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  1. Clicked rejoin mission, mission ended during load screen, and I got nothing.
  2. Colors in the living room don't work well with the rest of the ship. (especially when using a stencil) I'm using the Steel Meridian Stencil, and color box 1 overlays color box 3, so If I want color box 3 white with color box 1 black, I need to use the brightest white to make it grey. And now everything in the rest of the ship using color box 3 , (tertiary) is a bright white. Things using the colors of tertiary include, Relic Altar, Tenno Throne, metal parts, and some light fixtures. You guys already made it do each room has it's own decoration limit, like in the Dojo. You could make it do each room can be colored separately, like in the Dojo. Also, would be cool to use Dojo decorations in your orbiter. Also also, would be very cool to scale decorations.
  3. General_Durandal

    What is the Quest Order?

    During The War Within, Alad V thanks you for helping him steal stuff from Tyl Regor, which he used to cure his infestation. DE might have changed that since I played the mission though, they like to RetCon things.
  4. General_Durandal

    What is the Quest Order?

    So, Vor's quest, then Saya's Vigil, then Vox Solaris? Patient Zero is the 2nd to last, even though it happens before The War Within? Yeah, i'm pretty sure that's not the order.
  5. General_Durandal

    What is the Quest Order?

    I'm going to setup my "Throne" room as my trophy room. I want to have decorations along the wall from left to right in the order of the quests. So, in the first part of the wall, have Vor related things, like his Noggle, Grineer stuff, pictures, ect. Then at the last part have stuff from Fortuna like the Orb Articula. Not sure where to put stuff like the Kuria though. Maybe next to the throne.
  6. It's pretty annoying that all the parts are 35 plat each. Even the little things in the set are 35 plat each. I'm glad stuff like the Neural Sensor and Neural Sensor Array, and other container/recourse sets aren't the same prices. That'd been pretty meh.
  7. General_Durandal

    Warframe Prime Time #231: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    If the twitch drops are just more displays, I think i'll pass.
  8. General_Durandal

    Prime Time #230 Twitch Drops?

    It says there will be drops, but not what will drop. Does anyone know what will drop? The Title is Table Prime, so i'm thinking a cool Primed Table will drop. EDIT - At least it does on Death Snacks, "Tonight: Prime Time #230 - Table Prime!" But if it's just more displays I'm not going to watch.
  9. General_Durandal

    289 Bugs (23 fixed)(5 may be fixed)

    ~289 TennoGen/Deluxe Dagger skins are smaller then they should be
  10. ~ ~ You fingers are supposed to be behind the guard. Dagger skins need to have their size increased.
  11. General_Durandal

    289 Bugs (23 fixed)(5 may be fixed)

    ~288 Bug 288 - Game freezes very often when leaving Fortuna
  12. When sharing a screen-cap, please have, Color Box 1: Red Color Box 2: Blue Color Box 3: Green Color Box 4: Yellow Color Box 5: Pink
  13. General_Durandal

    Hydroid Deluxe Should come with

    a Universal Solo/Dual Flintlock Pistol skin. Currently the only flintlock type weapon in the game is the Twin Rogga, and they ugly. (would really like a cool looking, and good flintlock pistol) We already have 2 deluxe pistol skins, 1 works on solo pistols, the other works on solo and dual pistols, so perhaps that won't happen. Then perhaps a Anchor skin for hammers, maybe and Anchor and chain skin for the chained blade weapons like Mios. It'll probably be just a boring sword/cutlass skin for swords though.
  14. General_Durandal

    Motherwrench Hammer Skin broken

    ~ ~ It's textures are broken, DE, plz fix. ~ Also, is this not supposed to be getable yet or something? How broken the texture is, makes me think it's not implemented fully yet, possibly not meant to be buyable yet.