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  1. TheDefenestrater

    Warframe on Nintendo Switch: ACCOUNT MIGRATION!

    What if I traded for all my plat? That's like saying I just threw away all of my tradeable inventory, with nothing to show for it. Do I need to spend all my plat before considering an account transfer?
  2. TheDefenestrater

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #224!

    TFW all of the "screenshot" winners have been thoroughly Photoshopped. Whatever happened to in-game tools only?
  3. TheDefenestrater

    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    Can we get an idea of how her 4 was changed before it hits? I'm sure there's probably not enough time to iterate on feedback before she goes live. But, it'd be nice to think about.
  4. Enemy pathing AI is still borked, especially on that awful uranus defense tile. Enemies are just standing in spawn rooms, walking aimlessly through random hallways, not proceeding towards the objective at all.
  5. The random buffs aren't properly applying to variants of gear. Prime frames frequently don't receive the +300% bonus strength. I haven't noticed if the prime weapons are properly getting the buffs, because I've only rolled terrible weapons that I threw away long ago, or terrible weapons that I still have for some reason, and yet weren't salvageable with both a riven and the buff. It would be nice if these buffs were sorted out to apply to entire weapon and warframe families, and to perhaps favor the items you actually own. There's no reason whatsoever why the buffs should specify a mk-1 braton and not the entire braton family. No one keeps gear like that, and attempting to encourage players to buy 500 weapon slots just so they can have a 6-forma build for every trash item that's been power-creeped into obscurity is just inconsiderate. The buffs are the only interesting part of the entire elite alert gameplay experience, and not only do they not work 90% of the time, but when they do actually manage to function, they're made superfluous by the awful drone mechanics. The drones don't really provide a challenge so much as an annoyance. They slow down the gameplay excessively by being immune to all warframe abilities themselves (including exalted weapons ffs!). They can be buffed by eximus and ancient units (making them damn near unkillable). And they're tiny, making certain weapons much better suited to killing them than others. They also frequently get stuck in spawn closets, forcing you to chase them down at the end of EVERY. SINGLE. ROUND. Since drones can be protected from damage by nullifier bubbles, while the nullifier is protected from everything by the drone, enemies can indiscriminately kill you with almost no possible recourse on your part. I never thought Defense could be so much slower than both interception AND survival. It is painfully slow. Ridiculously, boringly, painfully slow. This is in part due to the drones, and in part due to the terrible spawning and pathing. Spending 40 minutes just to finish rotation B is not alright. People have better things to do with their time. It was originally advertised as players having a single LIFE. Not lacking even so much as a bleedout state. Dying instantly to a stray bullet or freak occurrence such as a host migration is terrible and should not be something that completely ruins your run. Most of my deaths have been one-shot kills while I was under the effects of ancient healer auras and other durability buffs. They weren't even very high level enemies. I don't even die like that on Mot, where enemies deal 3x damage. Surviving Arby's alerts amounts to being permanently invincible or else get one-shot killed by something that's typically a load of crap. Making enemies arbitrarily immune to damage and all warframe abilities isn't fun gameplay, and it's certainly not creatively designed difficulty. Kril is a terriblly designed enemy. The nox is a very well designed enemy. The high-level encounters for end-game players should be more like the Nox, and less like Kril. Allow the drones to provide significant damage resistance for enemies, but not damage and ability immunity. Making literally everything on the map immune to your entire loadout until you kill a single floating pomeranian that's hidden under a crate in the next room over is absurd. Edit: The speed of gameplay may be due to a game-wide spawning and pathing bug that's slowing gameplay down significantly. If that gets patched this week, then I'll re-evaluate.
  6. Volt's shield is now blocking arca plasmor projectiles when it didn't before. If the projectile hits more than one shield, it stops. The shield is also still blocking Zenistar disc flames. Glaives seem fixed, though.
  7. TheDefenestrater

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #117!

    Wasn't there supposed to be a twitch drop? I watched the whole thing and there's no message in my inbox. Unless it went straight to inventory (which last nights did not) then I think it didn't go through.
  8. TheDefenestrater

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    Oh god, I loved the halloween event. That was so much fun.
  9. TheDefenestrater

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    Riven prices continue to inflate to absurd levels. Some mods are trading at over 50k plat. At the same time, Riven disposition adjustments are long overdue. Are there any thoughts or plans to address this? Chroma is awful in his current state. There's currently a "chroma needs a rework" thread that's well over 30 pages, and new threads are popping up every day on both the forums and on Reddit. Are you going to give the players what they want or is the official word still "no rework planned at this time"? We've seen clumsy k-drive demos like 5 times now. Unless it's suddenly as polished as Tony Hawks Pro Skater, do we really need to see it? There's got to be some other enticing content you can show us regarding fortuna. How about some of the many forgotten projects like the kingpin system, drivable vehicles like that corpus rover, the big thumper bot that was shown for the plains of eidolon, sentient arm cannons and tileset, Garuda, melee 3.0, zephyr deluxe, plans for the archwing rework, etc? Given that archwing will inevitably get at least a minor pass in preparation for the space battle stuff, can I suggest that parkour be integrated into the system? It never made much sense to me that your arms and legs are flailing about, yet you can't make use of them to grab or kick off walls or anything of the sort. We can fall from any height without getting hurt, so why not put those super legs to work in maneuvering through archwing corridors at high speed?
  10. TheDefenestrater

