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  1. Orokin

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Still no fix for magus lockdown not tethering enemies for clients? Also magus revert still costs energy upon return.
  2. As a client, often tethers will not drop when void dashing near enemies.
  3. The ragdoll from void dash sends the enemies flying, failing to properly tether the enemies and deal the damage. Enemies will also move if void blast is used on them.
  4. Orokin

    Oct 23: Microsoft Email Domain Issue

    I wasn't being sent a verification email to my Microsoft email, and surprisingly I solved this by turning on "Receive newsletters and promotional email transmissions" in my account management... Received the email right after I turned it on. Worth a try at least.
  5. Orokin

    Warframe Builder

    Fire rate mods don't do anything to the dps calculations with the blank bow even though the charge speed changes. Also the magazine is listed as 0 but the edited base stats is entered as 1, although I'm not sure if that affects anything. http://imgur.com/0hxygdE Thanks
  6. Orokin

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    Is an Archwing racing game-mode something that you guys and girls would be interested in adding to the game? With the new movement system and a lack of Archwing in the conclave, I think it could potentially be a really cool addition.
  7. Today is Canada day. Best you should expect to be different is Ki'Teer holding a Canadian flag or prisma fireworks or something. Probably not a small update like you said.
  8. Orokin

    Holiday Wishlist & A Happy New Year!

    1. Different reticles to choose from (or buy with plat, or allow us to make our own somehow) 2. More conclave mods, skins etc. 3. More frequent events
  9. Orokin

    Hotfix 18.0.2

    Ouch, a daily cap. My head hurts. Honestly loved everything about U18, well, until now. And I have a feeling that its not going away.
  10. Orokin

    New: Mirror The Mod Contest

    Hope you like it!