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  1. I understand the desire to visually customize the blade, but making it an entire sword kinda ruins the whole energy blade concept. A hilt is just the guard, grip, and pommel, like Excal Prime's EB hilt (haven't seen if it's changed with U23 or not). Can we shorten these things so that they're just hilts and the energy blade is able to stand out a bit better?
  2. TheDefenestrater

    [PC] Update 23: General Feedback Megathread

    I really hate how Umbra's passive works. It gets in the way far more so than it feels like a tag team operation. For starters, my excal build uses surging dash, chromatic blade, and naramon all together. It works, it's fun and it's effective. As soon as I activate Operator mode, though, the Umbra specter deactivates EB, dumping the combo meter back to 0. He also runs standard specter weapons AI, which is simply awful. I've watched him shoot at far away enemies with the plasmor rather than swapping to his baller sicarus prime or even closing the distance. Why would I want any of my frames being controlled by the AI if they'll tend to make very stupid decisions that will get me killed? I may only be in operator mode for 2 seconds, and the frame will completely fubar everything. If I had an Umbra Nidus with a parasitic link keeping me alive, or a dual-augment Rhino with a monsterous 100k+ ironskin, he'd likely dump the buff the second I transferred. Next, transferring back into the frame from operator is simply awful. The player is teleported TO THE FRAME, rather than vice versa, like every other frame in the game. The camera even gets completely discombobulated while it tries to figure out which way umbra is facing, which way the player wants to face, and which way is magnetic north. The camera picks one of those at random, and that's the direction you end up facing. There are a few huge problems with this. For one, moving the player to the frame is a penalty for bad play with every other frame in the game. Why is that penalty a feature for Umbra? Secondly, the effect is actually disorienting for the player, far more so than the stupid Grineer Captain's cheesy swap teleport stun. Lastly, Umbra gets themselves killed way too easily. The AI simply isn't capable of doing what players can do, combat wise. Combined with being moved to where ever the frame ran off to die, and it's just all around not fun. It's like playing an escort quest where the AI is intentionally trying to get you both killed. I feel like the only way this thing could actually work well and feel fun is if there is either severe limitations put in place for the AI, specific to each Umbra frame such that they don't do really dumb things (like slash dash off a cliff and instantly die), or if the AI is absurdly advanced and learns to play like the player them self plays.
  3. TheDefenestrater

    A most Peculiar workshop.

    Will these be tradeable? It wouldn't make them much of a representation of skill if anyone can buy them for 5p each.
  4. TheDefenestrater


    Having watched the latest dev stream, khora doesn't look half as exciting as she did before, mostly because her 4 looks so underwhelming and the rest of her kit doesn't really stand out. She also seems to be more about bdsm and less about being the crazy space-cat lady. Her 1 looks excessively like landslide, even down to it dealing bonus damage to enemies caught in her cc (just like landslide dealing bonus damage to petrified enemies). It has the same basic effects as landslide, but doesn't appear to have any of the benefits: invulnerability window, rubble, a degree of mobility, etc. Will it scale with rivens and the combo counter just like landslide does? How will she handle not dying while trying to whip anyone and everyone? Will there be some passive mechanic associated with it? Her 2 is a unique-ish cc (kind of a cross between Inaros's dance party and Harrow's chains). It appears to operate very slowly, though, as far as spreading and entrapping new targets goes. The slowness will negatively affect her damage and her survivability if she has to stand around waiting on enemies to get finally ensnared before whipping them. Given that it's a hard cc with a weak vortex effect, how will it interact with other hard CCs? Will Bastille or avalanche completely prevent it from spreading? This also works rather similarly to Atlas's petrify, except it's not half as snappy. The latest demo of the kavat summon was pretty bare-boned and didn't actually show anything going on with the ai selection (offense, defense, heal). This is a lot more passive on the player's part compared to the directed attacks from the last time khora was shown. The kavat just seemed to disappear into the fray like any ordinary kavat would. This may need a lot of play testing to find the appeal, but as of now it just looks like an ordinary pet that costs energy. Her 4 looks pretty bad, though it is admittedly still undergoing a lot of code revisions. Conceptually, it doesn't seem to offer anything different from Bastille, apart from a small damage boost to Khora's 1. It's completely redundant with her 2.
  5. TheDefenestrater

