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  1. Thanks for all the feedback so far, I still haven't thought of a syndicate segment but added additional information here & there.
  2. The way I had pictured it in the past was making it all-encompassing but they recently made it so the syndicate segment does in fact have things like Simaris, Ostron & so on which is fantastic. So yeah, that's why I'm not sure what more could be added to improve it right now. They've already planned an overhaul for the Infirmary & alchemy of the Helminth room & it's not a segment so I don't really have any ideas on how to improve what's only conceptual & not shown off on devstreams yet.
  3. We have a lot of things we can interact with in our orbiter, but they all feel a little limited & could be improved. Maybe some of the improvements is too much to push on a new player as the game is already a bit overwhelming to start out on although that is being addressed in the future which is great. They're not necessary features but they would improve gameplay for those who are looking for these optional features. My suggestion is to allow us to upgrade our segments. Whether it's MR locked, they're obtained from certain missions, bought from clan dojo I don't know which would work best but I think they should all be available readily to those who seek them. Some are more valuable than others, depending on what type of player you are but I want them all to have a utilitarian use - let me know if you have more you would like to add or change with my suggestions & we can talk about it. Navigation Segment Search Upgrade Allows the player to search for specific tags, assassination will highlight all zones & missions with an assassination mission available for example, but searching for "incomplete" will highlight all zones & missions that you haven't yet completed. You should also be able to search for resources, factions, specific mission names et cetera. Why I feel it should be added: I feel like this one should be available early on because it'll help out newbies a lot & also the players who take a lot of breaks as they won't be retaining all this information the way active players do. Even for veterans if you're looking to do Nightmare missions & Spy missions for a nightwave imagine being able to just search for the tags "Nightmare" and "Spy" to see if there's any available to so you can effectively do both tasks at once! Foundry Segment Queue Upgrade Several of the same blueprint can be queued one after another - warns that this will auto-claim all but the last item. All resources will be taken from your inventory to craft them, but if you interrupt it you will be returned the resources that it would cost the remaining amount of the item you're crafting. Why I feel it should be added: There's a lot of tediousness in crafting 1-minute blueprints & it takes away from the core of the game, interrupting the fun you're having with pointless timers. The timer for failing a mastery rank test I completely understand. But 1 minute of conversion time to make your gems without letting you craft in bulk is just really bad. You can't even do it on the phone app while you're in a mission because it logs you out from your PC. I think it's the same for those of us who still have excess blueprints like Forma blueprints from the void key system - it'd be far better to just queue up 10 or so than to manually make time the hour it completes to pick it up & start a new one. Foundry Segment Conversion Upgrade Allows you to convert non-prime blueprints into other blueprints for the same item. Warframes & landing crafts Example: You have 28 Ivara Chassis BP, 48 Ivara Systems BP, 10 Ivara BPs but no Ivara Neuroptics BP. 1 Forma/Exilus + 3 Ivara Khora Chassis/Warframe BP/Systems = a single Ivara Neuroptics BP, perhaps with 12 or 24 hour crafting time to obtain your new BP? Why I feel it should be added: In my experience as someone who has played since 2014, a majority of people prefer a steady amount of "minimal" time required to be able to get something over the casino-like odds meaning it's possible for you to spend months without getting the single specific part you need to continue crafting the WF. A majority of the time people will quit early on & see it as predatory rather than actually paying for the item they're unable to get. With this optional segment you will by extension be able to have that set "minimal time invested" to farm out a specific non-prime Warframe by converting excess parts into what you're missing. The players who save up platinum before a warframe is released to buy a platinum immediately on release will continue to do so with whatever benefits they come with (affinity boosters et cetera) & those who can't or won't will have something more steady to look forwards to. TLDR: Most people prefer to have to kill 1000 enemies to earn a reward rather than kill enemies until you get the random 0,001% drop chance item. Mods Segment Transmutation Upgrade Changes the transmutation button to take you to a new interface where you can select Gambling which is the current transmutation system or the new mode Experimenting which lets you combine specific type mods to narrow down what mod you'll get from transmutation. 