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  1. Here are the ones you can spawn: Missing from this list is: Demolisher Bailiff Demolisher Heavy Gunner Demolisher Nox Demolisher Anti MOA Demolisher Bursa Demolisher Hyena Demolisher Machinist Also some of the listed armor values for these enemies are not the same as in-game. The Demolisher Juggernaut in the codex does not have a listed armor value, but in-game it is 50. The Demolisher Devourer has a codex armor value of 250, but has 50 armor in-game.
  2. Decaying dragon key which reduces shields
  3. The wave disappears after hitting about 3 enemies. Thanks This seems to be intended functionality.
  4. You can see that the supra projectiles become very slow after entering the void status effect. This affects all projectile weapons. Thanks
  5. Here you can see the ball was charged up to 3768 damage with a capture multiplier of 2.88x (so the base absorbed damage is 3768/2.88 = 1315) But the damage dealt ignores the capture multiplier and is the 1317 base absorbed damage Thank you for looking into this.
  6. To keep things short: There is an armor strip in Unairu focus school on void dash. If I want to strip an enemy's armor I have to dash through them. Problem is, the enemies go flying across the map! If the ragdoll is removed, I think it would improve the flow of the gameplay. Perhaps ragdoll can be removed only when that specific node is active.
  7. I am not acting like everything but 6 are terrible, you are. Read your first sentence please. That is partially the problem. DE is acting like there are only 6 good abilities based on what some Youtuber said. By nerfing abilities, that removes choices. The only reason Roar is a good ability on a lot of kits is because many of them do not have a use for the other abilities. They could instead buff bad abilities so players can say "I could go with the boring damage buff, or I could go with this awesome synergy that complements my warframe's kit". To a degree, that was already the case because th
  8. This just shows again a fundamental misunderstanding of the game in general. I have three things to say: 1. How in the world is this supposed to make things like Loki's Decoy more appealing? 2. If the goal is to make the abilities all equally terrible instead of all equally good, what is the point of this high resource/time investment system and why would anyone use it? 3. There will always be a best option, but just because it is the best option does not mean that it is worth using
  9. Currently the stat "eximus kills" is an end of mission "Medal". However, only one of the medals will show up semi randomly. I think with the Steel Path, having eximus kills under the stats tab would be really useful. Or perhaps clicking the "Medal" brings up a list of the other Medals you qualified for so we can reliably see how many eximus we are killing.
  10. Well, the drop chance booster does not even work for steel essence. Not a word from DE about that
  11. I've done several runs on the same tile in hard mode, without and with the drop chance booster. However, I am getting the same rate of steel essence. I don't think this is variance because these were several hour runs. I would expect the rates to be doubled, or at least close but the numbers were very close.
  12. Please add steel essence drop chance on the warframe drops website
  13. It is very clear that you do not do endurance. The fact of the matter is that if you don't have : invisibility, vazarin dash spam, or constant cc, then your pet will attack enemies putting them DIRECTLY IN LOS. They will then expend their 1 second shield gate, with no way for you to replenish it and they will die. So, please explain how you control your pet not to attack enemies, because that is the only way to keep them alive aside from what I mentioned before. And just because you probably use tek assault, does not mean that all companions are good at surviving. You are just using a mod
  14. Xoris was never the only choice. You could functionally get infinite combo using Naramon previously. You could A: use naramon with a weapon with a really good riven disosition, or B: use the weaker Xoris for convenience. I would say that is a fair tradeoff. So removing Xoris interactions actually restricts choice...
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