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  1. The random buffs aren't properly applying to variants of gear. Prime frames frequently don't receive the +300% bonus strength. I haven't noticed if the prime weapons are properly getting the buffs, because I've only rolled terrible weapons that I threw away long ago, or terrible weapons that I still have for some reason, and yet weren't salvageable with both a riven and the buff. It would be nice if these buffs were sorted out to apply to entire weapon and warframe families, and to perhaps favor the items you actually own. There's no reason whatsoever why the buffs should specify a mk-1 braton and not the entire braton family. No one keeps gear like that, and attempting to encourage players to buy 500 weapon slots just so they can have a 6-forma build for every trash item that's been power-creeped into obscurity is just inconsiderate. The buffs are the only interesting part of the entire elite alert gameplay experience, and not only do they not work 90% of the time, but when they do actually manage to function, they're made superfluous by the awful drone mechanics. The drones don't really provide a challenge so much as an annoyance. They slow down the gameplay excessively by being immune to all warframe abilities themselves (including exalted weapons ffs!). They can be buffed by eximus and ancient units (making them damn near unkillable). And they're tiny, making certain weapons much better suited to killing them than others. They also frequently get stuck in spawn closets, forcing you to chase them down at the end of EVERY. SINGLE. ROUND. Since drones can be protected from damage by nullifier bubbles, while the nullifier is protected from everything by the drone, enemies can indiscriminately kill you with almost no possible recourse on your part. I never thought Defense could be so much slower than both interception AND survival. It is painfully slow. Ridiculously, boringly, painfully slow. This is in part due to the drones, and in part due to the terrible spawning and pathing. Spending 40 minutes just to finish rotation B is not alright. People have better things to do with their time. It was originally advertised as players having a single LIFE. Not lacking even so much as a bleedout state. Dying instantly to a stray bullet or freak occurrence such as a host migration is terrible and should not be something that completely ruins your run. Most of my deaths have been one-shot kills while I was under the effects of ancient healer auras and other durability buffs. They weren't even very high level enemies. I don't even die like that on Mot, where enemies deal 3x damage. Surviving Arby's alerts amounts to being permanently invincible or else get one-shot killed by something that's typically a load of crap. Making enemies arbitrarily immune to damage and all warframe abilities isn't fun gameplay, and it's certainly not creatively designed difficulty. Kril is a terriblly designed enemy. The nox is a very well designed enemy. The high-level encounters for end-game players should be more like the Nox, and less like Kril. Allow the drones to provide significant damage resistance for enemies, but not damage and ability immunity. Making literally everything on the map immune to your entire loadout until you kill a single floating pomeranian that's hidden under a crate in the next room over is absurd. Edit: The speed of gameplay may be due to a game-wide spawning and pathing bug that's slowing gameplay down significantly. If that gets patched this week, then I'll re-evaluate.
  2. TheDefenestrater

    Operators suits need to be reverted.

    I'm pretty disappointed by the changes. These are the problems as I see them: A lot of hood components were moved to the chest slot, includiong parts of Varida, and Vahd. Meanwhile other hood components were made to dangle freely as physics objects, like the Koppra. This makes previous combinations of parts look very bad with significant clipping and mismatched colors. All of the flappy chest parts are still part of the chest piece, and were not moved to the waistband slot, where they would have been much more flexible. Currently the only items on the waistband slot are the Koppra components. All of the Quill cuirasses could have had their floppy waist bits moved to the waistband slot. The Manduka could also possibly be moved there, where it may solve a lot of it's clipping issues. Some of the pants portions appear to have taken large chunks of the pantsless model and texture, namely the Zauba, Vahd, and somewhat the Varida. They look a bit like as$less chaps. Many of the pants look substantially better, though, especially the Ceno. The sleeves look fantastic. I've got no complaints there.
  3. Volt's shield is now blocking arca plasmor projectiles when it didn't before. If the projectile hits more than one shield, it stops. The shield is also still blocking Zenistar disc flames. Glaives seem fixed, though.
  4. TheDefenestrater

    The Overhyping of Baro's 100th

    Who's to blame for over-hyping No Man's Sky? The players or the devs?
  5. TheDefenestrater

    Baro's 100th Visit Discussion

    Eh, all in all it's a high-quality Baro week, with multiple new cosmetics and primed mods. But, nothing in it feels really "special". It's very good, just not very special. I think the only fault is that the community talked about this for like 2 weeks, hyping themselves up for it, and DE even climbed aboard the hype train saying "he'll have something special!" This happens all the time. Over-hype something, and everyone's bound to feel disappointed.
  6. TheDefenestrater

