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  1. Title: The Eternal Guardian and the Operator's Folly Deimos Chamber Scene Unedited
  2. Its a good way to contribute some solid DPS when you're using subpar gear. That, and when DE allows it to be deployed in any map its gonna be very relevant.
  3. Looter's Luck (Aura) +100% chance of getting additional loot from killed enemies. This should reduce my burnt out grinding stuff from this game.
  4. Well based from what i observed the vaccum is with your warframe. Apparently the warframe and the necramech are treated as separate entities. Hence pet vacuum still applies but to the warframe and not the mech. Same goes for enemy radar. But yeah necramech vacuum should have been thought of from the get go.
  5. Countless times for me, lost count after it gained double digits in occurrence. Either the warframe fell through the map during the transference or it died when the infested swarmed it while not looking either way all I had was corn boi As a host or a client this bug will persist. And after a host migration you'll be in your warfarme again but not the loot and gear slot will be empty.
  6. Space Free Roam. Where you explore the Solar system by controlling your orbiter similar to Elite Dangerous. You can mine asteroids for resources, engage passing by grineer and corpus ships. Go to planets and stuff, go to relay stations and dock your ship etc. Something zen where you can take a break from all this blood shed and normal grinding.
  7. I found a fix for when not being able to use archwing after getting on a mech. Just summon the k-drive first and ride it, then summon archwing.
  8. Scintillant was been dropping like candy for me. Though most of it are in T3 isolation vaults Bring a Nekros.
  9. Mod drops please. I have enough parts to equip an army of tenno with voidrigs but still no signs of any rare mods for my mech. The matrices are also piling up like candy yet Loid only has limited stuff for us to buy. Why not have Loid sell the mods? Even if it costs 150K standing each at least its a sure way to get one. Still grindy but now the carrot at the end of the stick isn't RNG
  10. After using the Voidrig inside the Isolation Vaults I sometimes (80%) cannot use my archwing outside anymore, always prompting "failure to lunch" as if I'm still in doors. Its a big pain as their are 2 more vaults located beyond parkouring distance. This wasnt an issue before the lastest patch. Also I was playing as a client.
  11. I get it, she's a good frame at what she does but trying to purely rework her towards monstrous damage is something DE wont do. As a matter of fact they'll do the opposite and break some knees. 1) Agree you can outfit any frame for any mission. 2) She does but its hardly absurd. Mobility trade off is ok for what you're getting. 3) Nav is a skill based ability but its hardly clunky from my use. I dont know what you mean by "bugged". 4) I hardly too. Then again a lot of abilities in warframe are not that good too. 5) Then use your melee. Why use Concentrated Arrow when y
  12. Also using the mech might remove all the loot you've gathered in the mission. You still get the end of mission rewards but not the loot you picked up. I lost all my minerals...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I was a client in this game.
  13. Well after using it I can see some glaring issues with the mech. >Firepower Issue: The mech relies heavily on your archgun but due to the low reloading rate of the ammo you quickly turn tail and run the moment you empty your magazine. Not all archguns have the same magazine size but the recovery rate of ammo is still the same which makes you pick an archgun with the most punch per bullet and thus creating a "Best in Slot" meta. Solution: How about buffing the ammo recovery numbers and making it scale according to the number of bullets per magazine. You could also ma
  14. Isolation Vault Necramechs sometimes, if not always, disables my Operator Void dash whenever I switch to operator mode. I wont be able to use void dash throughout the mission in the Drift. Needless to say not having Void dash makes a difference between completing and failing an objective.
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