval. "max duration and strength mods, will cause its thumper to do 500*1.2=600 damage per hit, 3*1.3=3.9 hits per second, 3.9/3 =1.3 , 1.3*600=780 DAMAGE PER INTERVAL" The optimal damage per sec of Thumper sounds like it's actually 1,800 (600 x 3) 60 sec duration, 12 thumpers activated per second, which leads to 720 active thumpers per player 1800 * 720 = 1,296,000 damage per sec 30 seconds during cor
  6. It's also possible they set a single key for spamming Elytron's 1, 3, and 4 at the same time leading to a higher theoretical damage max.
  7. I think the maximum human click speed is around 12 clicks/taps per second. (Ignoring macros) Thumber max duration is almost 60 seconds (lets say 60). If you start spamming 60 seconds before deploying the Disruptor to reach maximum thumpers then you get: 12 x 60 x 4 players = 2880 active thumpers 780 damage per thumper so, 2,246,400 damage per second 67,392,000 damage over 30 seconds With a score multiplier of 5: 336,960,000 just thumpers You can bind gear deployables to a key so energy restore spamming can keep up with the ability spamming.
  8. Well the exploit/glitch of lagging the host computer to the point where the timer gets slowed down was fixed but their strategy of spamming an archwing ability and energy restores should still work, they just won't be able to get the increased amount that was due to the exploit-glitch.
  9. I thought they were just macro spamming Elytron's Thumper ability and energy restores starting from about 30 seconds before they disrupt the core. Is there more to it?
  10. Don't forget: Synoid Gammacor 47k burst dps 40k sustained dps
  11. Please, Opticor is more like a mini death star. Soma Prime is more like ye old gun.
  12. What would you think if base damage was reduced to 3 and crit chance increased to 67%? Too OP?
  13. So what do ya guys think should happen here? -Fine Working As Intended -Make Formorian Reactors Immune to Abilities -Add Delays on Deployables and Archwing Abilities -Other?
  14. Whatever you call it, it feels like a big let down...
  15. The only way I've thought to get around this is to upload a clan emblem then make my own alliance and upload an alliance emblem so I can have identical symbols on both shoulders. But that also means abandoning my lovely Tethra Doom Quantum Badge :<
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