    Content Drought Discussion

    I don't remember anyone requesting for Saryn to get infinitely scaling aoe damage. People wanted her buggy quirks with weapon synergies fixed, not completely trivialized. It didn't help that the changes came just in time for ESO - a game mode that was supposed to put all the veteran loadouts to the test, but ended up being nothing more than the Saryn show. I think that's the mentality that a lot of people don't realize they have. People are excited about what warframe can become if given enough time, but they're really bored with what's currently here. No one logs in thinking "I'm so excited to speed run 30 relics on trivial missions that take a minute each!"
  7. TheDefenestrater

    Content Drought Discussion

    You gotta go back further to understand what the vets are complaining about. Content updates with weekend or week-long events, tactical alerts, new weapons, new enemies, etc used to happen on almost a monthly basis. They were extremely frequent and they weren't rehashes of the same thing over and over. It was a constant stream of little bits and pieces of interesting new things to toy with, and they were somewhat hit or miss (a good thing). DE's more recent development cycle has been comprised of building up a huge load of pressure and then taking a massive content dump once a year. God help you if you don't like this years content dump, because it's what you'll be stuck with for the next 8-12 months. Their one new event for this entire year, the pyrus project, is the worst event anyone can remember, resembling less a community event and more a limited-time mini quest comprised entirely of farming existing content and waiting on foundry timers. Vets are getting pissed because they have long enough memories to know that DE can produce much better stuff than what we've seen this year. Moreover, vets care a lot about how the game develops, because they enjoy it a great deal and have invested a lot of time and money into it. They want to continue enjoying the game, and they'd like to see it continue to grow and evolve into something awesome. So, their growing boredom due to the lack of decent content, combined with people in the community telling vets to literally stop playing the game (which will significantly hurt the game through loss of players, content creators, exposure, sales, in-game market health, etc), as well as a bunch of DE apologists continually crying "nothing's wrong, it's free!" (a longstanding group of completely dim-witted, brown-nosing, worthless wastes of oxygen who refuse to engage in constructive discourse for the improvement of the game) has made a lot of vets snap. Vets are sick of the bull crap. The content drought is simply the straw that broke the camels back.
  8. TheDefenestrater

    Before Railjack comes, can we PLEASE have a thorough archwing overhaul?

    The only changes they've shown lately have been changes to the archwing launcher. It will be instant, accessible via hotkey, even while in midair, and infinitely reusable. Other than that, they've given no hints about what they intend to make archwing into.
  9. TheDefenestrater

    Before Railjack comes, can we PLEASE have a thorough archwing overhaul?

    As awesome as on-foot archguns can be, I highly doubt they will significantly change the way we play the game. That feature is more on par with the sword alone update. Archwing itself has the potential to be far more than that, especially within the scope of railjack and open world maps.
  10. TheDefenestrater

    Before Railjack comes, can we PLEASE have a thorough archwing overhaul?

