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  1. Nerubian77

    I need a saw and i'm lost, please help !

    I always argue videos are only nice if you are the one making them. Most of the time you see people saying mine is amazing or this or that either comes down to 2 things. The first being a riven, lets beat around the bush about this one. The second is a possible piece from the plague star event. Now I fall in both categories and truthfully as a few people said. Build it how you want. We could say this or that but when it comes down to it, its your weapon. Make it a dagger that can barely swing fast but hits like a crit train. Make a nikana that swings fast and has no damage. If you want synergy then yes but outside of that eh. Really have fun with it and make a fun abomination of pieces 😄
  2. Nerubian77

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Neat, but does the trophy have clan experience attatched to it much like previous event statues?
  3. Nerubian77


    Nice! Super pumped to see her get the prime she always needed!