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  1. Please don't nerf Sancti Magistar again, it's not even in the top ten list, maybe even not in the top 20. I main it, not for damage, but for the utility of the healing pulse, which you've nerfed, but still works fine.
  2. ~ As you can see, the Auxiliary Accessory is not displayed, and is shown on the skin itself. I am very glad it is an Auxiliary Accessory, since it is part of the reason I got it. ~
  3. ~ There is 17 hours left, it is 6PM, so it will end at 11am? (2pm DE's time) Why is it ending before 8pm tomorrow on Sunday? ~
  4. ~ Am I the only one? Has happened 6 times in the past 10 minutes. ~
  5. ~ But, the spikes on the back are part of the body, but I though it was part of the syandana. (and only when using certain powers...) I really wanted to use those glass back spikes for fashion frame. ~ EDIT The back spikes are an Auxiliary accessory! :D ~ As you can see, the Auxiliary Accessory is not displayed, which Is why I thought it was part of the Syandana. ~
  6. Now that you mention it, yeah, not really worth a power slot. Maaaybe as a mod. Like a unique Loot Radar mod that gives them their own unique icons.
  7. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught has leaderboards? huh... why? I guess some people care about it.
  8. Mercy kills are meh, I only use them on Liches since it's the only way to kill them.
  9. This is the only thing on the list that I am considering using, but is not needed. Very disappointed.
  10. Can I make a warframe have more then 1 helminth power per loadout? Can I use more then 1 power from each warframe? I want to make a Revenant build that has Ember's Fire Blast, and Immolation, as well as a Shield power like Snow Globe or Volt's Shield, and maybe Meg's Pull all in the same loadout. I'd also like "World on Fire" to return as a Helminth power. Ember was my main lady till her rework. World on Fire was never End-Game viable alone, it was just a small extra DoT you can have which only slightly helped kill things.
  11. ~ We get 8 song slots, and that's it. Maybe DE could add a "8 Mandachord Song slots" for 12 plat thing? Also, we should be able to mix our songs. Imagine being able to set it up so it play song 1, then song 2, then song 3, then song 4, up to 8 songs in a row, and each of these are saved as a "music list" that you can equip on the fly. Hold down 1 as Octavia to switch your Song List between 4 equipable song lists at a time. ~
  12. ~ So, while in a relay, the "Network Not Responding" thing popped ip. I expected it to go away, but no, a message popped up saying something like, the connection to the server is lost, logging you out, or something like that. I was then logged out by the game. ~
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