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  1. So it's not a "Once a week thing", it's a, "chance for a one a week thing". oof Thanks for the info.
  2. ~ Normal Mission 1: Look at Navigation, 2: click mission, 3: wait for squad, 4: if timer starts press Y to cancel, 5: repeat 2-5 till you join a squad 0 load screens, no travel time. ~ Bounty 1: Go to Hub town 2: go to mission giver, 3: enter the gate, 4: wait for squad, 5: load into the map with or without squad, 6: if not in a squad exit the map, 7: wait for mission complete screen, 8: wait for load back into the hub town, 9: repeat 2 through 9 till you join a squad. 2 load screens, with travel time. ~ There needs to be a way to
  3. Though you guys said it would be a weekly reset during the stream?
  4. Flew over the entire map, left, went back in, flew over the entire map, again, repeat, for over an hour. I found 0 mechs, walking or damaged. ~ Even went to all those locations. ~ They have to spawn for an icon to show. ~
  5. Walking ones can become damaged, then you can take them over. I've not seen any, damaged or active. It's almost been an hour.
  6. ~ ~ Flew around in Daimos, went in, flew around the place, then went out and back in and flew around some more. Not seeing any. I remember seeing them pretty often, at least one showed up on the map per bounty run. Are there any places I should go to, then leave the map, then go back to, to increase my chance of finding one before the timer runs out? ~ EDIT Wasted an hour on this, just trying to get 1000 point. Well, I'm ignoring this one. Things relying on RNG is no good.
  7. EDIT - The first Drop must be claimed before the 2nd drop starts it's count.
  8. I use 2 speed mods. Berserk, because has the highest possible speed boost per mod, but you have to work for it a little, and Gladiator Vice, because of the Set Bonus.
  9. I'd rather have those each be the Monday-Thursday drops so we can get one of each, but can we get 2 per stream if we watch the whole thing like in previous random drop lists?
  10. Was doing a Lith Void Fissure Defense on Tessera, Venus. Went to wave 20, there was a host migration around wave 17 so I had to solo the last few waves. As I left at wave 20, the 2nd box, the reward for the 10th wave, turned black, and I only received 2 of the 3 relics I got. There is something bugged with the 2nd reward box, because it's the only reward box that has done this.
  11. I'm seeing people argue about the bundles, people saying the bundles are bad and why, people replying Warframe has always been this way, but it actually hasn't. So, let me explain where everyone can see/read it. See, the problem is that with the New Year Bundles, you can't buy the items separately. With all the Halloween Bundles, each item was not only something that is not normally in the market, but was also buyable separately. Same, mostly, with the Christmas Bundles. I say mostly, because one of the Christmas Bundles has a Snowflake Emblem, you only get fro
  12. The difference being that you can't buy items from the bundle separately. With Every other Seasonal bundle, each item was buyable separately. Except that one Christmas bundle with the snowflake emblem, the Snowflake Emblem you can only get by buying the whole bundle. I own every item from that bundle, except that Emblem, it will cost me 800 plat to buy the bundle, just to get that one Emblem. These New Year bundles however, the only thing I want are the Kavat Statues. I don't want the weapon skins to weapons I don't use. I don't want the kuva or endo, or the Boosters either.
  13. The main differences between the Day of the Dead bundles and the Lunar New Year bundles, is that you could by each item from the bundles separately, and that every item in the bundle was a cosmetic you can only get, from buying the skins separately, or the whole pack. I don't want the endo, or the kuva, or the boosters, or the weapon skins, or the rivens even, I just want the Kavat statues. DE is forcing you to buy all of it in three bundles. (if you want the kavat statue, you have to buy the whole bundle) Also, you can only buy each bundle, once, per account. So, if yo
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