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  1. General_Durandal

    209 Bugs to fix (21 fixed)(2 may be fixed)

  2. General_Durandal

    Game crashed after host migration in the plains

    This is the first time the game has crashed on me in the entire time I've played Warframe. Started playing March 6, 2014, so 4 years and 7 months, no crashes, till today.
  3. General_Durandal

    Chroma Prime Access

    ~ ~ Looks pretty cool. Excited for Gram and Rubico Prime. If The Imugi Prime Armor stuck-out like the Vetala Armor i'd get it. ~
  4. General_Durandal

    Network Not Responding

    9/19/2018 - 2:54pm - While in navigation. Was kicked to login.
  5. General_Durandal

    209 Bugs to fix (21 fixed)(2 may be fixed)

    Hotfix 23.8.2 fixed nothing on this list. 20 updates since.
  6. General_Durandal

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.2

    Again? Uhg
  7. General_Durandal

    209 Bugs to fix (21 fixed)(2 may be fixed)

    Encountered bug 73 again, If in-game when the daily reward resets, you don't get that day's daily reward Paneer1337 Has encountered this too.
  8. I thought this years old bug was finnaly squashed, but nope. I was in a PoE Tri-alyst hunt, and it took much longer then I thought it would When I returned to my ship it was 5:02pm, the dayly reward resets at 5:00pm for me. Quitting the game and logging back in didn't give me today's reward. I believe this is the 13th time this has happened. ~ ~
  9. General_Durandal

    Teralyst, Gantulyst, Hydrolyst Hunt

    I dislike those homing orbs very much. But the ground lasers also hurt you while rifting, and just pop out of the ground wherever you are. I was standing quite a whiles away aiming my gun, trying to snipe, because I lost the ability to use transference do to a bug, and I got killed by attacks that shouldn't be that far reaching. I didn't even know about the rain attack till this run, I saw a weird green stream of stuff falling out of the sky and looked, there was a weird green cloud with green electricity. Didn't see it before, so it could have been killing me without noticing it.
  10. General_Durandal

    209 Bugs to fix (21 fixed)(2 may be fixed)

    ~208 Hurt by Hydrolyst poison field while not touching the ground Not a bug, the poison ground is where the poison rain is landing. I hadn't noticed the poison rain till recently.
  11. Almost everyone knows to avoid the ground when it's all slimy and green while fighting the Hydrolyst. That stuff can hurt Limbo while Rifting. Safest thing to do is just jump over it. Well, today the slim killed me many times when not touching it. I need to get over there, better jump over the green ground. *bullet-jump followed by double-jump, followed by aim-glide, dies while in the air and falls to the ground* Oh, okay, I guess the ground is the air above it now. This bug cause my first full mission death in the past year. (seriously, Nehza and Limbo have no problem staying alive) The mission abort screen also said i'd get to keep what I got so far, but I didn't. EDIT - The poison field is where the poison rain is landing, so of-course you're going to get hit by it if you are in the location, on the ground or not. I hadn't even noticed the rain clouds during the fight till yesterday. Today I noticed that sometimes the rain isn't visible, sometimes the clouds, sometimes both.
  12. General_Durandal

    Teralyst, Gantulyst, Hydrolyst Hunt

    I've been doing this mission repeatedly for the past week, and for some reason today's attempt was freaking impossible. I main Limbo, a pretty garbage frame nowadays, because of his ability to revive fallen allies without being harassed by enemies. Well, not today, because for some reason pretty much every attack the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst have hurt Limbo while rifting. Did the rift just bugout? Did they get tweaked so they can hurt limbo in the rift now? I hope it was just a bug, because I was having actual fun doing this mission the past few days. Also, I lost EVERYTHING from the mission, even though it said I would lose NOTHING for aborting when I had no revives left. Which means I lost the two Brilliant/Radiant eidolon shards you need to summon the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst.
  13. General_Durandal

    209 Bugs to fix (21 fixed)(2 may be fixed)

    ~205-206-207 Onslaught Session Unavailable, Onslaught menu broke, and buttons broken when returned to ship
  14. ~Bug 205 I just tried to join an Onslaught, I joined a full squad and greeted them, one said hi back. During the load-screen I got a popup saying, "Session Unavailable", and was booted back to my ship. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~Bug 206 For a brief moment, the onslought mission end screen was bugged, a stock image of Excalibur replaced some the aspects of the menu, numbers where all 000, and titles where, "A title" or "syndicate name". ~~~~~~~~~~ ~Bug 207 When I returned to my ship, I found myself unable to do anything put open chat, close chat, and chat in chat. ESC did nothing, so I had to Alt+F4 out of the game.