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  1. Shrine of the Eidolon: Zephyr Prime 22.16.4

    I am so sick of farming wisps and gems.
  2. New arcane system why bother other than energize

    As nice as energize is, it's not useful on a number of frames and builds. 2x is overkill on most builds. There's a lot of fun to be had with arcanes like avenger, fury, grace, guardian, aegis, etc.

    Who cares if everyone and their mother gets the badge? I had over 400 raids under my belt. Plenty of people had way more. Jackanapes who got carried through a single raid also got the badge because they heard about it and decided they needed it for fashion. It's not a commendation for raiders. It's a participation trophy for graduating kindergarten.
  4. All other exodias trigger with exalted weapons. Even Exodia Brave will trigger, but has no effect through channeled abilities. Epidemic is not working. It will create the graphic projectile, but it has no effect on enemies. The Zaw's energy color in this video is red, to distinguish the effect from Excal's abilities which are blue.
  5. DE, I think I can live without Prime Trailers.

    Except they're replacing the cool lore bits that were a part of prime frame codex entries, like Ember and Rhino. The only trailer that comes close to matching those codex entries is Mirage's. If they were in the game itself and accessible through the codex once you built said frame, then they'd be great. As they are, they're just glorified commercials only viewable on Youtube.
  6. Would you guys play the new raid/s?

    I love raids in pretty much all online games I've played. I am already starting to miss LoR and JV and I'm considering reinstalling WoW because of it. I would absolutely play raids if they came back.
  7. Riven rolling feels like GAMBLING

    RNG loot systems are gambling. It's psychology in game design 101. Rivens are especially stacked with excessive RNG.
  8. Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    Are there any plans to change riven transmuters into something that's not such a raw deal for the player? Perhaps let them be used to lock a particular stat while rolling, or grant a free reroll, or reset the roll count to 0, or at least be able to select exactly what weapon your new transmuted riven is for. Literally anything would be better than melting 4 highly-rolled rivens for a single veiled mystery mod. Can we expect kuva farming rates across the entire game to increase at all, or will Floods remain as the fastest means to fill the bottomless pit?
  9. I'm not a fan of the asymmetry, the mildly v-jay face, or the prince albert chain goin down to his toe. There's a gold gene mask on the kavat gene masking kit, but who cares about golden pets anymore?
  10. Brakk Acquisition is much more rare, now.

    I don't think beacons existed before raids were introduced. In that respect, there are still more ways to farm it than there were at the beginning. The big difference is that there are a lot of better weapon options available now, so farming it has become more a matter of MR grinding than anything.
  11. Whips are supposed to have a short range dead zone, right? An area up close where they do 0 damage? So, why the hell does that dead zone shrink with range mods? The dead zone is supposed to counter the absurd range available to whips, but is a non-factor with just reach, never mind primed reach and a riven. If there's gonna be a dead zone on whips, it should grow in proportion to the total modded range providing an increased skill requirement to match the increased killing potential. After all, whips deal damage with their tips, not their whole lengths.
  12. shotgun veiled riven mods and me

    Hey, at least you got a shotgun riven to begin with. All I ever get is melee rivens. I never use melee rivens ever because melee is already op af.
  13. Chroma - Maybe some small tweaks?

    Except it's still bugged, double dipping on elementals. They nerfed the heck out of it without addressing why it was broken OP in the first place. Now, it works like junk for allies (who don't give a crap about it to begin with) while Chroma himself has to tailor all his weapon builds specifically for it so that it can come close to Rhino. Rhino's is multiplicative and applies to all damage after mods and other buffs. Chroma's buff currently works like serration, applying additively like another mod. There's huge difference in scaling and functionality.
  14. This stupid fudging profanity filter is getting on my clod ham nerves

    All these people complaining about innocuous swear words blocking anything that they're a part of, and I've got a kubrow named crazy*@##$. Considering the incredibly obscene stuff you can name your zaws without actually using a swear word, I hardly think an overzealous curse word filter is going to stem the tide of the internet.
  15. Baro’s Infiltrated Vaulted Relics

    ... And those prime parts were finally getting to a worthwhile market price. Guess I'll just liquidate everything I have then.