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  1. Pretty sure that most prime parts did decrease a lot after 2 months in the old system as well. There were always some exceptions, but they were mostly due to the fact that they were RotationC rare drops - which is a special case for me, since I always found the grind unreasonable there. You could, however keyshare and had less of a hassle to get the prerequisite items (keys in this case) which would also last you for a lot longer. My point is, the grind has not really been reduced - it has shifted to a better version. I'm happy with it, but saying the grind has gotten less is a bit
  2. Just throwing this in regarding the relic system: Unless you are sitting on a massive pile of relics, you first have to farm the right relic and then have a chance of getting the right thing. The individual chances for getting individual parts might be higher, but now it's RNG behind RNG so in the end it balances out. If it didn't, prices of prime parts would've plummeted. They pretty much stayed the same, though. (edit: Don't get me wrong, I kinda like the new system because the grind is a bit more varied and thus, more fun. But in the end it's not less grind.) As for
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