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  1. Please let it have collision so we can stand on them! Dojo Roomba races must become a thing! EDIT: also 100 plat each is way too much.
  2. ~ Trade UI sometimes remains on screen after exiting the Trade Post ~
  3. In pictures Please have this color setup, Primary: Red Secondary: Blue Tertiary: Green Accents: Yellow Energy: Dark Purple 2ndary Energy: Bright Purple ~ Can I toggle on/off Prime parts?
  4. https://www.warframe.com/news/watch-warframe-streams-on-mixer-to-earn-free-rewards?utm_source=in-game&utm_medium=ign Whats the Kyroptera Panoply Syandana like? What other things will come from it?
  5. I missed it. At least it wasn't a super-important-one-time-thing.
  6. General_Durandal


    Lesser lenses are trade-able, Eidolon Lenses are trade-able, but greater lenses are not trade-able. The only ways to get a Greater lens are, buy 1 for 40 plat, or, buy 1 one-time-use blueprint for 200k credits, then build it with 25k more credits, 4 of one lesser lens, 1 forma, 1 argon, and 1 orokin cell. I just go do EidolonIf I need Focus instead of paying way to much for greater lenses. Changes i'd like to see, 20 plat instead of 40 plat price, Greater lenses are added to some reward tables, the blueprint is reusable to make up for the 200k price-tag, or the blueprint is cheaper at only 20k to buy, and 5k to build. Why are greater lenses not trade-able when the lesser and eidolon versions are?
  7. added ~ ---M--...hyamal...--J--- says, If you go out-of-bounds while performing a stealth kill you'll get stuck in place and can no longer do anything. ~ to the list.
  8. No, was aiming for the chest. Are you saying only head-shots hurt invasion Wolf?
  9. I was using a Catchmoon Rad gun with a 200% damage riven. (weapon that I've killed a level 112 Wolf with) Was hitting for 1s and 0s, with an occasional 100-600. I'm pretty sure it was bugged in more ways then one.
  10. Wolf invaded on Hydron, he was level 80, and my weapon that I've killed a level 112 Wolf with in a few hits was hot amused. He was also immune to all powers. I was Mesa, couldn't shoot him with my 4, when I could during Wolf Hunt. The whole team force quit. So, Invasion Wolf, and Wolf Hunt Wolf are different enemies with different stats.
  11. We are on the last week of Wolf of Saturn Six and Hydrin's alt helmet didn't show up once.
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