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  1. And here i was thinking, " i want a Claw Zaw." Bonus points if it's a bear claw or karkina claw.
  2. Maybe all that Orokin tech displaced the knowledge?
  3. To DE: Thank You for composing and airing the devstream. I always enjoy learning about what's coming next in a game that I've been playing since 2013. Additionally, I am perpetually impressed by the DE team's optimism, empathy, and consideration for their customers. The devstream is just somewhat relaxing to watch; often times I even get a genuine soul-lifting laugh. Case in Point: [DE]Rebecca's body language, expression, and reaction to the joke "Grab 'em by the goods..." ([DE]Steve on Baro). Lastly, this team's growth is quite inspiring and an interesting take on game design. Thank you for making the Devstreams. Thank You for making Warframe. Shameless Plug: Content I, personally, look forward to: Empyrean, Melee 3.0, fire element rework, dojo decor upgrades, and grineer galleon/corpus frigate rework.
  4. Devstream 127. DE Steve," When you're a celebrity, you can just grab 'em by the goods." I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.
  5. I love arbitration endo. Let's me make platinum thru r10 mods. Too True. Too True.
  6. Tell me more about these "mission wrinkles" and melee 3.0.
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