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  1. Ya know, players have really missed the pre-mission squad combat dioramas ever since the landing craft loading screens were introduced. Maybe they could make a come back as part of the post-mission screen?
  2. Tacticals are pretty useless on a well-built railjack. It's usually a waste of time and resources to deploy tacticals when you can finish the job in less time by not bothering with them.
  3. There's a whole heck of a lot more to damage balancing than simply enemy armor values and turret damage. Half of the archguns are worthless because their projectiles are slower than archwings themselves and lack the range and damage types and status rates necessary to stack the only good status type in the mode. The same goes for RJ turrets that can't hit anything because their projectiles are simply way too slow. The totally unbalanced damage system you've created solely for RJ pretty much makes everything worthless save for 2 damage types that exist on a whopping 5-6 weapons. On top of that, people aren't even using turrets to kill fighters, since fighters are fairly flimsy against a well-equipped RJ with the right combat avionics. It's the crewships that are the problem, taking some 3-4 shots from the forward artillery in veil unless you happen to be using apoks, an archwing escort, rhino, or some combination thereof. If you're taking the time to preload a crewship with status procs from a gunner before hitting it with the artillery, then you may as well just board it and nuke it from within; it's faster and uses no resources. All but 1 archwing is worthless because enemy damage is scaled to the railjack, while archwing EHP is scaled for in-atmosphere combat. As a result, all archwings but amesha get one-shot by just about anything beyond saturn. Lastly, combat avionics are a big part of the whole weapon balancing question, and they're all way out of whack. Some avionics feel amazing at low level, only to become absolutely worthless in Veil, while others seem capable of scaling infinitely by their design and how they function. As a result, there's very little actual build choice when it comes to combat avionics.
  4. Why is there a 3 second cooldown on Operator mode? This isn't a relay. There should be no cooldown at all, just like normal missions everywhere else. You're pressed for time to do everything. You can't waste time standing around in operator mode, waiting for an arbitrary 3 second cooldown to finish so you can get back in your frame and do anything else. RNG wreckage stats are hot garbage. Seriously. It's despicable design that promotes unhealthy behavior and is unrewarding in the long run. The better your stuff gets, the more and more of your loot is going to be worthless junk. Rivens and Lich weapons were bad enough. It shouldn't be extended to what amounts to the Railjack equivalent of a warframe's base stats. Why are these RNG stats to begin with if they're 1 - not tradeable, 2 - limited in quantity (only ~30 tops), and 3 - negligibly different from basic researched items? What's the point of RNG Mk1 components that cost 2x as much as the researched Mk1 components, if the RNG variants are basically the same potency, take just as long to fix as to research, and are worse than all researched Mk2 variants? It's grind for the sake of grind, and it's not even linearly progressive! Refinement should happen automatically at the end of the mission. I'm sick of losing resources and the like because someone forgot. What's the point of special damage types for this? These damage types literally do the exact same things as other damage types in the rest of the game, you've simply changed the names and swapped the effects around. That's needlessly complicated and confusing and adds absolutely nothing to the enjoyment of the game. Also, did you know that all plasmas are ionic, by definition? Baseline railjack maneuverability, damage output, and durability are pathetic. You're better off departing and soloing the entire mission in your archwing. Archgun (and railjack turrets) damage is pitiful, even with rivens against light fighters that are comparable to archwing enemies, nevermind larger ships. Projectiles with flight speed is one thing (and in this case, the projectile speed is a little too low), but damage fall-off for a ballistic weapon in the vacuum of space is dumb. There's nothing to slow down the ballistic projectile, so where is its energy going? Speaking of enemies, where are all the archwing enemies? There are plenty of larger archwing ships that would fit in just fine in these battlefields, so why are they excluded? The avionics UI is muddled and confusing af. I accidentally scrapped a really good mod because I thought it was a crappy version of the same thing. All of the items look the same. There's not enough information available at a glance when looking at your collected mods. Why are there no indicators for current vs max possible rank on each mod, like you see at a glance with normal warframe and weapon mods? When viewing your collection, the numbers that denote a mods rank are pretty much identical to the numbers that denote how many copies of that mod you have. "Is that 8 copies of rank 0 hull fiber, or 1 rank 8 copy of a good version of hull fiber?" Can you guess how I accidentally destroyed my expensive, nice mod?! This is just a modding interface, so why is it such a pain in the butt to use? It's like you decided to re-invent the wheel with a "revolutionary" new square shape!!! Doesn't it look nice with those right angles and flat sides?! Where are all of the Railjack combat avionics? Not a single one has dropped anywhere on earth. Without any special abilities, the railjack may as well be a 50 foot sailboat, armed with nothing but a super soaker, being driven by oar power, on land, in a fight against M1A1 tanks and dudes on motorcycles with machine guns. Bugs... So many freakin bugs. Please don't leave this in this state for the next month. Scripts fail constantly, everything falls apart. The premise of being able to go mission to mission would be great if script failures didn't carry over and pile up into a total dumpster fire of bugs. Even worse is losing ALL of your accumulated loot from multiple missions because of bugs, or not returning to the dojo, or whatever.
  5. I really hate this crap. Unfortunately, I think DE's long-term solution to this is the new rendering engine they're putting together, which will separate materials from textures and put it into the processing, meaning they can sell materials palettes and you can set the material for each channel, a la Anthem. That's good and bad, because the accent channel on one item may be tiny, and appropriate for little metal bits, while another item may have a huge swath of "accent" that would look stupid as a metal. I dunno, though. This is mostly what I've heard through numerous grapevines. Hopefully, DE finally gets around to fixing this crap.
  6. The worst part is that the Randomize button is bound to some random keyboard button, meaning one slip up and your whole fashion frame is destroyed. Fix this plz.
  7. Guess I'll find someone else, if you're not even gonna acknowledge my request.
  8. So then what's the point of eating something to run pulverize? You're draining energy all the time, may as well just leave it as Pulverize draining energy.
  9. The mod Killing Blow doesn't apply to heavy slam attacks. Is that intended?
  10. Man, if players weren't burnt out on the kuva grind before this patch, they will be soon.
  11. The Enduring Affliction change is a real shame. It's removing a very unique, powerful, and very underrated effect from our mod toolkit in favor a really generic +status chance. I say allow it to extend the duration of all active status effects when striking a lifted target. It's already pretty easy to get high status chances on most weapons with ordinary status mods, and will be even more so with a buffed weeping wounds. Limiting Condition Overload to 3 potential procs really dumbs down a potentially very interesting mod. A single weapon will be able to max out the effect, with zero incentive to use your entire arsenal synergistically - no status loading secondaries, no crit melees with CO buffed by a gun, less incentive for speed holster type mods. Perhaps create a regressive bonus that provides a smaller and smaller bonus for each successive status effect, so that while it can be strong with simplistic builds, it can be a bit stronger for heavily invested, full-loadout builds. By regressive, I mean something like +80% for the first proc, +75% for the second, 70% for the third, etc. It'd bring down the maximum potential significantly, but would still permit the players to use the mod as a linchpin for their loadout if they choose. Maiming strike change sounds great. Nerf that S#&$ into the ground. Blood Rush change sounds questionable. Reach change is freakin awesome, so long as low-range melee weapons aren't capped in the number of enemies they can hit in a single swing (like some currently are).
  12. Eh, those meatball changes look kinda worrying. What sort of damage can you hope to do just bumping into enemies, and why would that require you to have fuel in your stomach to power it?
  13. You addressed exalted melees, but you didn't address semi-exalted weapons such as landslide and whipclaw. How are those going to be affected?
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