    Warframes and Abilities to be Nerfed

    LoL I guess that's not a bad place to start when talking about the absolute limits of a frame. Seriously though, most frames can go well beyond lvl 200 without much trouble. These frames you guys are whining about are fine. Nova in particular is pretty well balanced and fun, and also probably misused by a lot of bad players just like Limbo is.
  6. TheDefenestrater

    Update 22.12.0: Warframe Changes Feedback Megathread

    Zephyr's 2 and 4 actually have anti-synergy. While her 2 will make tornadoes larger, allowing them to deal damage over a larger area (maybe? it's hard to tell in testing), her 2 will ALSO knock enemies away from the tornadoes. Scattering enemies is the last thing Zephyr wants when it comes to hurting them with tornadoes. She wants enemies neatly stacked up on top of each other, so she can drop a big fat nuke right on their collective heads.
  7. TheDefenestrater

    Chroma is utterly underwhelming...

    That's not possible. You can't join sortie missions without a lvl 30 frame. Floods, on the other hand, have no such restriction. I wouldn't call redundancy synergy. Both skills do essentially the same thing in slightly different ways. Crap ehp boost with crap AOE damage aura vs slightly less crap ehp boost with tiny gun damage boost aura. There are far better examples of synergy in the game that don't amount to "do the same thing, but differently".
  8. TheDefenestrater

    Mortifer warframe

    Yeah, it was. But imagine trying to get a specific spell by randomly shuffling your element order with a single button.
  9. TheDefenestrater

    Mortifer warframe

    Oh god, you're right. It'd be awful.
  10. TheDefenestrater

    For those having trouble with Plague Star

    I keep seeing people bring frames to this fight that are completely worthless, and then they complain that it's hard. Ash, Atlas, Banshee, Excal, Gara, Hydroid, Inaros, Ivara, Limbo, Mag, Mesa, Nezha, Nidus, Nyx, Saryn, Valkyr, Vauban, and Wukong, are for the most part pretty darn useless here, some far more so than others. People should be bringing frames that specialize in buffing weapon damage and debuffing enemies to make them more vulnerable. Yeah, there are places for some weird frames in premade groups who coordinate their abilities to produce sick damage bursts. But when it comes to pubs, people should bring something that doesn't need some special magic sauce in order to be half effective. Loki can be great for speeding up the stupid drone escort. But he's pretty worthless on the hemocyte fight itself.
  11. TheDefenestrater

    Mortifer warframe

    Uh... you realize there are 256 possible combinations in that little 4-base chain?
  12. TheDefenestrater

    Chroma Prime or Limbo Prime?

    Stasis also turns off my zenistar, locking me out of half of my melee. The entire premise sucks.
  13. TheDefenestrater

    Chroma Prime or Limbo Prime?

    Honestly, it doesn't matter who comes first. They both need significant retooling of their kits since Limbo sucks the fun out of teams, and Chroma is just a sad sot at the moment. Personally, I'd prefer Chroma next, since I used to like him a lot. But at the same time, I'd rather hold off on him, since the next prime is coming right about the same time as tennocon, so whoever it is won't get very much attention as far as kit reworks go.
  14. TheDefenestrater

    Chroma is utterly underwhelming...

    Good luck with that. Ice chroma tops out at like a quarter of the EHP that heat chroma can get. Heat beats Ice now, by a huge margin.
  15. I've bought well over a weeks worth of syndicate relic packs, including a ton of medallions worth of rep on day one, and I have yet to get a single Neo Z1 relic from them. WTF is going on?