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  1. Metaljukebox

    Hotfix 14.1.2 +

    Please DE, add full gamepad controller support, THANKS!!!
  2. Metaljukebox

    Hotfix 14.0.7 +

    My problems here: - I don't see some of the full mods on all mods section, and other mods are missing, but still are in the weapon mods section... -The "transparency" of Kubrow... -Superposed fonts everywhere include names on chat window. -I see graphical quality decrease in the latest updates, please, why are the reason? -I can't enable nvidia Phsyx on my nvidia vga, this happens since the latest updates. I hope this help for something, keep hard work DE!
  3. Metaljukebox

    13.8.0 Deploy Status.

    I love you Rebecca
  4. Metaljukebox

    Coming Soon: Devstream #31!

    More than a question, i have a few petitions: -I want 14 slots for frames mods including 4 = of the powers, these can't be changed with a forma. -I want 2 slots aura for the prime warframes, not a simple polarity. -I want a stance place for primary and secondary weapons. -I want more alerts giving us fusion cores, and other interesting stuff. That's is all for now, thanks for all, keep going on this way.
  5. Metaljukebox

    Hotfix 13.7.2

    Are you kidding me? My game still on 13.7.0 version :(
  6. Metaljukebox

    Update 13.7.1

    I wan't for the prime's 2 aura slots, and for all warframes 10 places for mods + 4 locked for the powers.
  7. Metaljukebox

    Update 13.7.1

    I didn't receive notice for the update and i still using the version 13.7.0, i try clicking on Launcher>Settings>Verify... and nothing! Please HELP! Thanks! Metaljukebox
  8. Metaljukebox

    Update 13: Dark Sectors

    Everything is excellent but you forget something important. I want the possibility when I update a mod (if the mod is equipped) to don't receive the message "the configuration exceeds the capacity... " so quit automatically the mod of all weapons o frames and let me level up quickly, thanks.
  9. Metaljukebox

    Gift From The Lotus!

    Put a Legendary Core on the next Lotus gift, thanks.
  10. Metaljukebox

    New: Honoring The System Screenshot Contest!

    No remastered!!!