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  1. sweet does this mean we can log in on the app & manage foundry while in a mission without being logged out on pc at last?
  2. adding ferrox: Charged Shot: 2% more crit chance .2x more crit damage .17 more firerate 10 more rounds per magazine 15% more status chance 90 less damage AoE on charged attack: .4 m more range 140 more damage
  3. i like looter shooters & love to see things (gradually) get better (mostly) every update
  4. invigorations is just the scrapped Warframe Rivens you were going to add until the community begged you not to, but now time limited & more gambling than even a riven for the golden instinct please do add somachords, glass fish, rare containers, jupiter fragments, family tokens (the ones lying around in caves) & orb vallis debt bonds (both fragment & the ones you pick up with X in caves)
  5. impact exclusively having any real effect in steel path against heavy units feels pretty bad, everything else i'm looking forwards to trying out i was really hoping for a parazon mod to let me grapple-hook enemies far away that are open to mercies, since it's a long-range weapon that only really is used that way against liches (& soon sisters) but not in actual gameplay
  6. with last times pricing i would estimate closer to around 150 - 300 pearls
  7. first attempt at Oak & Ash & Thorns, if someone can do better I'd love it 8hAAkAYRAgRAkSAshAwRA4SA8hBEiBIiBQhBUiBYhBchBgiB4iB8kCAkCEkCMiCQhCUiCYhCcRCkSCoRCwSC0RC8kDAhDUkDYRDgRDkSDshDwiEIiEMiEQhEUiEYhEchEgiE4iE8kFAkFEkFMiFQhFUiFYhFcRFkSFoRFwSF0RF8kGA
  8. right, so I've gotten multiple parts for building infested k-drives - I would like to build 1 fully infested & 1 partially infested is this not an option? as I understand it you can only obtain the blueprint 1 time & the blueprint is 1-time-use.. will Simaris at least let me Synthesise more if I want to have more? or do we at least know if DE intends on adding the system to take apart modular weapons that have not yet been gilded, so that I can choose at a later time? it's the system I was most excited about when modular weapons were first mentioned before Plains of Eidolon but I just have not heard them mention it again, it feels like there's no point in having items be "not gilded" if we aren't able to take them apart as intended PS. chose "mods" tags because there was no relevant tag as "modular", "k-drive", "blueprints", "foundry" etc. only conclave/weapons/warframes/companions + tags are obligatory or you cannot submit thread
  9. sad to see no kuva zarr etc this update, really hopeful that you're not going to release kuva lich content at the same time as granum liches - having to farm both simultaneously sounds awfully tedious
  10. really glad that the bug reported in 2014 & then I documented & recorded & reported several times after 2016 was finally fixed - refreshing hydroids tidal impunity buff did not give status immunity for the remaining duration so you could only cast your tidal impunity one time
  11. i want this so badly it's insane this isn't already a thing
  12. i would definitely pay for 'ephemeral' weapon effects as I already do on path of exile, making a sword extra shiny or dripping with blood or glowing glyphs is great
  13. i need a toggle for it for sure for my migraines, but man this thread was really hard on the eyes for reading - do you know how it looks?
  14. believe they mentioned looking into something for this in one of the devstreams, that we might get to buy the classic version & "feminine" version to mix & match as we like i sincerely hope they intend to do this with other armours that have unique, more detailed versions for "feminine" armour like the Emissary operator suit, which has animated ribs & cloth-effect tendril protrusions from the back of the helmet
  15. a toggle for them would be appreciated yeah, best thing would be able to choose a dodge animation from the warframe you've mastered onto any warframe, though only the animation & not the effect in its entirety like limbo
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