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  1. The Prisma Dual Decursion went from 0 to 25 in a mission. Came out its unranked. Did another mission with it, it says was at 15, check Arsenal at its unranked. So I replaced it with the Morgha and same thing, levels up in game but resets back to unranked when in Arsenal. Please fix this error.
  2. its is becoming very annoying having to log on twice to get my colors back on all my weapons and frames, DE fix this.
  3. Different pallet for me... I even used colors from stock pallets ... they need to fix this real quick.
  4. mine has started something new. I was in game logged off you get rid of a grineer door bug, so re-logged in and poof colors gone again. so logged off and logged on again and poof it re-appears. now trying different color palettes. if this works then DE needs to give me back all the plat from palettes that don't work anymore.
  5. I had this problem to, will try the Legacy option. Never had this problem in 5 yrs of being in the game.
  6. Or think about creating Alliance Events
  7. I get so tired now of clicking on a mission, it doesnt look for other players or even if it does it still autostarts the countdown. I remember when there use to be a play button up there IF we wanted to start the mission without team mates. I would really like to see that button again, rather than having to click cancel 6 times before the game decides to team me with someone.
  8. SO nice of you to change the 1 polarity on the Okina from a Madurai polarity to the Vazarin Polarity. BTW who thought of including Spinning needles with the Okina bundle when that is the wrong polarity for the stance. Spinning Needles is Vazarin Polarity and it uses Unairu polarity!
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