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  1. I love arbitration endo. Let's me make platinum thru r10 mods. Too True. Too True.
  2. It bothers me that most posters in this thread appear to have stopped reading after the first buzzword (auction house) that crossed their minds. No comments on a trade listing, which would still require trades made via human contact in dojos. No dialectic on the effects of the addition of a commodities market backed by credits or platinum. Just people berating and yelling at rate more sophmoric than reddit or some parts of youtube. I think that I'm gonna stop posting here.
  3. Tell me more about these "mission wrinkles" and melee 3.0.
  4. Trade Chat in its infinitive form is a near, unintelligible mess (barring tags). Most Trade Plazas are empty save for the few afk hopefuls. Due to a lack of intuitive, comparable listings, unsavvy players are scalped daily with no realization or indication. Hence my request, can we get a digital auction house or trade listin in game? Have a tax to prevent junk listings. Include sortable columns and searchable fields, including the presence online. This'll facilitate trade, make pricing more competitive, and be a convenience for those not attempting to price gouge the desparate / lazy / inexperienced. Now for my second request, I request the addition of a commodities exchange. One in which materials like endo, cetus wisps, and kuva can be exchanged. Values can be quantified in something like platinum, thysts, auroxium (>θ.θ)> *gold*, et cetera for cross-referencing. I am Not advocating an open barter system, but a system similar to real world securities with bid, asks, charts, and spread with fluctuating values based on supply and demand, except contained in Warframe. Buying and selling occurs anonymously and goes for market price for the closest bid at the time (+ or - spread). I'm proposing an in game platform dedicated to resources separate from the aforementiomed trade listing proposition. Bonus pts for adding supply / demand / drop modifiers based upon in game world events, invasions, and other faction / world factors. For starters, look at the Galactic Market in "Endless Space 2." Por exemplo, let us say the infested get beaten back repeatedly in invasions and there's a low float of mutagen samples on the market. As a reault, demand remains constant and supply just dropped, so price rises. People can sell mutagen samples at the new price to satisfy demand. Also the market may spawn a new meta due to a referential display of value. For example if the above conditions caused Mutagen Samples x15 rise to 5 platinum, then mutagen samples could be traded for thysts face to face in a dojo elsewhere, not in the platform (it's anonymous). Boring mats just went from a sobering reminder of extraneous grind to a whole other trade game. And we know what faction loves trade games... I for one think that the gui would be the most difficult thing to implement. Also, opening up and cleaning trade in warframe would be a huge plus. Thoughts and considerations anyone?
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