    Chroma needs a rework

    Revenant's actually not half bad. He just has some quirky anti-synergies that are sorta dumb.
  11. TheDefenestrater

    Chroma needs a rework

    Dammit mods, this should have been left as it's own post. It's awesome. The only thing I'd change would be the guided effigy augment. Since recasting would move the effigy anyways, you may as well give the augment a totally new function. I'd suggest letting the effigy use hyena or kubrow pathing to freely follow the player around while active, and to have it leave a trail of elemental damage as it goes, a la nezha's firewalker.
  12. TheDefenestrater

    Chroma Prime Access Available Now!

    No rework? My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
  13. TheDefenestrater

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.7.0

    Isn't khora's new augment a little redundant? "Damage ability now does more damage when used to damage things!" It was already capable of destroying things when used in combo with her 2 and 4, and it already scaled off of the combo counter. So, what's the point?
  14. TheDefenestrater

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    latest feedback with the recent play-tested changes: 1 - Enthrall is still mostly useless since it's only redeeming effect is the pillars of damaging light (that are exactly like hallowed reckoning - a very bad augment). The only situation in which those are worth anything is when you're managing a choke point in a survival mission (just like hallowed reckoning), because there's no other way that the pillars will damage anything given their very short base range. Even if the pillars do damage anything, they do very little damage and don't last very long at all, meaning they're expensive to upkeep and aren't viable sustained damage (thanks, armor scaling). Increasing the thrall cap to 7 doesn't actually help for anything other than solo play, since the spreading mechanic takes so long, and all the thralls get killed before you'll ever reach that cap. So to recap: thralls don't do any bonus damage over other enemies (enemy on enemy damage is awful, given their scaling), thralls don't survive long enough to actually reach thrall cap, and the light pillars don't do half-decent damage, given their short range and life-span. I suggest making the enthrallment spread effect be tied to damage from the pillars of light. That way, the player and their allies can kill all the thralls as fast as they want, and the pillars of light will serve to spread the enthrallment. So, you enthrall a dude, he gets killed immediately, creating a pillar of light. You've boosted the base range by 1m, and modded your frame for 145% range, so the pillar will hit any enemies within 4.5m with negligible damage and enthrall the damaged enemies. If those enemies die, it'll create new pillars, thus spreading the potential enthrallment farther and farther out. You'll be at thrall cap fairly quickly, and will likely stay at cap until your duration ends, while dealing damage all over the place and sowing a bunch of general chaos. This would also provide great DPS synergy with Danse Macabre, since enemies touching the light pillars will get converted, danse macabre will status proc and hopefully kill them, and Revenant will generate both more pillars and over-shield drops. This works on bosses, for some reason. Option 2: make the eidolon shards that encircle the thralls provide mods for the thralls weapon. It can be a semi-exalted weapon, taking primary mods which would boost whatever weapon the thralls have. The thralls would need to be invulnerable to everything but the revenant's weapons and danse macabre damage, so that allies don't kill them before they can be of some use. This would significantly de-emphasize the pillars, but would make the thralls do pretty decent damage once you've given them a bunch of crit and status on their weapons. 2 - Mesmer skin's cloud and smoke effects are really obnoxious. He's like Pigpen from Peanuts. For a second I thought a helicopter was trying to land on my head, then I realized I simply had a hygiene problem. The ethereal tentacles that stick up out of his shoulder are a very cool effect, and do a decent job of indicating that you still have charges left. They'd be more visible on his right shoulder, the one that's right in front of the player, and not blocked from sight by his head and syandana. The smoke and the dust clouds on the other hand are extremely distracting. I say more ghost tentacles, less smoke. The ability still has problems with various damage types punching through it (including self damage and AOEs in general), and not being able to recast it is a bit of a bear. I have noticed many high-level enemies can one-shot you straight through mesmer skin, when you have max charges and full health and shields. This is a problem. The cast time is extremely long, even with speed drift or natural talent. 3 - Reave's new effects look fantastic. Good job there. The ability is still significantly held back by the limitations of enthrall, overall energy economy, and it feels just as clunky as Tidal Surge. Without a bunch of enthralled enemies to hit, the ability does terrible damage and healing. Hitting thralls just doesn't happen, as it's impossible to get a large thrall army going with a bunch of allies killing them all. It doesn't even seem to be effective against special bullet-sponge enemies, such as kuva flood pyrus carriers (totally immune). Although, it is somewhat effective against battalysts and conculysts, even if it does take about 6 hits to kills them (their health gates are affecting it, it seems). It doesn't make much sense that the 1-3 combo doesn't work at all on bosses or high-value targets, considering it's otherwise useless vs trash mobs. It would be nice to have an energy cost discount when Danse Macabre is active and the energy drain of danse macabre should pause while reave is active, since danse macabre isn't dealing any damage during the reave. The only advantage of casting reave during danse macabre is that you can avoid the stupid wind-up casting animation for both abilities, effectively letting you move faster from room to room than stopping the cast, bullet jumping, and restarting it again. It doesn't even recharge your Mesmer Skin (which would again be a really nice synergy that would allow you to stay in Danse longer while absorbing more damage from enemies). In terms of the clunkiness, it would be really nice if it functioned more like a very high-speed Cloud Walker, with the limitation that you can't jump off the ground, and that it's a set duration. This would allow you to circle around and hit the same target multiple times, if you wanted to. The casting delay at the start of the ability is really unnecessary, and makes aiming it much harder. The cast goes whichever direction your frame is facing when you start the animation rather than towards where you're aiming at the end of the casting delay (or even where you're aiming at the start, for that matter). That means you end up going off in random directions rather than at your often-moving target. The only time it goes where you want it to is when it's cast during Danse Macabre. 4 - Danse Macabre is still the same as it was before. It does middling damage, has a very silly animation, and it's extremely limited by line-of-sight, intentionally clunky casting animations, and slow movement speed, making you rely on Reave in order actually hit everything. Meanwhile, Reave is too expensive to use while Dansing. If you DO use reave, it's really clunky to aim and control - just like Tidal Surge. The energy cost is now absurd, yet it doesn't change the fact that it's the only ability he has worth building around. (Why the heck can you mod the radius of the laser beams?!) The damage absorb and reflect mechanic built into Danse Macabre is a non-factor for the damage the ability is able to do thanks to how enemy damage and EHP scaling are significantly disproportionate to each other and you can't recaste your mesmer skin for protection during danse macabre anyways. Trying to take damage to fuel your damage will just get you killed. The status chance seems to be the most significant factor, and that's not moddable and doesn't affect a whole litany of enemies, including sentient fighters (someone you'd expect the ability to be especially effective against, given that it's supposed to change damage types based on enemy defenses). To be perfectly honest, Mirage's Prism looks more like an eidolon ability than Danse Macabre does. If Revenant's Danse Macabre was a ball of light that he put up over his head, and it just followed him around while he could run and gun, it would be significantly better given the extreme limitations on Reave and Enthrall.
  15. TheDefenestrater

