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  1. Non-primed versions of prime accessories is something I'd be into. Like non-primed atavist and so on. Colour palettes too. A universal forma would be very welcome on my aura slot. I'd pay real money to unlock a toggle in the options to let me see all boosters at once by hitting ESC instead of having to look at them 1 by 1 very slowly. Or maybe a riven locker which locks a single stat on a riven down so you can reroll the others and keep your favourite.
  2. Navarchus

    There are no wheels in the Warframe universe

    Those are tracks though, not really wheels.
  3. Navarchus

    There are no wheels in the Warframe universe

    Don't the Ceres wagons have wheels?
  4. Navarchus

    Cosmetic Armor is a lost gameplay opportunity

    DE stopped putting Arcane Helmet Blueprints on alerts because they realized how big & important cosmetics became in the game. They never expected it to be as much of a success as it was - so having cosmetics provide stats was out of the question since that extremely limits peoples creativity. You should be able to minmax AND be able to accessorize not one or the other. Making all armour pieces provide stats would remove something most players enjoy & partake in, cosmetics. Mods are to modify. Cosmetics are for looks. Combining them is something DE regrets having done in the past and was a massive problem they then solved - going back to the bad system we had in the past is not good.
  5. Navarchus

    Who's the worst warframe

    I have to say Titania, Saryn & Wukong in that order.
  6. Navarchus

    Daily tribute : kinda underwhelming for veterans

    I used to get 1 - 3 tellurium for logging in, now I get 6. To add to my pile of 800+ unusable tellurium. The daily rewards are just as useless for late&end game players as before, the update made milestones amazing but daily rewards are just for newbies to catch up slightly faster.
  7. Navarchus

    WTT Kubrow imprints

    I'll give you Raksa imprints in exchange for any other kubrow imprint. Can add me in-game or hit me up on discord Lustro#0001 and I'll hop on when you're available and pass them to you.
  8. Navarchus

    Reorganization of Dojo Tiles

    There's already tools to add & remove tiles from relays and the sort on the fly, I do not believe dojos would have to be remade from scratch for this kind of new editing mode. Keep in mind we're in dojo 3.0 & editing mode 4.0 at this point pretty much. It has changed a crazy amount and added tons of new functions since its creation and none have required anything that drastic. Even when they converted dojos from p2p to be hosted by DE it didn't require remaking dojos from the ground up. It would have to change a few rules around like allowing deletion of several connected rooms at a time, but that's a limitation that was added & can just be removed while in this editing mode which again, things won't change as you move them around - the change only occurs when saving & you cannot save while anything is disconnected. You're not going to be able to relocate rooms people are in because it's just a visual representation of how things will save. It's not going to be real-time editing.
  9. Navarchus

    Reorganization of Dojo Tiles

    But that'd not be easy at all.. If I want to move a hall that's in the middle of 6 rooms and I want to swap it with another, your suggestion requires me to remove a minimum of 7 rooms. A dojo layout editing mode that would let you just drag & drop them both to the side and then replace their positions would be a lot easier & quicker, right?
  10. Navarchus

    Devstream #118 Overview!

    Hope we get more questions answered next time & unfortunate they never showed off the new crossbows alt-fire. Was really hoping to see what the new crossbow will bring since we haven't had a new one for so long and the current two are very similar.
  11. Navarchus

    Reorganization of Dojo Tiles

    Allowing founder warlords to edit dojo layout through clan settings in the community tab would be really good. Simple rules, you can't add rooms, only remove in the mode. If you remove rooms, it will take 2 hours before changes take effect. You can swap things around freely and the edits are not saved if any room is disconnected. Rooms & elevators can be rotated. Refreshing the dojo after your edits are complete, just like when you add or remove a room currently refreshing the dojo & respawning everyone who is in the dojo.
  12. Navarchus

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Grineer thumper tank machine for plains, has it been canceled? It looked like a fun threat.
  13. Please remove dullahan helmet after the event.
  14. Navarchus

    Extinct Plains Animals?

    After this, I guarantee there's no issue here on PC with wildlife spawn. Sounds very much like it's limited to xbox, hope it gets fixed for you guys.
  15. Navarchus

    Solaris United person in Cetus stall is broken

    Yeah, I confirmed with 3 people that other people are seeing this too.