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  1. What does Atlas Prime look like with the Atlas Graxx skin? Please share a screen-cap using these colors. Color 1: Red Color 2: Blue Color 3: Green Color 4: Yellow Energy: Pink
  2. What does Mesa Immortal skin look like of Mesa Prime? Prime parts on or off with it? Please share a screen-cap using these colors. Color 1: Red Color 2: Blue Color 3: Green Color 4: Yellow Energy: Pink
  3. I forgot if Devstreams are an every week thing, or an every other week thing. EDIT - Thanks everyone. o7
  4. Is that the max rank? I'm there now, with 10k/10k points, and it's not ranking up to rank 31.
  5. "Needing" as in after the rework, not before the rework. You said "mod impact sarpa or corrosive" thought you said "for". Should have said Shattering instead of impact. Sorry for the misread. I usually do both though. Vauban's Shred mine can get 100% armor stripping atm, but it needs all 7 of the power strength mods. Using 7 of your 10 mod slots just to remove enemy armor completely, doesn't seem like a good choice, when you can have any build you want, + armor striping melee, + heavy hitting gun. Especially when newer enemies keep getting immunities to abilities. The short of the matter, this rework hurts my main build, therefor i'm annoyed. Will I find a new, better build? Maybe. If not i'll just keep using the same build but less efficiently.
  6. All true ye, the weapons I main are Strun Wraith, Rattleguts, and Sancti Magistar though, no range mod on it to make room for the most damage per hit. Sancti Magistar's charge attack has a healing pules which can be pretty useful.
  7. Only a small biggy. If they where level 200, then the damage of the laser is okay.
  8. Oh, the laser was okay then. Still not as good as solo Nova, but still good.
  9. That is what i'm using now. ~ Those enemies where level 20? And his new OP damage attack, didn't kill the weakest enemy in the game in one hit? Well, now it looks even worse then before. ~ If his laser can't kill level 20 Butchers in one shot, then it won't kill anything in one shot. (meaning still a waste of mod spaces) But, yes, we will see when the rework drops.
  10. That is true. But is it really that helpful? You could Bastille enemies, then shoot them one at a time, or you can Vortex enemies, and shoot them all in one Shotgun shot. With max range, and Repelling, you can keep enemies out of some area(s), and pull them into others. Max range 18 meter Vortex is great in a crowd, one cast, and one shot, room of enemies is dead.
  11. You can also put down a Vortex, Sarpa them a few times, then shotgun them. Sarpa has 100% impact proc chance, put on Shattering Impact and you can Shred a Doma's armor in a few seconds, since it shoots 5-10 pellets per shot, and each one reduces armor by a flat amount. -6 armor for each pellet, 30-60 armor each shot, multiple shots per second. A Doma has between 281.2, and 553.75, level 30-50 in bounties. 3,857.91, armor at level 165. % armor striping can be faster at higher levels, but in the base game you won't encounter level 165 Domas. (well, unless the Sortie's third mission is in the Plains of Eidolon, then they with be around level 80-100) But yeah, the shred mine can be pretty good, it can even be great, but you can't max range if you want any strength. ~ I never said you said that. I've used other play styles suggested before. They aren't very good. Shred mine is good, but not as good as max range vortex with Shattering Sarpa and a Strun Wraith with punch-through. The only thing i'm really mad about is Bastille and Vortex not being separate things, usable at separate times, and Bastille now costing 100 energy when I don't have room for good efficiency and energy. The Tesla rollers are pretty much the only thing I like about the rework. Bastille and Vortex getting armor stripping is cool. (if you didn't read my vauban rework, the vortex aug has armor striping, and Bastille is completely missing,) (so stop saying i'm "attached", to my play style, i'm not, it's just the best one that I've used) When the rework comes, I can still use my same setup, it will just cost more energy, and I can't have Bastilles and Vortexs out in different places at different times, which will hurt efficiency. (if the made it tap to cast Bastille, Hold to cast Vortex, then that would fix that) Literally anything would be better then Orbital Strike. (not as cool though) But it's coming no matter what anyone says, we'll see if the damage is worth using, if it's not, then back to what i'm using now.
  12. Great choices. It's not an opinion, (a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.) (the beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing.) (an estimation of the quality or worth of someone or something.) it's true fact. Vauban's powers don't need Power Strength to function as they are meant to function. (unless you want the armor striping mine thing, which is greatly out-shined by any melee with impact procs like Sarpa) You can freely use things that give -Power Strength with no disadvantages to his kit. You want Duration and Range with Vauban, the best Range mod gives -60% Power Strength with +90% Power Range. If Vauban needs power strength now, then that is 90 less range. Please tell me a Vauban build that benefits from high power strength? (current Vauban) ~ I main Vauban, but please, explain how him needing power strength now is a good thing?
  13. Then play a different warframe. Power strength only, With Tesla increases damage, (useless) With Mine Layer it effects damage and armor % striping, (armor striping isn't needed when we have weapons that can strip 100% armor in a few hits) With Bastille it effects damage, and number of enemies held at one time, (Repelling Bastille will then yeet other enemies after the max) With Vortex is only effects damage. (which isn't needed since you can just Punch-through Shotgun the tiny ball of enemiesm killing them all in one shot) Power Strength is not needed on Vauban, making Power Donation a Great Aura Mod for Vauban. (-30 to my power strength to give everyone in my team +30 power strength) Hey, my Rhino ally's Roar is now 30% stronger, meaning more damage for everyone.
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