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  1. Speaking of "bigger development goals", any ETA on the second stage of the railjack?
  2. Reb, listen, or not, that's up to you. To hunt liches we have to select a specific mission in which it will not always spawn (1st level of grind), then we have to look for murmurs to know how to kill our lich (2nd level of grind), then we have to find the right Requiem (3rd level of grind) from the right relic (4th level of grind). At this point, when we have all the instruments to kill the lich, we still have to find the right order (5th level of grind). All this, to be able to reach the final and last part, wich will only reward a random kuva weapon and a ephemera (6th level of grind). Then, you have to consider immunities, which make the lich stronger than any enemy in the game. Then there are mob higher than level 100 all around him, making this hard doing solo, which at some point you have to do if you want to spawn your lich instead of every other lich in the group (without considering that you get no reward for assisting others fight their lich, which does not encourage it). So, we have 6 levels of grind+rng, little or no reward even from your personal lich, no lore and no fun. To all that, we now have a whole room to just be able to trade liches. Not cool. To me, all this seems strongly oriented to wear us out and then milk us when we have being killed/punished enough because we have the wrong stone equipped. This whole ordeal, which is not hyperbolic, is tiring. I'm happy to spend 1h doing a survival, because after that I have rewards I can use, I can spend time with friends and so on. I'm not happy to spend 1h hunting liches, because after that I have no rewards (besides what you return to me, which I would get normally from missions anyway), I have to play alone and so on. Having to farm that much just to get a weapon, it's not worth it. Make me sacrifice 50k kuva to convert one of my existing weapons into a kuva version of it. I'm more ok with that than this whole update. But this is just my opinion. Because then you can show me how many liches have been killed and that's data, numbers, facts. Numbers alone can't talk about how happy your playerbase is about killing them. Millions of teeth are extracted yearly, but that doesn't mean that people love to have them removed, that's what I'm saying. I hope this gamemode will be revisited and redone soon, or I think it will build up dust like Lunaro did, which is a shame because you guys spent 2years working on this.
  3. What about this: When will it be implemented?
  4. Also please, let us use that useless space on the left to see which combo didn't work, without having to go back and forth between the litch screen and the parazon screen.
  5. My feedback is simple: too much grind for too little reward. Reduce grinding or increase rewards. As it is, I have no reason to look for more Kuva Liches. Kuva weapons are just old reskinned ones with random elemental added damage, not worth the hussle to farm relics, open relics and search for countless Thralls to understand which Requiem Mod is needed, then hunt him to understand the order. If Eidolons are a 5/10 on a rewarding level, this is a 2/10. And I'm here to tell you this because I'm pissed you used this new design to justify the lack of content so far. Really disappointed.
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