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  1. RadMystical

    This Week: Back To School Alerts!

    RNGesus: *coughing blood, near death* Father! Is... it over? DE: At long last. No grind rules forever, my son. RNGesus: I see... only... set numbers... for me... DE: *Adressing the players* Without it's master's command, the restless farming will become an even greater threat to this world. 100% chance must be maintained. There must always be... RNGesus.
  2. RadMystical

    Hotfix 14.0.6

    Please, fix the Loyalty system, and reduce the price of DNA kits.
  3. RadMystical

    Coming Clan Tactician Role Changes [Pc]

    Am I a moron for not understanding 100% of what this post is about?
  4. RadMystical

    Hotfix 13.2.2+

    Max Vitality...? Come on!