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  1. I kinda forgot how an auction house is a bad idea now. Can anyone refresh my memory please? I have tons of items that I can sell, but in order to do so I have to be actively searching through chat. An AFK option should be cool right?
  2. You could just disable sniper crosshairs in the options and get a standard rifle dot.
  3. You could sell the Snipetron riven and buy a vectis riven. Damage wise, Snipetron isn't as powerful as Lanka or Vectis prime. Use riven market to help you gauge the price of the riven.
  4. My vote is on KIRBY! Aside from the copyrights infringement, the name fits the frame perfectly! It's Fat! It can be colored Pink! And it has enough gut space to fit a corpus ship! Long Live Kirby!
  5. Oh dang! He sold something I would want! And I missed it!!!
  6. Our purpose is fight for the highest bidder. "Tenno are mercenaries. There is no such thing as Tenno honor." -Sargas Ruk
  7. 2 years? really? has it been that long? dang.... I've been using the broken version for 2 long years and it's still in tatters today. Maybe DE is busy with other stuff. Maybe the animation department has their hands full Maybe its not an easy bug to fix. But 2 years? DE, what the heck you doin brah?
  8. A lot of things are more overpowered than Mirage. How about some constructive feedback rather than say "nerf this and nerf that". Like how big is the damage? millions? billions?
  9. It was nice to finally see her face after all these years. Though she's about to become even hotter after we throw her into the sun. That being said, I hope the New War has some spicy twists in-stored for us.
  10. Bump, still pretty bummed out that this is still exists after a major update. Saw a lot of fixes but none for this yet.
  11. Oh wow! can we also have them in the dojo?! Look at them! They're so cute! Moving decorations are always welcome.
  12. This bug has been with us for a loooong time now. It was so epic when I could replace the look, sound, and feel of the Lenz with this beautiful skin. But right now it's in tatters which makes me sad since it hasn't been patched up yet. Please DE make Dryad Skin great again!
  13. I hope DE fixes this skin bug soon. It's been here since Oct 2018 and I lost hope that they'll give it any love. Also, before the skin was bugged, when you equip the bow dryad skin on the lenz the sound effects when charging the bow would change to a normal bow draw sound which adds icing to the cake IMHO. DE if your reading this, please kindly patch the skin for us Thank you.
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