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  1. Sweet, will we see more non-glaive thrown weapons such as Wolf Sledge then, will Wolf Sledge even get these benefits?
  2. was hoping for a few more underused weapons but glad to see this is still being done
  3. No other prime access accessories are obtainable in-game, so it's very unlikely!
  4. Rhino Prime, the first Prime WF I got my hands on when I started in 2014
  5. I didn't hear plague star was being removed, unfortunate if it is but does that mean there are intentions on making what's gained from it available at all times? Would love to hear more about it if you can post the source
  6. More players = more enemies = more affinity from kills & team shared affinity kills. I think if you're fast enough, the highest lvl spy you can access is decent EXP if you complete each spy vault undetected. It's good EXP but doesn't compare to a full squad doing Sanctuary Onslaught/Defense/anything similar. I did a lot of Spy when it came out for EXP alone. Snipers are pretty good in this game, if it's your type of weapon definitely go for one. Vectis is a great choice & it has the Vectis Prime for you to look forwards to in the future.
  7. I will be really sad if DE rotates out the lasers from Void tileset, my first & fondest memories from warframe is messing around with the lasers as a newbie with my friends, making new ones & so on around these terrifying things. Sorry you lost the mission but there's many ways to work around these things today, if you know the lasers are hard to handle for you, you can prepare for it by picking items to let you block the laser or move the operative? The lasers are already neutered with our massive EHP pools we have now & shieldgating they're hardly threatening whatsoever. I don'
  8. Extremely big investment that would require increasing their amount of employees, delay planned updates for.. a gamemode that's already been done & is available on all platforms already - DE has no chance of competing in this. Same reason they're not making a MOBA inside warframe, it's not what the team is built for, it's a massive investment, it's already completely dominated by larger titles etc. It cannot pay off. Maybe in a few years when the hype isn't so big for the dominating titles they could set some time aside for a smaller scale event version of it? In any case if you're lo
  9. I absolutely do this & will always keep doing it. I'm in a defense, someone asks to buy something from me so I exit earlier than I plan to, missing out on my time I could be farming & the bonuses I'd get for staying longer in relic defense - then we start the trade & they then tell me they actually won't buy it for the price listed, which is the cheapest available on warframe.market almost all of the time. I tell them I'm not taking less than the items value, they can put in prime parts to make up the difference if they want. I would say maybe 1/30 of these hagglers ever do want
  10. but I'm massively disappointed, are you sure this is how it's intended to spin?
  11. The 1st and the 3rd ability look a lot more like a new sea warframe idea than a hydroid rework, I also would love for at least the tenatcles in your line-of-sight to slow down for you to easier shoot at but DE has said that they will not do that because his abilities are meant to be "chaotic" though I don't see any single chaotic thing about the puddle. Don't get me wrong, I'd love his 3 to be anything else just like the passive he has but DE Scott worked hard to make it & will keep it regardless of player usage & popularity. It's perfect for swapping out nowadays I guess though? Tempe
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