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  1. Kuva is kinda understandable, it has million other ways of obtaining, so people were denied only of some relatively cheap sixpack of it. Event-exclusive store items being potentially lost because of RNG throwing a fit is undeniably, unquestionably uncool, though.
  2. Similar thoughts but I decided it's worth a shot.
  3. Please make "season signature" items like E.O. part of permanent nightwave offerings list. And yeah, would be nice if ornaments made a return this week. I totally thought they are already permanent. Nah, I did not pay enough attention to item rotation, so I kinda admit that's possibly my fault - was having Wolf ornament in store on the final week just a lucky coincidence? Anyway, stuff like this has no gameplay value, so no "unfair advantage" or anything to potentially get from these, and they make... well, acceptable cred sink to spend leftover creds on if final week doesn't bring anything more desirable.
  4. Now would you kindly make filter for look spam or something? Just so you know, I tried filtering stuff like [Look and Look: out, gots me some nice bupkis. Yeah nevermind, was told about the filter that actually works, because raw text that one needs to filter looks nothing like actual text in chat. Thanks, Pablo :/
  5. Hysteria garbage update is to stay again. /flipthebird
  6. It already does switch you back into exalted mode on melee attack, but the whole point is to prevent switching FROM it while Hysteria is on.
  7. And here was I, hoping that this garbage feature of Hysteria allowing to pull the gun out and basically lose hysteria (but still spend mana on it, awesome!) was just an overlooked newmeleeupdateyay outcome to be fixed whenever you guys decide to take a look at its problems. Guess I'll never glide without losing invul and getting rekt asap again. Opt out of hysteria allowing guns please.
  8. Fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria fix hysteria. Please.
  9. Rift Sigil most likely, originally obtained from 8-round glaive-only interception vs some high (ehh, 80? 150? dun remember) level enemies, later appeared in droptables for some events like Razorback or Nightwatch. One can also buy something similar from arbitration shop now.
  10. Plague Star / Thermia stuff now too, I guess. Event weapon cosmetics - not that I was aware of. Whatever skins from market have, of course.
  11. Eh. Should we expect quantum or skull badges return as some alert rewards, then?
  12. Oh well, obviously skipping that confined dross riddled with hundreds of tiny raknoids and constantly moving Orb making it so "fun" to throw canisters at was going to be fixed. I'm glad I'm done with Hildryn farm by now.
  13. Are fractures still trying to melt our eyes for no reason?
  14. Plox tone down the fracture visuals during defense phase / change 'em to better match the cooling process. I'd rather not have a need for spare eyes set.
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