3 Rare nikana stances + 1 Common heavy blade stance Result: 75% Nikana stance 25% Heavy blade stance 75% Rare stance 25% Common stance 4 Rare auras Result: 100% for a random rare aura 2 Common companion mods + 1 Rare primary mod + 1 Uncommon secondary mod Result: 50% Comapnion mod 25% Primary mod 25% Secondary mod 25% Rare 25% Uncommon 50% Common Why I feel it should be added: Same purpose as Foundry Segment Conversion Upgrade, using your own excess resources to obtain something that's otherwise quite a low chance. Though in this case the chance aspect is still there just massively reduced because mods can be traded unlike normal warframe components! Mods Segment Riven Upgrade Lock down a single stat on a riven for 10,000 Kuva. Free to unlock. Only the actual stat will be locked not numerical value, so if you get a mallus on the next roll the stat could be higher & if riven disposition changes for the weapon then the number changes on your riven despite the stat being locked. Want this to be clear. Only one can be locked - not all of them. Why I feel it should be added: Allowing us to keep our old roll was a massive step in the right direction in the riven lottery, but allowing us to lock in a single preferred stat to forge the riven we want to settle with is going to help with a lot of burn out. Codex Segment Link Upgrade Codex Segment Link upgrade - Link anything in codex, enemies, objects, mission types & so on. Why I feel it should be added: Fantastic resource for teaching new players. Void Relic Refinement Segment Transmutation Upgrade Transmute 4 of any relics into any relic currently in rotation, such as newly released primes or unvaulted relics. Why I feel it should be added:This way we with thousands upon thousands of relics have another way than farming standing/missions to gather new relics. Syndicate Segment ¿? Upgrade Unsure currently! Feel free to suggest things.
  4. Thank you so much for cleaning up the mess of useless endo, looking forwards to new auras & arcanes to test & trade. Normal rotations is fantastic since it's respectful to players time, too. I still feel like you should make all rewards purchasable - or at the very least all cosmetic rewards that we can't trade. Getting multiple ephemeras in a single match instead of something usable is ridiculous.
  5. Sorry, I don't understand your question. I'm not offended by the LGBTQ community I'm part of if that's what you mean. If DE have time & can make sweet integrated designs the way they did the Cancer Awareness ribbon then I'm all for it. I love the Warframe art themes take on these things. I was saying exactly what I was saying; that you're able to colour stuff whichever pride colours you like already & to go for it if that's what they want.
  6. You're free to colour armour, sigils & even submit pride colours on your emblems - this all has been done before for years now. Go wild, mate.
  7. I think the title is descriptive enough, you can reproduce this by just typing in [look] in chat & selecting your kavat or by opening up arsenal, going to pet & going to appearance on your Kavat then clicking the Look link button.
  8. Here's some! Crash Bandicoot theme Dragonforce Through the fire and flames Evangelion A cruel angels thesis UT Megalovania C418 Sweden Song of storms
  9. Can you clarify? Are we both losing EXP for the weapons we crafted -and- losing EXP for our trophies? That's quite a big loss & doesn't sound like a reasonable solution.
  10. I really think you took the best options on how to deal with them, thank you!
  11. Clan name: Drifting Argosy Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image: Album link: https://imgur.com/a/5iIZIT8?
  12. Wow, arbitrations feels even worse than it ever has. 30 minutes of financial stress from the index straight because my teammates aren't well prepared - so I get punished for the rest of the game having to revive them just for them to fall down 10 seconds later. Arbitrations has always felt like an insult to the value of my time and now it's even worse?
  13. Looking forwards to seeing him more! Gave him a beatdown 3 times so far but he's seeming very cowardly so far showing himself less than other field bosses weaker than himself.
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