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  1. If it is not completely obvious at this point, DE does not want optimization, that's what is funny. So I am just confused as to why you are complaining now as if you didnt know this would eventually happen.
  2. This is the same dude who advocated for the SE despawn timer. Well good job man, we are left with your utopia where we now have 0 ways to optimize gains...
  3. To give context, here is a comparison of Unairu Magnetic Blast before and after Update 29.5 when void procs were changed. Put simply, the radius of Unairu's Magnetic Blast was changed from 0.5m to 1m, but I would like it to be changed back to 0.5m. It seems like the radius of the bubble affects the speed of the projectile. Affected sources of magnetism include: Unairu focus school's Magnetic blast: currently 1m radius. (used to be 0.5m radius) Void status effect proc: 2m radius The radius seems to affect the speed of the projectile following the formula: 1/radius^2 How do I know this? Void Status has a radius of 2m, and it slows projectiles down by 0.25x, which is 1/2^2. Unairu's Magnetic Blast currently does not slow or speed projectiles since it has radius of 1m. To be clear, I would like if the radius of Magnetic Blast was simply reverted to 0.5m so that the Mutalist Quanta bubble has this "lock on" property caused by the increased flight speed of 1/0.5^2 = 4x. Alternatively, the equation defining the projectile orbit of Magnetic Blast and Void proc can be changed to always be a constant 0.5 in place of the radius variable. Please enable this cool interaction with Mutalist Quanta to return. Changing the formula so the projectile speed increases would not be broken or a significant buff, it would just enable this cool interaction to return.
  4. They realized they made the Arquebex too powerful so they scrapped the whole idea, but they don't want to admit it
  5. Orokin

    Riven exploit

    If you put a really good riven on your melee weapon, it will affect some abilities like Khora's 1 and Atlas 1. Many people are exploiting this strange bug to get abnormally high damage.
  6. This doesn't affect me, so I think it is a great change 👍
  7. There is no reason why armor should scale. Scaling armor does not make things difficult as long as slash procs are the way they are. If they remove armor scaling they have to nerf viral, buff corrosive, revert back to old health scaling
  8. You fixed the infinitely lasting damage areas that appeared after Tornado augment absorbs more than 500k damage, but you didn't fix the fact that tornado stops absorbing damage after 500k. The ability breaks. Can you fix it please. https://streamable.com/wws13d
  9. Why do you think they are making these SE changes? They are working towards making riven rng better. They are increasing the incursions to 5 SE and acolyte spawns. This helps players like me, can you not sympathize? I am being as fair as the people responding to me care to be. If you are rude and call into question my seriousness I will not hold back on the truth of the matter. And there are a lot of truths in here.
  10. Saying you disagree doesn't make you right, very few people have made a serious effort to respond
  11. I completely agree with you, it would be great for DE to implement these things to give people like me and you a fair shot
  12. This is just pure delusion, I'm sorry to say. Of course they have to make money, but their priority #1 is fairness to the player. If you don't believe me then you haven't been around long enough to see what they did to Kubrow colors.
  13. Sorry, but you are probably one of the SE exploiters I don't think you have anything to contribute to this conversation. Go play your hour long missions, you are lucky DE doesn't do something about people that play for that long. Hopefully DE implements some of these changes so you cannot continue to ruin the game and everybody else's fun.
  14. Rivens are not about money. DE said they were made to balance weaker weapons and bring them up to par with the better weapons, not for money. It also gives veteran players something to do.
  15. Rivens are NOT MANDATORY. If you don't like them, don't use them, don't farm for them, don't complain about them. Simple mkay?
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