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  1. I'm failing to see how this update is anywhere near a "mainline update", but that's on me apparently. Besides that, 1 reward after 4 nodes is the only thing I don't like about it. Some lights are kind of "this should not be this bright\clear\exposed", but maybe with FHD-4k textures it will be less visible. The Leverian feels like a cheap way to badly tell a story but a great way to describe and show weapons, accessories and aesthetics with a narrating description of why they are like this. Quests were way more interesting and cool for warframes.
  2. Thanks a lot for this summary. See you next week.
  3. "Sorry, no update this week, here, 2 skins and a sigil, have a nice day"
  4. Thanks for letting us know, much appreciated. I would love to send you some Death Wish Coffee but I'm nearly on the other side of the planet. Have fun!
  5. @[DE]Glen you single-handedly fixed a microstuttering problem I had with Warframe from basically always. I wish I could give you a rise. Please, keep gutting the old code and please find more of this stuff. I can't even fathom how much bad or not optimized code can be inside a 15 years old engine. No wait, I can, Windows exists. Please keep doing that. Warframe needs this more than new content atm. Clearly it's hard and time consuming but it's worth it. Take this for example: low resolutions when zooming in. Why is this still there after all this time? Please keep looking for hidden stuff, the whole game will get MUCH better without all that clutter. Again, thank you. EDIT: i7-6700k, Palit 1070, 960 Pro M.2, W10 1709, from Steam and not. Might be useful to know this. Or not. Thanks Glen.
  6. Hi Megan 😄 So, not today. That's ok, realistically I wasn't expecting Fortuna today, but thank you for letting us know! Last hotfix was a week ago, and the last content was added 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I doubt we'll get Fortuna this week, this post is not quite noisy enough, and I guess you were referring to the ARG channel ond Discord anyway. What I would love to know is this: from now to the release date of Fortuna, we'll recive more ARG content-events-rewards or at some point everything and everyone will go dark like in the past? Please, don't go radio silent on us. And yes, the ARG is the right step in a good direction, against silence, and we all thank you for that. I get hype, I get not as much hype for generating passive advertising, I get creating anticipation, and I understand the being prudent with dates and information to avoid bad things from happening on a social and social-media side. But please, let us in when you can. Take for example DE_Steve or DE_BadHorse on Twitch. I (and many others) love their little stream, showing code, showing bugs, and bugs being fixed in real time, letting us being part of it even if from a bystander point of view. And yes, I know, if they are streaming they are not as focussed as much, so more time needed for the final product to be given to us. But. If someone there have already done with his part, or wants to just have some distraction/fun and avoid burnout in this period, take a phone, stream some pieces of life at Digital Extremes, or just a screen with a voice in background, totally informal. Just let us be there with you all. Let us show you our demonstration of affection. Let us lift together with you. Have a nice day and thanks for everything.
  7. Soooooooo... what are we getting this week?
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