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  1. You are not going to be instantly nuking level 180 armored enemies with those frames. Limbo is probably the most energy efficient frame there is because of his passive energy generation. Idk why you would be running max strength on limbo, other than rift torrent. But on normal mobile defense/defense you should be running min range, so rift torrent would be useless. Even if you run rift torrent, you don't need max strength for any content in the game. Limbo needs new abilities, I don't think just nerfing him is the solution. Limbo is not the only frame that need balancing iF thE gAmE iS tOO eAsY, JuSt rUn wItHouT moDs 4Head. Remember how loved the Grendel missions were? That is not an argument. The game should be balanced, it should not be on the player to make the content interesting. A huge part of the game is optimization. Leveling up your mods. Using optimal team compositions. You take that away, the game loses its flavor (which is one of the biggest problem in warframe right now because the balance is so out of wack and optimization is currently not necessary No they do not. They are making very slow progress to balance though, but they have a very long way to go. They nerfed covert lethality, magus lockdown, even healing/giving DR to defense objectives soon. These are steps in the right direction but there are so many frames that trivialize content, including Limbo that should be changed. Yes, that is the main fun of the game for me, finding cool strategies with our given tools. But doing that right now is not fun, because (insert OP warframe) can just do it 10x more effectively. Content has to be balanced.
  2. Toxin damage is supposed to bypass shields completely, however toxin damage will not bypass the arbitration drone's shield. The paracyst does pure toxin damage, as you can see it is only doing shield damage. Thanks
  3. If you use 3, enemies will still be in the rift when you take down cataclysm. e: 2 people beat me to it
  4. Limbo still trivializes any kind of defense missions and with these changes he will be used even more You don't need to heal if Limbo makes the defense objective invulnerable by freezing all the enemies. Fun, challenging content cannot exist if you allow players to AFK with a broken ability. Some semblance of balance has to be there. Freezing enemies for a minute(and then recasting) is too far.
  5. Lmao at all the people that think anything less than being able to afk with limbo is "too challenging"
  6. Rolling guard makes you invulnerable for 3 seconds and removes all status effects on you (even this is not a perfect solution since you can only act so fast). The only thing you have to worry about is enemies that deal toxin damage since it will ignore your shield gate. For that, there is not really a solution except to sleep any toxic ancients that you see as soon as possible.
  7. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Shield gating invulnerability period does not get reset when restoring shields completely using : consumables (shield pads), abilities (Mag, Harrow), set mods (Augur), weapon passives (Rakta dark dagger), Auras (Brief Respite). VISUAL: Timer is for reference. Shield gate is active between 18.33 and 18.58 s. REPRODUCTION: Restore all your shields using one of the above methods. EXPECTED RESULT: The shield gate should last about 1.2 seconds. OBSERVED RESULT: The shield gate will only last 0.3 seconds. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time.
  8. Heat takes 2 seconds to ramp up to 50%
  9. The per pellet status will be lower for tigris prime, but it has more pellets. The tigris prime will still have a higher proc rate per trigger pull.
  10. Despite having plenty of energy, if your warframe gets damaged at 2 health with quick thinking equipped, your operator will instantly die. You can tell that it is not the operator getting shot and dying because there is a 1 or 2 second invulnerability period when transfering out. I think the threshold for getting returned to your frame should include your energy bar when using quick thinking. Thanks
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