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  1. ~ I have a riven with "-67.9" Fire-rate on my Sancti Tigris. I shoot it just fine, but it doesn't auto-reload when the ammo gets to 0. Every other gun I have, auto-reloads after getting to 0 ammo. Taking the riven off brings back the auto-reload with Sancti Tigris. Why does having negative fire-rate make it not auto-reload? ~
  2. ~ Trying to line the ceiling with my Mastery Slabs, but something is preventing me from placing slabs in this section of wall. The closest thing to them are the The Glast Gambit Posters. Which are also far too bright. ~
  3. You gave their Twitter link, not Twitch link. Easy mistake, plz fix.
  4. Is there a pack where I can buy just the in-game stuff? I don't want the shirt, or pin, or plush, but do want the in-game floof and plat.
  5. ~ ~ I liked it back when it just made them have no trophy on their shoulder. Now all my old no-trophy Lichs have Excalibur's helmet. ~
  6. ~ Was hacking a Bursa during the Razorback boss right, and it did a stomp which knocked me over, but I stayed in the hacking animation, and now I can't do anything. ~
  7. Does this mean Lich's will now have a Dullahan Mask on their shoulder instead of nothing? I was saving my new Lich Weapon hunting till Dullahan Mask came back, so I can get more helmetless shoulder Liches.
  8. ~ Doing R-9 Cloud, and we where at 76/98 Fighters killed. Everything else was dealt with. Fighters weren't spawning, so we kept leaving the area around the Ship-Killer platform, and getting near again to spawn ram-sleds. One of the squamates dies, right next to the Ship-Killer, and AFKs to watch TV. The Ram-Sleds would no-longer spawn, because he was right next to where they spawn. I PMed them that they where preventing enemy spawn, and kept sending them messages about what was happening. The host left, which caused a host migration, and the fighters spawned, but non of the Railjack parts where usable. Couldn't leave, pilot, use the guns, anything. The AFK player was outside of the ship though, so they could kill the last few fighters if they came back The new host decided to leave, causing a host migration, and that time the AFK player became the new host. I sent the AFK player another PM, but they where ignoring me now. They where also still down and not playing. ~
  9. That Ephemera! Is that a redesign of the chest armor Harmony Ribbon? Or is it a new one?
  10. No, Atlas with Khora's chain power on 4. Gather up enemies, petrify, smash, lots of armor. Really liking his 1's buff.
  11. ~ Using better gear, then when I soloed enough Liches to get all 13 originals to 60%, But, my rank 5 lich has killed me 3 times now. Life Steal doesn't work on Liches anymore it seems, so my bad melee built for healing isn't keeping me alive. Also, the lich is in ONLY in the Kuva Fortress right now, and when she throws me, it's out of bounds. I have to use the unstuck command to get back into the map. But, using it to many times make it no longer usable, apparently. Not it just says, "you used it to recently, please wait and try again". *watches the map fly away into space because I'm falling out of the map* 9:55pm 4th death. 9:58pm Lich running to Saturn Proxima. Spawned a Corrupt Lancer Specter and a Trinity Prime Vapor Spector. I got super lucky. Threw me onto a floating rock, and dash-ran at me onto it, she got stuck, and we just shot her till she died, while taking cover since she couldn't get to us anymore. ~ Crazy that one of my guys I do Steel Path with was killed so easy by her. Life steal not working on liches anymore has to be the reason. ~
  12. ~ On Call Crew continues to follow me, after telling them to Hold Position. Setting them to Hold, then Follow, then Hold again, doesn't fix it. ~
  13. Make all the parts drop from the Ghoul Saw bois too.
  14. Yeah, I tend to over think, everything really. Oh yeah, forgot about the Temple of Profit. Makes sense. ~ Thank you for your time. o7
  15. ~ "I've never met a priest who could tell you anything about Heaven, but they knew every square inch of Hell. They should. They built it." ~ Makes sense in the setting of Warframe. Though, do priests even exist in the Warframe universe anymore? Does Harrow count? Why would Ticker talk about something, that might not exist in her plane of existence? ~ Well, if it is a jab at IRL religion, the reason Priests can't really tell you about Heaven, is because it is mostly unknown. In the Bible, it says, "Heaven is amongst the stars." The Astral-Plane, is where souls live. Astral means, "a starry field". Heaven, is the Universe as a whole. So, just as we barley know anything about the Universe as a whole, we've only seen a drop in the Ocean, we also barely know Heaven. Hell however, is Earth, every part of it, even the surface. The surface of Hell is called Limbo, which is where history repeats itself. The bottom of Heaven, is called Eden, and is also the surface of Earth. Any place where green plants grow, and where wild fruit trees grow, is Eden. ~ Remember, it is not Scientific to simply say, something doesn't exist. ~
  16. There are 3 Void Storm Spy missions on the Void Storm List. ~ 1 hour and some minutes till the one on Venus is over, according to the list, but the only option is the base mission. ~ The Spy mission on Pluto is also has an hour and some minutes left, but also, I can only select the base mission. ~ Same with the one on Neptune. Over an hour, but can't select. ~ Do Void Storm Spy missions count for the "beat 3 spy missions" Nightwave? ~
  17. ~ This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET ~
  18. ~ ~ Having 4 wings instead of 2, I've ascended! Now I want to be able to have 4 wings all the time. Maybe allow us to equip 2 Ephemeras? ~
  19. ~ Got only 1 day of my orange booster left, and I want to farm both steel essence and relics. I'd like to do both at the same time. ~
  20. ~ Iron Wake is a pretty cool place, would be much cooler as a hub town like Cetus. ~ A new Grineer enemy unit branch, this one themed around Guerilla Jungle warfare. Enemies that hide in holes, and up in trees, net traps, and other traps around. Swinging log traps, rolling log traps, rock traps, spike hole traps, all kinds of traps. ~ New and old scannable plants. (best/funest place to scan Earth plants) ~ Hopefully with a new companion Kubrow and Kavat breed. ~ New animals to hunt and floof. A frog, lizard, hawk, deer, boar, wolf, bear, similar animals. ~ Perhaps a new Guerilla warfare mod set, each equipped in the set makes you harder to detect while crouching and not moving, having the whole set equipped lets you be invisible while crouching and not moving. (but making noise temporarily disables the invis like Ivara's prowl.) ~ What would you want out of an open world jungle area? ~
  21. Is Strun Prime good? If not, that might make is a contender VS the good shotguns.
  22. But, that's what enabled is for? Do you mean when details disabled? If I can't have ALL the prime details when Prime Details are enabled, then that is a reason to keep NOT buying Nidus Tennogen.
  23. ~ ~ It takes 33% of her shields, and turns it into Impact damage, dealing 3.5x damage as impact. Valkyr has 150 shields, 33% of her shields is 49.5. 49.5 x 3.5 is 173.25 Impact damage. 370 shields with Redirection. 33% of 370 is 122.1. 122.1 x 3.5 is 427.35 impact damage. That is not a lot of damage. Most weapons, even the worst ones, can do more then that. ~
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