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  1. Baruuk has the same frustrating bs as Excal. He doesn't build a combo without making face to face contact with an enemy and yet all his little shockwaves knock enemies back. It also gets pretty boring spamming the exact same combo over and over, forever. So, yeah, he's a great tank. So is wukong.
  2. His ai is garbage. He will deactivate your exalted blade every time you use transference, even if just for an instant, even if you have a nice big melee combo built up.
  3. I sketched this out as a rough idea for my clan emblem. Do you guys think something colored along these lines could work? What sort of changes would you recommend?
  4. I've got a pretty fancy bed in my orbiter. It's made of supply crates with ostron rugs as blankets, tower meat as a pillow, stacked pedestal primes as the bed posts, and curved art displays as "fabric" slung between the posts. I even embedded a full ayatan sculpture in the middle of it so that it would have collision and you could sit in the bed. Let me see if I have a pic of it somewhere.
  5. People need to understand that augments are supposed to change how a kit works. It should have a dramatic effect on how you build and play a given frame. Slightly buffing the damage output of an ability with a whole bunch of hoops to jump through doesn't really qualify.
  6. The energy and emissive customization changes are awesome. However, we've been begging for separate color channels for helmets ever since tennogen was first created. Can we have at least a glimmer of hope that it will some day be a reality?
  7. You guys do realize that simply hitting someone with the globe cast such that they're forced into a wall will cause %hp finisher damage as fall damage? You can use it to kill literally any level enemy. Making the globe deal all it's current hp as damage is a far cry from that fall damage. Consider this: dealing some 50-100k damage would require numerous casts of multiple abilities and a significant amount of set up time. Other frames can do similar things with far less trouble (like rhino). Lastly, someone mentioned the 4 second absorb window as if it would throw the balance way off. First off, enemy damage scales significantly slower than enemy ehp. It's why any ability that uses enemy damage to hurt enemies is pretty much garbage for that purpose (chaos, shadows of the dead, absorb, etc). Second, it's not comparable to mass vitrify, since vitrify health scales off the health of trapped enemies, not their damage. Lastly, globe health is capped at something like a million hp. It takes a lot of casts to get there, and there are still plenty of ways in the game to deal more damage than that. If anything, this should be baseline, not an augment.
  8. I've been sitting at 90/90 rivens for over a year, and I don't even have rivens for all the things I'd like them for. What the heck am I going to do with archgun rivens?!
  9. Any news on the absurd levels of bullet sponge that the Wolf has? 40 minutes to kill a field boss is a little ridiculous.
  10. The wolf doesn't even wear them angled like that. They need to rest flush to the shin, not protruding like you're a 2 year old that dresses themselves.
  11. This has been an oft requested solution for a long standing problem. I don't understand why they're suddenly going ham with energy colors when all anyone has wanted was separate color channels for helmets.
  12. I'd rather they not. Mandatory band-aid mods suck.
  13. I'm amazed they added secondary energy channels for most items, but still have not added separately colored helmets. People have been begging for helmet colors for years.
  14. Boosting danse macabre (by holding fire to double drain and damage) causes nearby eidolon light pillars from enthrall to surge once every [PH]1 second, dealing [PH]100% of their potential overtime damage in a [PH]200% range aoe burst and will enthrall any cc'd enemy that survives the hit(up to the 7 thrall cap). This could be an augment or a change to his baseline kit. Either way I think it would add an interesting layer of synergy and power to some aspects of his kit that I think are a bit lacking. Namely: when thrall cc matters danse and pillar damage don't, and you can't actively enthrall while using the absurdly expensive danse. I don't feel it would amount to a press-4-to-win change, since you would still need to get enthrall rolling, and then you would need to use reave to maintain your Mesmer stacks and take out any bullet sponge enemies, all while dumping energy into danse like Disco is dying but you're gonna keep the dream alive. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Concerns?
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