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  1. ~ ~ Having 4 wings instead of 2, I've ascended! Now I want to be able to have 4 wings all the time. Maybe allow us to equip 2 Ephemeras? ~
  2. ~ Got only 1 day of my orange booster left, and I want to farm both steel essence and relics. I'd like to do both at the same time. ~
  3. ~ Iron Wake is a pretty cool place, would be much cooler as a hub town like Cetus. ~ A new Grineer enemy unit branch, this one themed around Guerilla Jungle warfare. Enemies that hide in holes, and up in trees, net traps, and other traps around. Swinging log traps, rolling log traps, rock traps, spike hole traps, all kinds of traps. ~ New and old scannable plants. (best/funest place to scan Earth plants) ~ Hopefully with a new companion Kubrow and Kavat breed. ~ New animals to hunt and floof. A frog, lizard, hawk, deer, boar, wolf, bear, similar animals. ~ Perhaps a new Guerilla warfare mod set, each equipped in the set makes you harder to detect while crouching and not moving, having the whole set equipped lets you be invisible while crouching and not moving. (but making noise temporarily disables the invis like Ivara's prowl.) ~ What would you want out of an open world jungle area? ~
  4. Is Strun Prime good? If not, that might make is a contender VS the good shotguns.
  5. But, that's what enabled is for? Do you mean when details disabled? If I can't have ALL the prime details when Prime Details are enabled, then that is a reason to keep NOT buying Nidus Tennogen.
  6. ~ ~ It takes 33% of her shields, and turns it into Impact damage, dealing 3.5x damage as impact. Valkyr has 150 shields, 33% of her shields is 49.5. 49.5 x 3.5 is 173.25 Impact damage. 370 shields with Redirection. 33% of 370 is 122.1. 122.1 x 3.5 is 427.35 impact damage. That is not a lot of damage. Most weapons, even the worst ones, can do more then that. ~
  7. ~ Magnus means "Greatest", and "power house", so I hope it will be the greatest power-house for pistols. ~ Please give it a special effect, like how Ballistica Prime can make shadow copies of killed enemies. If Magnus Prime could have something cool, base Magnus reminds me of Robocop's gun, so perhaps a ricochet effect. Like, shooting the environment will make it ricochet to an enemy if it's close enough. Or maybe it could boost it's damage on headshot, and boost accuracy/recoil on body shot. ~
  8. 30 minutes for 45 ducats? 30 minutes of survival will give 90 ducats at least with all common drops. (6 stages of survival times 15 ducets each = 90)
  9. Isolation Vaults missions just get stuck at "enter vault".
  10. ~ Happened twice in a row, not trying again. Why is every inch of this game broken. 7 years, never had a mission even in solo without at least 1 bug. Fix the game please. ~
  11. I remember getting to max slots, (60-85 at the time, was defs less then 90) without buying slots. Or maybe I'm just remembering wrong. I'm pretty sure I didn't spend 1920 plat on slots though.
  12. Happened again in Lu-Yan (Vail). The relic chosen during the 5-10 minutes didn't open after getting 10/10. Was solo.
  13. Started "Luckless Expanse" (Venus) Corpus Railjack Survival, and the first relic didn't open, and after selecting a new relic, I was still at 10/10 reactant. As you can see, I'm 3 seconds into the 2nd round and already at 10/10. This is a pretty common bug, even though i'm solo.
  14. You only start with 15 riven slots, and I have 144 now. You can buy 3 more slots for 60 plat, buying 15 slots would 300 plat, buying 30 slots would 600 plat, buying 60 slots would be 1200 plat, buying 90 slots would be 1800 plat, buying 120 slots would be 2400 plat, buying 126 slots would be 2520 plat. That is 42 separate purchases. I avoid buying things with plat like the plague, because when they first came out the max slots you could get was 60 or less. Much less then it is now. Pretty sure I didn't buy them 42 times, or spend 2520 plat on riven slots. I can remember about 7 times I bought slots, and remember clearly getting free riven slots many times. Some where from dev streams, but not all of them. (don't remember how many) 30 Riven slots came from reaching MR 30. Buying 96 slots would have been 1920 plat.
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