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  1. I think "Why" would be a better word. For me, poorly timed buffering is most likely. I do watch the streams, when there is a Twitch Drop I want, but it buffers often, so I don't get to hear what they say some of the time. I'll only get bits and pieces of what they say. Which is fine usually, since I'm fine with not getting spoilers.
  2. It's my fault for forgetting it was today. Was only told one time about it though, in a forum post from a few weeks ago. If they said it during streams I must have missed it do yo buffering.
  3. I wish DE was more clear with their information. "Plus, watch any TennoCon panel on Twitch or Steam for 30 consecutive minutes between 12:30 p.m. and 5 p.m." Is there more then one? No links are provided if there are. The PSA also doesn't give much info.
  4. I forgot the time-zones... now i'll never get that gun... DE please make things more clear. I had to dig to find the information. To get the Gun is to watch from 12:30-5pm... Hydroid prime is 5pm and after... It's 3:24pm for me now... T-T
  5. They introduced it like, 3 years ago I think, and it was the funnest Conclave mode by far. Everyone had the same stats, and weapon that dealt the same damage, so you couldn't make an op-meta build that made conclave un-fun for the more casual players. But, it was a one year thing, not sure why they wouldn't bring it back.
  6. It usually is for people who's internet is so bad it's just a constant buffering screen with the occasional blurb.
  7. Ah, thanks for letting me know. XD
  8. I got a message from him he's here, but I don't see his marker anywhere.
  9. I got a message from him he's here, but I don't see his marker anywhere.
  10. Wukong is okay, Ember and Vauban are garbo. I used to Main Ember and Vauban. Now I just main Atlas and Trinity.
  11. You can only own one of each glyph and palette. What happens if you already own them? Does the random item change to something you don't have? Or netter luck next time? Imagine getting the Palette every day as you random drop.
  12. Clicking the Dojo does nothing, just makes a noise. Same thing with the Dry Dock button. ~
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