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  1. so to answer your questions: - I looked at the forums and read your thread and it sounded like a good fit . - I played a lot of warframe (663 Hours ) and it is a game I am playing casually since 2014 (on and off) - I read the whole thing but I couldn't find a link to your discord because I like to speak instead of writing while in-game
  2. - IGN: Zeom - Age: 24 - Mastery Rank: 16 - Time Zone and play-time range : UTC+2 mostly all over the place , but I tend to play later in the day like 9-10 pm - Primary Frames/Load-outs/Specialties if any: I really like nova and volt also I like big swords and auto-rifles - Why do you want to join our clan? Goals? looking for a group to play the game with and gear up to railjack because my old clan kinda died out - Tell Me a little about Yourself: I am a collage student and I major in software engineering and applied math - Tell Me a Joke! I am an attack helicopter I am currently still in my old clan gonna quit as soon as I get in .
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