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  1. I observed similar things. Arbitration-Defense (IO / Corpus). All went well til wave 15, after that the defense-obj. began to partially sink into the ground, or teleport around in a confused manner. Enemy movement turned choppy, aso... Gameplay was bearable til wave 20, but turned almost unplayable at wave 25. Really sad, 'cause i do like these kind of mission a lot :/
  2. same here. can't continue my quest, 'cause my vessel-thing looks like this... doesn't really enlighten me.
  3. "... will only hurt most players' ego n pride." A certain degree of humility is always a good thing...... 😉
  4. Tbh, i don't understand this whole HardMode-thing anyway. Just introduce a mission-type with a condition like "all mods disabled & inner kiddo not available & no e-pads...". Like this special mission on Europa, called "Icefields of Riddah" (defense). Voila -> HardMode :)
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