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  1. Rolling guard has a 30% up-time. If you are taking damage at random times, which is usually the case since you cannot predict enemy attack patterns for the most part, that mean you have effectively 30% damage reduction if sampled over a long enough period of time. Quick Thinking gives your energy 1-1/2.4=58.333% damage reduction that stacks with your armor. The downside is the stagger. Adaptation is a little harder to quantify its effectiveness since there are so many scenarios that you can consider. Assuming you have full stacks vs a single damage type, you will have between 20% and 70% damage reduction depending on the enemy (if they deal multiple damage types). If you are just building up your stacks it is even worse obviously. Rolling guard is best if you can predict taking damage most of the time (which is unrealistic). Quick thinking is best for consistent damage reduction. (Fun fact, you only need 125 armor to have 70% DR which is the best case scenario for single resistance adaptation vs certain enemies. You need at least 250 armor if you are being damaged by puncture.) Adaptation is the cherry on top for builds with other forms of damage reduction. They all serve a different purpose, however I certainly would not take just rolling guard as my main defense.
  2. It will probably have replay value in the sense that the rewards will be all for the new system. Whether or not the rewards will be relevant outside of rail jack, I dont think is likely (other than maybe common resources or endo). The last thing they want is another archwing fiasco. An isolated subset of the game without meaningful rewards. If they introduce more arcanes in the new mode then it will have some replayability considering all that we consider to be endgame right now involves arcanes (eidolons and arbitrations). In terms of difficulty, they have a blank slate to work with. They have the chance to change core systems of the regular game in this new mode to make it more challenging. They have a chance to create a whole new system of balance, something that has gotten out of control in the regular game.
  3. Why not a cap of 96%? That was the original intention, no? 24 x 4 = 96%...
  4. Yes I have noticed this too. Too much difference from a couple of days ago to just be an rng anomaly.
  5. Adaptation won't block slash procs anymore, but it still blocks toxin procs. Aviator et al still block true damage.
  6. Depends if it stacks or not. Couldn't find anyone to test with me though, so I can't confirm yet.
  7. Despite having plenty of energy, if your warframe gets damaged at 2 health with quick thinking equipped, your operator will instantly die. You can tell that it is not the operator getting shot and dying because there is a 1 or 2 second invulnerability period when transfering out. I think the threshold for getting returned to your frame should include your energy bar when using quick thinking. Thanks
  8. Do you have proof that propa does too much damage? I am not at my computer but I have not seen any reports of this.
  9. I am pretty sure that fixing amp multi hits was intentional ( despite destroying these amps viability). As for limb damage, if shield damage is the same then it is probably unintentional. Poe eidolons have special damage reduction which results in an extra 92% DR approx on critical hits, but I am not at my computer to test if this is what was removed. However, the ropalyst does not have this extra damage reduction, so it may be that they changed the other eidolons to be In line with this. But it is unlikely that they would not mention this in the patch notes.
  10. A propa scaffold should normally deal 369 damage if your amp is built with the klamora prism (it varies a little depending on the prism, but that is not worth explaining here). Critical hits vs the eidolon are doubled, so maybe this is why you are mistaken?
  11. It is still a handbrake, just tested
  12. Don't want to be that guy, but gunblades still don't work with any bullet attractor bubble ability.
  13. Well there already exists saryn's molt which has an invulnerability period that absorbs damage and adds that to its health. So it is technically already outclassed as you say. You should argue that loki's decoy should be buffed not argue that wukong's 1 should be as useless as loki's.
  14. Celestial Twin: Looks fine but it depends on the answer to the following, Does the clone get a copy of your weapons with ALL the mods? If it does not then I don't think it will be a very good ability. It can't even be a good distraction because it will probably get itself killed very fast. Cloud walker: Very good changes especially that it heals yourself AND the clone. How useful this will be though depends on how much healing you get. Whether it is percentage based or flat, it should not take you out of the battle for too long please. My only suggestion for the augment is to allow healing allies as well. Defy: I don't really like "take damage to get buffed" type of abilities. The invulnerability and the taunt may change this. Again this could be a good or bad ability. What is the damage taken to armor received ratio? Is the armor additive or multiplicative? How hard of a taunt is it? Will it make ALL enemies in range focus on you and shoot you? Is the amount of damage taken reduced by things like armor and adaptation? This could lower how much armor you get and how much damage you deal. What is the range of the taunt? How long is the armor buff for? Why is there a duration in the first place? Won't that make it kind of tedious and not very fun having to reapply all the time? Does the taunt make enemies target yourself and the clone? If it does then is the TOTAL damage taken by BOTH converted to armor, or is it just the damage taken by yourself? What is the damage distribution of the spin attack? Is it additive to your base damage and then your mods like base damage and elementals scale off that? Please make it this way. Enemy EHP scales way faster compared to their damage and this part of the ability wont be very useful unless it scales with equipped mods. Primal Fury: Good changes, I just hope the drain is not too high. Passive: Is it truly a passive it will eventually be gone? Please allow it to refresh after 5 minutes or something and be able to reduce that time by killing enemies with his 4th ability.
  15. Still no fix for magus lockdown not tethering enemies for clients? Also magus revert still costs energy upon return.
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