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  1. Considering how much I burn through my forma with Dojos and equipment. Why not? Giving usability to standing most players have in excess is not a bad idea. Or better yet make it kuva! God knows how much kuva is spent on rivens! DE should have a list of what items are very popular and useful plus making them time bound, or one purchase only, to avoid bulk purchases is a good way of spending all those maxed standing. Randomizing it will also give incentive to visit every NPC shop to see what deals they currently sell. (But please make it useful. Though I can imagine how a
  2. IMHO that 3500 kuva requirement to re-roll a high riven needs to be turned down a notch. Even with 7k kuva you can only roll a high riven twice. If DE tweaked it to 1k per re-roll then good God almighty I'd be farming for days. Basically rather than buff the acquired amount why not "tweak" the required amount instead.
  3. Daily Sorties, Rivens, and frame-weapon synergies. Just power creeping my way to infinity.
  4. ah quite right, my memory seems to fail me there. Thanks for the correction.
  5. Technically it's not dead "yet". It can still hold choke points in long mission types but the issue is that it requires very specific builds and a riven for it to work ~80% of what it used to be pre-nerf. If you meet all the requirements then you can still make use of the Zenistar. DE will break yer toys gentlemen so you better hide them.
  6. Carrier for normal missions because of ammo issues. Smeeta when working in the Kuva mines Death Cube when the frame I'm using lacks DPS Helios when DE releases new stuff.
  7. Yep if you know it yer old as hek. That being said its just a fun memory and nothing more.
  8. Viver gate. That was a fun bag of cancer where DE nerfed frames left and right. Its the origin of why Greedy Pull became LoS to name a few. and which ultimately got the Viver node erased off the map like some cities in WW2. Forget Nerf Bat Prime, DE has Deletus Prime do the work when they dont like seeing something.
  9. Cool, but can we now please fix contagion? And zaw holstering, And Oscira Bow skin on Lenz and Bramma.
  10. They tried to remedy this by introducing Rivens. And Rivens, well..... you guys know how that turned out to be. Maybe add more weapons that have synergies/bonuses when using them with certain warframes. Or have weapons have "set" effects in the same way certain mods do.
  11. Title: The Eternal Guardian and the Operator's Folly Deimos Chamber Scene Unedited
  12. True, some of the suggestions were crazy as hek, but I think DE can tweak the numbers a tad bit so it wont be too crazy. Needless to say, getting one of this "over the top, what the hek did it say i should do" riven challenges and have them post it here in the forums is very amusing.
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