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  1. ~ What the? ~ Huh... ~ That can't be comfortable. ~
  2. ~ ~ That guy stayed stuck there, and since the next squad won't spawn till the first one is gone...
  3. Yes. ~ I got the points when Nightwave got it's extension, and I ranked up to prestige 31 with 500 standing left into 32.
  4. Wish you'd say what the drop is before the stream. Most of the time I don't get to hear the first few minutes thanks to commercials and buffering, so I miss whatever the first things you say are.
  5. I was at 9,500 standing, played the emote, which should have gave 1,000 standing, am still at 9,500 standing. I played the Emote inside Cetus, and got the NW message I beat the act, but didn't get the points. I went back to my ship, and my standing is still 9,500. EDIT - I got the points when Nightwave got it's extension, and I ranked up to prestige 31 with 500 standing left into 32.
  6. When can we dual-wield the Tigris and Galatine?
  7. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 😠 EDIT - The reason I'm not a fan, is because controller support is already cluttered as it is. Melee and Strong Melee being two different buttons, is a bad thing. I figured you knew this when you switched it back to hold E for heavy attack.
  8. Only way it would be useful is if Wormhole worked like the portal gun. Put a port here, put a portal there, shoot enemies, ect. But then still, not as useful as just running in, since it would slow you down. Maybe useful for some boss fights, where you can take cover and shoot at the same time, but then you could just take cover behind a wall and shoot around the cover, or a barrel, ect. Didn't see the beginning. 🤞 Hope they don't ruin her if they do a rework.
  9. "You can chat in 11m35s" Has been displayed on my chat for the entirety, preventing me from chatting during the stream. ~ Random pet effects, like, "this kubrow hates grineer".(extra damage to grineer?) They say it won't be RNG, but how? ~ Kitguns can use pistol skins. Neat. Rattleguts buff plz? ~ "Room of Baruuk and Gara" All I want in the simulacrum is the ability to fight all the bosses at the same time. DANGER ROOM! ~ Radiation Rifle. A friend might like it though. ~ Nova Deluxe 2 As long as it doesn't come with a Nova rework. Nova is best frame, no nerfs or "buffs" plz. ~ Titania "Buffs". I dislike all the powers you have to switch between. Everything else seems, fine. We will see. ~ "You can chat in 11m35s" Still can't chat. ~ Corpus remaster? There is no reason in replacing/fixing something that works. You can have both, you know. Maybe have the current ship tiles as low-class ship tiles, and the new ship tiles as high-class ship tiles. Meh. ~ Sentient boarding parties. Neat. ~ Heavy Metal Shawza. Neat. ~ See what Kuva weapon you get before you kill the larva-ling. I've not touched Liches yet, they or their weapons don't seem useful enough to bother with 10 layers of grind. ~ Kuva Bow. Why would a grineer ever use a bow? ~ Did that message say Rebecca has 11,000+ messages in her inbox to look at?! Sheesh. ~ Use Wormhole to launch projectiles!? Yes please! ~ "You can chat in 11m35s" Still can't chat. ~ If you could see the element too, then that would be useful. ~ Protia? Tracer? Time reverse + turret, grenades and gadgets? hmm ~ New lighting? I hope my computer can handle it. ~ More kuva weapons... wooo, more weapons I won't be getting. -_- ~ What about new kitguns? Sniper Pistol? Please? Oh, it's just a new grip that makes then primary instead of secondary. Booooooo. ~ New Augments. I heard not much thanks too lag. ~ "You can chat in 11m35s" Still can't chat. ~ Moa jump rope... ~ "You can chat in 11m35s" Still can't chat. For the entire stream. ~ There was a network error. Please try again. (Error #2000) At the end of the stream. ~ Well that was a waste of time. ~ At least I got the Twitch drop, which was 1500 titanium. I got it twice though, so 3000. Bug? Meh. ~
  10. After I posted this report, I started watching a warframe patron on Twitch, and was able to watch them no problems, even though Warframe's PrimeTime Stream kept giving me the error. It was only Warframe's PrimeTime Stream that was getting the error, other streams worked fine.
  11. Wait what? I watched last week, I didn't get this!
  12. Wish you'd post these the day before the stream so we'd have a heads up.
  13. ~ There was a network error. Please try again. (Error #2000) ~ Trying to watch the stream, but this keeps coming up. Now there isn't enough time to get the special one time only Twitch drop. >:(
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