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  1. They look like you're walking around in knee-high boots with no pants on. I get that they're supposed to be just greaves. However, so are the Vahd Greaves, and yet they go all the way up to the waistline.
  2. I wouldn't say revenants kit is bad. I would say it could use some tweaks and bug fixes to let it realize it's potential. For starters, it needs bug fixing. His 1 pillars need to enthrall 100% of the time from any damage they do, the pillars need to damage thralls, and the thralls created by pillars need to produce pillars of their own on death. His 2 just needs to freaking work all the time. It's got way too many bugs. His 3 needs smoother animations, and to be totally free during danse. It could also use better effects so you can actually freakin see through it. His 4 just needs to cost less and to not destroy pillars. Let it amp pillar damage when you charge his 4. All in all, his kit has some great synergy, but it also has some antagonistic effects that ruin it a bit.
  3. Sure it would be. This is a PVE game that's all about slaughtering hordes of enemies as fast as they can possibly spawn. It's in no way unhealthy or unbalanced to have a frame that can tank and slaughter. There are already plenty of examples in game of exactly that.
  4. We all know damn well that nothing is changing between the stream yesterday and it going live sometime this week.
  5. The 7 wukong mains will put an umbral forma on their wukong so they can fit all 3 maxed umbral mods. The rest of us know better.
  6. Umbral fiber on a frame with 225 base armor isn't worth the mod slot. You're better off using Adaptation.
  7. Keep in mind that primed reach is getting a huge nerf will melee 3.0 to provide a flat range boost rather than the current scaler increase.
  8. This looks suspect. There are so many questions. Let's start from the bottom. Passive: This is wildly inconsistent and unreliable. You can't expect any one of the 5 buffs to happen at any time with any degree of predictability and you only have 3 uses per mission. That means that longer missions will actually be detrimental to the kit as a whole. Most importantly, it doesn't affect how you build or play the frame in the slightest because it's so inconsistent and unreliable. Yes, you can get some nice crazy buffs out of it. But those buffs are fleeting and again totally unpredictable. Do your 3 charges reset if you die and revive or is it only 3 per mission total? Will monkey luck stack with desecrate or charm? Can heavenly cloak be nullified or broken by attacking? What's the point of any of these on-death buffs when Wukong's supposed to be a tank that is nearly impossible to kill in the first place? It sounds like your kit's not working if you ever have this triggered by anything other than self damage. I could understand if you made it similar to Nidus's Undying, with the rest of the kit fueling the death defying passive. That would be thematically appropriate and great imo. But this is disconnected from the entirety of his kit, artificially limited by a 3 count, and at worst totally random. Celestial Twin: This is a great concept, but leaves some questions with regards to how it will behave and interact with Wukong's other skills. Assuming that it's standard specter AI, it will likely have a very hard time using charge and alt fire mechanics on most weapons. Will it be able to handle glaives and gunblades? What happens to the clone when you use cloudwalker? Will the clone favor particular, functional combos while using Primal Fury(something that groups up enemies vs something that flings them into the distance)? Why does the clone use the staff at the same time as you if it's just going to be stealing combo hits and interfering with your melee by knocking enemies away? If I activate primal fury and then quick swap to a gun, is the clone gonna stay in primal fury, or will it swap to something else? Cloud Walker: Sounds like a decent buff, but there are some questions of what's going on under the hood. The demonstration GIF in the post shows literally nothing but the shortened animation. Are "dazed and paralyzed" enemies opened to stealth and finisher damage? Does the ability still have the aoe stagger effect when you leave it? How fast are we talking? Is it still going to drain ep/s and ep/meter? What happens to your clone while you're using this? What happens if you use this during Defy? Why no graphical improvement on this skill? While it's great that this skill is being brought up to snuff as far as stealth skills go, it shouldn't be done at the expense of his tanking skills. Thematically, Wukong is just about the best warrior ever. He's not a rogue or assassin. He should be able to stand toe to toe with anyone without relying on stealth. Defy: I'm not gonna argue that the old defy was amazing or whatever, but this new defy looks very underwhelming. It's functionally almost the same as the old Absorb, except you get an armor buff from it afterwards. Reflecting enemy damage back at them, or redirecting it with multipliers has never ever worked in this game because the enemy scaling is so out of whack. If enemies are dealing 50 damage per hit, but have 2 million health each, then no absorb and reflect skill is ever going to make for interesting or fun damage dealing. It'll feel weak, slow, and