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  1. I really think you took the best options on how to deal with them, thank you!
  2. Generally we get these in devstream recaps, but the team hasn't put one out that I know of yet so I think its safe to assume we're not getting them if they skip 128 recap.
  3. It seems like DE is done taking any Arbitrations feedback from what I can tell, all focus is on the upcoming boss fight & new mission type, so we'll have to look forward to a total overhaul of arbitrations in 3 years or outright deleting it like raids due to inactivity.
  4. Moving everything but endo garbage to store & keeping endo being rewarded irregularly while vitus essence is rewarded on the normal times would be a good compromise too, yeah.
  5. They just announced some upcoming changes to Arbitrations coming next update, which definitely aren't sufficient for Arbitrations to stay afloat. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1091584-estimated-release-the-jovian-concord/
  6. I fully agree with him, that's something I always disliked by how Rift sigil drops from tactical alert bosses at under 2% chance. It doesn't feel like an accomplishment it just feel like "it's finally over" because I got lucky finally.
  7. Clan name: Drifting Argosy Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image: Album link: https://imgur.com/a/5iIZIT8?
  8. Also can I add that when people were told that this would have orbiter deco rewards, they expected to buy blueprints to craft shelves for their orbiter, trophies, weapon stands to display different weapon types and so on. So there was a lot of disappointment in the options of an SFX & a little noggle-sized dude having a sit. Additional cosmetic rewards would definitely aid in increasing the popularity of Arbitrations after the gameplay has been resolved. Adding more things right now when so few find it challenging or enjoyable would just be insult to injury.
  9. I get that, I really do since I love +300% STR Frost making his Avalanche augment fun & nearly worthwhile but as a result of only having 1 stat: +300% STR Vauban? Still insufficient dmg to compete with any weapons he brings. +300% STR Loki? Just a joke. There's many many more like this, some whose buff are insignificant, some whose are nonexistant. It's just really unfortunate. They added it to encourage people to play more things but a +300% pwr str buff on a warframe where it doesn't apply is not going to encourage someone to equip that old warframe that they just aren't interested in and haven't been for 3 years.
  10. ABCC+ Was a step in the right direction, you're right on that. Doubling time for rubbish rewards was over 10 steps back. ABCC+ doesn't definitely do not make up for any single fault in Arbitration in my opinion, it's very very menial of a pro.
  11. It's really bothersome reading your posts when you format them like this so you know, but I don't feel like the Clan Nemesis system should be forced into Arbitrations, I'd rather have that mission board room DE previewed with missions the clan does together to take down the randomly generated clan nemesis, kingpin, rather than put it into something like Onslaught or Arbitrations. Just more units with weakspots like Thumpers, Bursas and the like would be really good for the game & would be really fitting for Arbitrations if it's really supposed to be about skill rather than just big numbers.
  12. Personally would put everything non-endo related in the arbitration store to be bought for the arbitration tokens, but making all 1-time-use items move there instead is a valid compromise that accomplishes the same goal! I agree with everything here, this would make me think of arbitrations as less of an insult to my time as a player with 3k+ hours. It actually even sounds like it might be fun. If Arbitrations is going to be salvaged from what it is now, DE should pay close attention to this thread, no matter how valuable the rewards are Arbitrations will face the same fate as Trials did if they don't listen to feedback like this I feel. EDIT: I'd like to add that I feel Arbitrations PWR STR & DMG is really boring. I'd love to try out some +300% Duration, +300% Range not just +300% STR. For Warframes not all of them actually benefit from +300% PWR STR & it'd give Arbitrations some variety it really needs. Maybe for weapons like +300% Reload, +300% Firerate, +300% Multishot, +300% Charge Attack Speed? Just switch it up a bit.
  13. Wow, arbitrations feels even worse than it ever has. 30 minutes of financial stress from the index straight because my teammates aren't well prepared - so I get punished for the rest of the game having to revive them just for them to fall down 10 seconds later. Arbitrations has always felt like an insult to the value of my time and now it's even worse?
  14. Looking forwards to seeing him more! Gave him a beatdown 3 times so far but he's seeming very cowardly so far showing himself less than other field bosses weaker than himself.
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