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  1. We love it, just want to do a few color tweaks. My friend wrote this to me: the diamonds changed to that nice gold colored outline he used, the red into #0E004C blue variant. just needs to be a nice shade of blue, the purple background needs to be a little darker #35004C, and the little star on the bottom underneath the person in the middle changed into the same color as the diamonds Thank you very much!
  2. Clan Name: Kinsman Preferred Payment Type: $ Design Details: Colors: Black/Royal Purple/Gold and red. I really like the Apex Legends level 100 badge art style. Obviously don't want to copy it but something like that but unique in it's own way. Additional Comments: Sorry I'm so late on this.
  3. @JithvanHey, it's been a while. My clan and I are currently looking to make another emblem. If you're up for another request I'll gladly fill out the template.
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