flimsy because it is. To add to that, an aoe taunt with a very limited duration invulnerability window is not going to work well or consistently given how AI controls targeting and attacking. You can be surrounded by 15 enemies, and at any moment no more than 3 or 4 of them are shooting. You can also taunt an enemy, and you'll move to the top of their target list just as they decide to go hide behind a box. The example GIF shows a 2 second cast time, during which you can't use any weapons and can only move at half speed. That's a very short window to absorb as much damage you can for the sake of fueling an aoe attack and bolstering your armor, though I'm sure it'll be affected by duration. But who wants to stand around for 6 seconds, not being able to do anything? Nyx requires minutes of absorption before she can deal half-decent damage to high-level enemies. 2 seconds is gonna make for a weak fart of an attack, meaning that entire aspect of the skill will be completely ignored by players. Then there are teammate effects that can over-ride the taunt. How will it play with an ally using guardian derision, or an assimilate nyx who always has elevated threat? How will the armor conversion rate work, how long will it last, and is it recastable while the armor buff is still active? Adaptation will significantly reduce the absorbed damage and therefore the armor gained and damage done by the skill. Since the damage return portion is a staff attack, will it scale with the melee combo counter? Is the damage return strictly a radial attack that will totally whiff enemies above and below the player? Primal Fury: You seem to want players swapping back and forth between their staff and their guns often, and have made numerous changes that reflect that. But, those changes ignore the fact that you can now instantly swap between exalted weapons and guns without deactivating the exalted weapon or losing your combo. The energy cost of activating it is lower, but the drain is higher. That's the opposite of what actual quick-swap gun and sword play requires. You want to activate the melee ability, leave it active so you don't lose the exalted melee combo counter, and use the quick swap function to fire your guns when needed. You don't want to waste time recasting and uncasting the exalted melee all the time, especially since you can get in and out of it by simply aiming or quick meleeing. This all applies to the staff range, as well. Since you don't need to deactivate the staff in order to shoot your guns, you never lose your combo and therefore never need to build the range up again. Setting the range of the staff to a constant "high end zaw" range makes it no longer interesting or unique. It's literally just another staff now, except it costs energy and can't use interesting mods like body count and blood rush. All of the other exalted melees do something unique, be it send out high-range waves or grant invincibility or absurd damage or whatever. While yes, redistributing his damage to include higher status chance for condition overload is great, it's not going to be an interesting ability if all it is is a standard staff (that also forces your clone to use a staff at the same time). A better option as far as range is concerned would be to uncap the range of the staff like that old fuzzy chinaframe video of Wukong on Draco with a 40m range staff tearing everything apart. Oh look, I found it: Allow the staff to reach mythical ranges with the help of the combo meter, and it'll be a fun time for everyone. Incentivize the player for keeping the staff active rather than constantly recasting, since it's draining your energy the whole time as is. Let the clone add to the combo counter and continue using the staff while you swap to your gun.
  9. So, cloud walker is based on the mythical cloud walking slippers that wukong has, but looks nothing like it. Functionally, it's alright, although desperately needs the proposed speed increase. Artistically, it would be awesome if it resembled the flying nimbus from Dragonball. Here's how I imagine it could be implemented. Use k-drive riding animations for Wukong's body. Apply translucence effect from Wisp's passive to make his body "invisible", but still visible to the player. Create the standard particle cloud at Wukong's feet, with an energy tail akin to weapon trails. It could even be done stylistically like Ōkami for some pretty effects. When cancelled, make the cloud pop/burst to the range of the stun effect. THIS IS NOT A CLEMING FIRST IMPRESSIONS POST, CLEMIT. QUIT AGGREGATING MY CLEM. CLEM!
  10. It's not hard to get, but you honestly cannot ever have enough polymer bundles. There are a ton of resources that you simply always need, all the time.
  11. You haven't been paying attention much lately, have you? That S#&$ has gone mainstream even in some "AAA" games.
  12. I have no desire to stream games from the cloud. I get bad enough latency streaming within my own house, using a steam link. Streaming from a server a couple states away is going to be awful. Maybe if Musk's satellite internet proves to be absurdly cheap and low latency, like they claim, then it may work half-decent. But even then, there's still the appeal of owning your own stuff, on your own hardware, in your own house, and not needing to be online to play.
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