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  1. Obviously? I said what I think is wrong with the game in the comment, I guess you didn't read it.
  2. The whole problem is everything about the game. Unbalanced armor scaling causes exponential EHP growth for one faction, Slash procs are unbalanced because they completely ignore armor, Primary/secondary weapons cannot deal with armor as effectively because they don't have slash procs, Melee weapons are completely unbalanced because they do a lot of slash procs, a lot of damage and because the risk vs reward is not there, The risk vs reward is not there because there is a huge differential between EHP of tanky frames and non-tanky frames making it difficult to balance e
  3. The whole point of Warframe is optimization. Literally everything you do in the game is with the goal of optimization. It is the dev's job to make a balanced game around this optimization, not the player. This creates a fun and engaging experience. Asking the player to stop doing the thing that is the whole point of the game makes no sense. Idk what world you live in, but game companies do exist to please the player... That is the point of a game.
  4. The biggest problem is how enemy armor is (not) balanced and how it encourages the use of slash procs. Melee does more damage and can proc more slash. A level 9999 heavy gunner has 322,151 health and 200,365 armor, giving an EHP of 215,481,464. 215 million. If you just use slash, that EHP goes to 322k. That is one of the toughest enemies in the game. That is nothing. Paper enemies. Most melees can easily output that. Especially with viral procs. There are several ways you can solve this Primaries and secondaries have to somehow be better at dealing with armor than melee since m
  5. An Unairu focus school "bug" was fixed in update 29.5 with the changes to void status I suspect. The bubble from Mutalist Quanta (and other slow projectiles) would get locked onto the enemy when using the focus node magnetic blast. This made for a nice strategy where you could stick a bubble on a high priority enemy and get the buffs from the mutalist quanta bubble as they move around. Now it flies all over the place. See the video for a demonstration of before and after. https://streamable.com/n3k64c It would be nice if it were brought back as a feature for all the other magn
  6. Nyx is mostly a vehicle for weapon play... (other than 4 nuke). Go into solo steel path and you will see how good her 3 is. I say solo because in groups AI targeting becomes a joke because of Host Client connection. She has an active playstyle, she is only bad if you want braindead gameplay.
  7. There is no progression. If you look at the rng you will realize they are not worth your time. The stat bonuses are boring. They could have come up with bonuses that are interesting, but still dps increases. additive crit chance explosive rounds (deals x% of total damage in y meter radius) x%HP explosion on kill -x base armor on hit x% finisher damage on headshot x% adaptive elemental damage (adapts to enemy's weakest element) I could go on. Negative stats could be the same as they are currently.
  8. When you press Garuda's 1 on an enemy, you will pounce to them absorbing 10% of their health to your shield. But it will also deal 10% of their health to them as slash damage. Here you can see the damage working on a normal enemy (the 1250 damage number from the 10% of health + a damage number from the enemy colliding with the shield): https://streamable.com/x016xo In the next video you can see that the Demolyst does not take the 10% of health damage, you will only see the damage coming from colliding with the shield: https://streamable.com/2dvcxl It does not work for
  9. I am not sure if this is specific to Lavos, but this is difficult to test. If you proc a small damage fire proc on the demolisher using something like the Hystrix, then you use Lavos' 4, the tic damage is much lower than if you use another proc, for example cold and then use lavos' 4. However, the main damage are both the same, so something about the DR calculation for procs is getting messed up when there is a smaller heat proc already on the target. Here is the main damage when there are either a fire or cold proc on the demolyst before casting Lavos' 4. They are both the same at
  10. In your warframe, jump/bullet jump and then quickly press 5 to transfer out. Press 5 again to go back in your warframe and you will not be able to transfer out again until your warframe or operator jumps and lands on the ground. https://streamable.com/19k55q
  11. Happens every time I've tried. Also, acolytes don't spawn on Tamu Kuva Fortress at all.
  12. I agree, there is a huge balance issue surrounding companion survivability in general. I have resorted to using Master's Summons because I have to revive my pet literally every 5 seconds. And that is with Tek Assault...
  13. So I think if you activate a Kuva tower they stop spawning...
  14. Well I usually only get around 40 KPM solo when using "not Khora" first of all. But I have been able to get them to spawn a couple times using Nekros. That's the problem, I don't know what causes it. Probably archwing tile...
  15. This has been a bug for a long time. This has been reported before. Please fix it. The conduits spawn at the waypoint. Demolysts spawn literally right above around the catwalk.
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