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  1. Please DE, PLEEEEEASE! lol And I want it to be at least decent compered to the meta melee weapons please.
  2. Where do you get the parts to the weapon blueprints you get from this weekend's GotL Alerts?
  3. ~ https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/warframe?ingress=twch ~ IN-GAME CONTENT Vayas Operator Prime Accessories This loot drop contains the following item(s): Vayas Prime Earpiece Vayas Prime Mask Vayas Prime Diadem ~ I claimed it yesterday, and have not received it yet.
  4. Enemies that get Petrified, either by his 4 or 3, when killed don't drop rubble. Every mission I've done today so-far, (all solo) I've not been able to get Ruble armor till after dying. EDIT - Switching to kid mode and back can fix it too.
  5. This makes using the Warframe Market a lot harder. This place, https://warframe.market/
  6. I thought using Wisp to make a Lich would have created a Blue or Purple Heat Lich, but it didn't. :( It's just red and black like the others.
  7. Which heat frame is blue? (EDIT - Vauban with the Suppresser TennoGen skin is Blue Fire) Which Radiation frame is green, or purple? (EDIT - Mirage and Octavia have Purple parts, and give radiation) EDIT - Can't find a Mag Prime usable skin with default green skin.
  8. I've found Green ones with Toxic, and Red/Brown/Black/White ones with Heat. All mine are born on Cassini. People think it's based on Element, but people say they've found a blue lich with heat. My friend found a green lich with Radiation, (which was born on Cassini), and a purple lich with Radiation, (which was born on Adaro). I think it might be a combination of element, and birth place. Was going to get a lich with a rainbow colored warframe with bright pink energy on a different planet to test. What planets and missions spawn larva? I know it has to be
  9. I've got a couple Vengeful Flame Lichs for trade. I'm looking for the other ephemeras. (cold and trickster want most, but want them all) Also looking for great Kuva weapons. (50%+)
  10. I do play solo mostly. (except relics) All my Lich hunting has been solo, except for one, which I was helping a friend farm theirs while they helped me farmed mine at the same time because our liches had the same planets.
  11. Not saying don't add it. I'm saying don't make it mandatory.
  12. ~ ~ Corvette + Boba Fett: Fuuuuusion, HAAAA! Corr Fett: I am, CORR FETT!
  13. My current lich is named Kann Duu, and she has a 51% Heat Brakk. I want the Brakk bad, but I also want Kann Duu as a friend. I wish I could friend her AND get her Brakk.
  14. They said that we'll be getting Steel Essence from Acolyte mini bosses during the missions. If we'll only get it from them now it will make the farm take way longer, and be less fun.
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