    Right, "alongside" is the key word there. Any changes DE makes to archwing will significantly affect the design of railjack - a new system built on top of an existing system. IMO, they should have archwing changes locked down pretty well before pushing forward too fast with railjack. What better time for players to express their opinions on the current state of things than in the early planning stages?
  11. Railjack looks alright so far. Conceptually, it's great, and I remember suggesting something quite like it a long time ago on a content concept solicitation thread on the main forums. I wasn't the only one. However, there are a ton of problems with flight that will make the whole concept dead in the water if they're not addressed before railjack goes live. These are some aspects of archwing that I find absolutely infuriating, incomprehensibly dumb, un-fun, or a combination of all 3. They're in no particular order. Using an archwing dispels most warframe buffs You're still able to be given buffs from your nearby allies, but god forbid you're using a frame that has a significant build up time or energy investiture for your personal buffs. Roar can affect allies who are in archwing, and isn't dispelled. Ironskin is dispelled though, even though it's been proven that the anti-air missiles used by enemies will function through damage invulnerabilities such as benevolent decoy, energy field, and covenant. Meanwhile, damage reduction abilities such as Halo and Splinter Storm don't get dispelled. Given that archwing will be hotkey accessible instantly, and entering and leaving it frequently will be encouraged, it needs to not dispel any frame buffs. My legs and arms are flailing about, useless, as I crash face first into walls. The parkour system in warframe is pretty good. It's not perfect (why can't I wall cling to steep cliff faces in POE?), but it's pretty good. Why is it not integrated at all into archwing? A 180lb humans terminal velocity is about 122mph; an 800lb warframe would be significantly faster. And yet, warframes can fall from seemingly any height without sustaining damage. So, why can't they put out a leg and kick off a wall while rocketeering around? In my mind, I feel like archwing movement should feel as smooth as Spiderman - zip around, melee a couple enemies, sprint towards a wall, run along it, stop at the edge, snipe some dude off in the distance, then rocket off in another direction. The only time I've noticed the slightest semblance of clinging to a wall is when trying to stop yourself from smacking directly into it by holding down. Rather than smoothly kick off it and change direction instantly, you get this little hitch where you seem to enter some slow-mo, scripted, let-me-gently-alight-on-this-ledge animation that seems to tractor-beam you into the wall, even if you were on the cusp of avoiding it entirely. It's actually faster to just smash face first into the wall at full speed without braking at all. Yeah, it'll hurt a bit. But that's what 6 revives per mission are for. Speaking of which... Why does it hurt so much to run into things? Like I said before, you can fall for miles in your warframe and you'll be perfectly fine. My warframe needs to be smarter about contacting surfaces in the environment, and it shouldn't hurt. You "fixed" this with titania (although melee still hurts, from what I've heard), this should be extended to actual archwings as well. Why do wispy shrubs and foliage have such insurmountable collision? This isn't just an archwing problem. It applies to anything that wants to go fast. Operator dashes, frame charge abilities, etc. The most minute twig stops you dead in your tracks on POE. This is obnoxious, especially when you consider that you can shoot and parkour straight through the obstruction. Make up your minds between arcade-style and sim-style controls. Currently we have 6 degrees of freedom like a sim, as well as conservation of momentum, like a sim. However, the conservation of momentum is only on the Y-axis, you can't strafe with any degree of speed or perform side slips, and there's 0 reason to make use of the full 6 DOF flight since everything is vertically (dis)oriented with a universal "up". The player experiences totally different flight systems depending on what mission they're in. Get rid of the obnoxious forwards-only momentum and allow players to actually apply full thrust in any direction. The "classic" controls are a little closer to this, yet they are janky in requiring you to do certain movements before you can do others, like afterburn forwards before you can afterburn straight to the side. They also completely lack the proper animations for most possible movements, such as shooting while strafing. I still can't figure out how to do rolls and ascending and descending dodges when using a gamepad. As far as I can tell, it's simply impossible. How do console players live with that? Players need to be able to customize their gamepad keybinds for archwing controls. I can customize my gamepad keybinds for Frame Fighter FFS. I should be able to do the same for a core game system like archwing. We've still got a 2-d map in 3-d environments. I'm pretty sure Descent got this right some 20 years ago. The map needs significant improvements to actually help the player orient themselves in a 6-DOF environment. There's no artificial horizon or compass on your hud, and your radar does a terrible job of telling you what's above vs below you. Archwing loot vacuum is astonishingly inconsistent and unreliable. In archwing-only missions, you have an innate vacuum that covers a decent range. However, it only seems to trigger if you stop moving for a moment. This is a PITA given the aforementioned forwards momentum. Meanwhile, archwings have no innate loot vacuum while in POE. They also disable your companions while you're using them, meaning your sentinel or chesa can't fill in, or provide any of their other benefits. Give archwing consistent, innate vacuum in all mission types that is as active as sentinel vacuum. I shouldn't have to back track because I didn't slow down enough for vacuum to trigger. Why are all the archwing maps laid out just like regular hallway maps? What's the point of flying if every successive tile is laid out horizontally and is horizontally adjacent to the previous tile? If I could run through the environment just as well, then what's the point? JV stage 1 was about the only map I can think of that felt like you actually were making use of flight to do fly-y things, flying through somewhat cork-screwy tunnels and then flying straight up through the big pinwheel thing. Flight isn't just a replacement for walking everywhere; it's a totally different paradigm for movement. The promises of the Kuva Fortress are still unfulfilled. Why is this an archwing tileset? Sharkwing is awful. Maybe it's because the movement system is unique for every possible archwing environment, and sharkwing is simply the least used. The truth is that sharkwing is way too slow and the environments just feel too claustrophobic and small to do the concept justice. Honestly though, I feel like sharkwing should feel more like SeaQuest and less like Alvin the submersible. The re-orient-to-universal-up function is horrendously slow and pointless. It takes about 1 second to get out of vertical. It takes about 20-30 to get back to it. If there's going to be a re-orient-to-reference function, then it needs to be snappy. Allow it to be used to snap orient to nearby surfaces and you'll get some really cool perspectives of what can happen with 6DOF.
  12. TheDefenestrater

    Didn't receive DevStream 117's Relic Pack Twitch Drop

    I don't think they've EVER done that before. Also, I'm not sure they're actually capable of doing that, given that they can't even give you a reward that didn't go through, since they can't actually verify you were watching.
  13. TheDefenestrater

    Hoverboard Speed, Trick difficulty and Handling

    A bit of a jumbled mess but I think I get the gist of what you're saying. Having the ability to just crank up your speed if you don't care about tricks would be a great utility, and would actually make them worth using for travel (cuz they're pretty freakin slow at the moment). Maybe just give them an afterburner like archwings have? Also, they absolutely need to be able to ride on walls.
  14. TheDefenestrater

    Hoverboard Racing issues noticed

    I'm for it! What good is a hoverboard if you can't make an impromptu berm out of literally anything?
  15. TheDefenestrater

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #117!

    Wasn't there supposed to be a twitch drop? I watched the whole thing and there's no message in my inbox. Unless it went straight to inventory (which last nights did not) then I think it didn't go through.