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    My take: His passive is ok-ish. It doesn't make sense though when his reap is supposed to give you overshields and you skin is supposed to stop basically everything. Why would you want to let you shields drop? If you're in a crowd, it can give you a small window to recast your skin, but it seems an unreliable crutch. 1st skill is worthless given how slow it is to apply and how limited it is. Long cast, expensive (without the skin synergy that is), and a max thrall cap that's way too low. The cc effect is negligible compared to an aoe radiation gun such as the new phantasma or maybe the arca plasmor. If you rely on only a single cast to reach max thralls (a whopping 4), you could be waiting 10 or more seconds assuming the thrall survives that long. The damage from the effect is also garbage, including the lights they leave behind on death. Having enemies attack each other has never been worthwhile damage given the disparity between armor and damage scaling. The ground effect is functionally exactly like oberon's hallowed reckoning - a universally shunned augment. If anything is to change, there needs to be a much higher cap on thralls, they need to do boosted damage, and the little light effects need to stick around longer, deal scaling damage based on enemy ehp, and be larger. Building around his 1 needs to be a valid alternative to his 4. The mesmer skin is alright. There are times when damage penetrates the shield, times when it doesn't, and nothing to indicate why. The visual for the skin is a little too subtle. There's no visual indicator of the charges remaining, and it's possible to run out without even noticing the smoke effect fading away. It also has an absurdly long cast time. The reap or whatever it's called is really bad. The effects look awful. The energy cost is really high. The cast time is really long. The movement is totally uncontrollable. It's a total copy pasta of Hydroid's tidal surge, including all of its problems (like running into a wall for a full second). I would prefer a duration-based, fast-moving cloud walker (from wukong) that remains stuck on the ground (no jumping, but castable in the air, able to be cancelled early with weapon attacks). The healing and damage it does seems totally negligible given that there are only a max of 4 thralls, and they're likely already dead. Danse macabre is a really boring ability. It's really strong. But it's really boring. It's world on fire, without the mobility or the synergy with accelerant or certain melee weapons. It's the old bladestorm, except you get light-induced seizures instead of motion sickness. The effect looks absolutely ridiculous. I kinda thought you guys were joking when you first demo'd it. I was expecting the laser show to come from the floating ball that the eidolons launch into the air, not from his arm while he does who knows what with his whole body. If he launched a laser light ball that followed him (like mirage's prism, but following like a sentinel), then he could do other things while the damage is going out (such as make new thralls to kill to create more light spots and thus do more damage). Instead, we got "this is my life now." Overall he's really boring. 3/4th of his kit doesn't work like it's supposed to. 1/4th is overpowered but boring. All of his abilities have casting times that are far too long. Most of his kit doesn't work at all when murderous allies are around (basically always).