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  1. I'm kind of on the fence about this one. Like I think it would be really cool, but at the same time I'm actually really enjoying making the sounds myself. And unlike myself, Warframe sounds don't know how to double in volume whenever my mom walks past.
  2. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A
  3. Uh no OP, you're missing the most important part of the Warframe's progression - the ability to use your MR to grow your ego like the spirit in Romeo and Juliet (Act 2 Scene 1 Page 2) and then shove it in the pathetic circles of clearly inferior Tenno. How dare they even attempt to compare to your skill, your dedication, your highly efficient 10 wave pub hydron leeching? I suppose if one were to dabble in the purely theoretical and take away this essential factor, then yes, the MR system may need a bit of fine-tuning. But this misses the system's true purpose entirely.
  4. As a typical member of the Warframe forums, I didn't read OP's post at all. I just came here to comment that I would pay good credits to see a hardcore butcher vs prodman deathmatch. Better yet, if the butcher wins, the ending cutscene has Tyl Regor strapping Alad V to a chair and shaving his head (and vice versa if the corpus wins) - if this happens I will pay plat to watch it. DE, I'm waiting.
  5. I only use the most overpowered build, the one and only poison chroma. As elemental ward does % max health damage, it scales infinitely. It also ignores shields, so I can use it for challenging content such as the index. And the best part? I just have to stand near enemies to use it, which is pretty much the best I can do with how good I am at this game. Oh, not to mention reload speed is also infinitely scaling. With the power creep in this game, that is. Limbo is also absolutely invulnerable, so it is only with him that you can become a master of challenging content in this game, such as doing that 1 hour kuva survival nightwave with 4 simultaneous dragon keys while only attacking with Tempo Narta. You will never die, although your teammates will. And then they'll blame it on not having Corrosive Projection. Scrubs.
  6. Why not use Limbo instead. Teammate doing a cipher? Banish them to keep them safe. So much more utility.
  7. Can't wait to see mogamu's high quality builds for easy mode warframe! My redirection is ready!
  8. umbrel axcalibur is super unfair to new players, why only vet can use? should be a starter frame
  9. Look, there's an easy solution to all of this. All you have to do is to be the bad player yourself. Become one with the scrub. If every defence takes 60 minutes to clear 5 waves, if every survival fails, if every cipher takes 15 attempts, you will have no expectations, and thus you won't ever be frustrated.
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