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  1. Might you look at this website about how many users Warframe has up to March 2019. https://www.pcgamesn.com/warframe/warframe-player-count Also remember Digital Extremes is not just Warframe, they have other projects. And they have a Staff of over 200 people. And if you are only look at Steam users, https://steamcharts.com/app/230410 you probably don't know that you don't need steam to login to warframe on PC then add in the 3 consoles as well.
  2. its is becoming very annoying having to log on twice to get my colors back on all my weapons and frames, DE fix this.
  3. Different pallet for me... I even used colors from stock pallets ... they need to fix this real quick.
  4. mine has started something new. I was in game logged off you get rid of a grineer door bug, so re-logged in and poof colors gone again. so logged off and logged on again and poof it re-appears. now trying different color palettes. if this works then DE needs to give me back all the plat from palettes that don't work anymore.
  5. I was getting that recently, was told turn legacy option off to full or custom. I am trying it now to see if my colors stay on.
  6. Someone said it is cause of the Legacy option. I am trying it now to see if it works.
  7. I had this problem to, will try the Legacy option. Never had this problem in 5 yrs of being in the game.
  8. i even tried un-install and then re-install the game and the removing colors is still doing it. I wish someone here at DE could tell me to fix it.
  9. After Hotfix ... the Dark Red color that I have been using for 5 years on my accents on all my items got pulled off on every frame/item and the color was removed from my favorites. The Color is from the lower left position on the Valentine Color Pallet. I replaced the colors back on the current frame and items, logged off then back on and it still removed them. Any ideas on how to fix this since I still own every Frame and Items that I have gotten in the game and I do not want to have to go through and recolor 507 items. Ran verity and optimize and re-logged in again, on login screen it showed the correct colors, but once it opened it removed them. Also it has now also changed the setting layout on Front/Back on the Regalia area.
  10. Will DE add a "spawn point" to Inspiration Hall, like all other "Halls" in the Dojo have that option?
  11. you cant catch the "lol" at the end that is was a joke to lighten people up!
  12. You must remember they said that Fortuna was coming in November ...they never said WHAT YEAR! lol
  13. Are they ever going to Fix Inspiration Hall to be able to be a Spawn point like all the other "Halls" in the dojos?
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