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  1. Ever since 20.0 certain parts of my UI are enlarged as if I was playing on a lower resolution:

    - the mission icons in the top right of the navigation

    - the excavator icon in the bottom right of navigation

    - the lobby list in the top right

    - accepting invites

    And more parts of the UI that I can't recall are like this. Not all of it is enlarged, and I've tried going into windowed mode and back to full screen, and re-choosing my resolution; none of that works.

  2. I'm not saying I don't have a strategy to complete this.

    What I'm asking is if there's any weird specifics I'm missing to unveil my Riven mod, because I feel like I've satisfied the Riven mod's challenge many times (many times because it never unveils so I keep trying to twist it up to see if there's some technicality I'm missing).

    Just now, I did a two man with Ivara and Loki, on a Lvl 30-40 Survival on Selkie, Sedna. We didn't kill anything. We didn't bring pets. We unequipped our Energy Consumables to make sure we didn't use any. We just stalled for 5 minutes doing pretty much nothing; and then extracted right after getting the 1st reward; but we still didn't unveil our Riven mods.

    The only thing I could possibly be suspicious about is does this Riven mod challenge have to be done on a limited time survival? Because I've been doing it on the typical endless Survivals and going up to 5 minutes, and nowhere in the challenge does it say it has to be a limited time survival.

  3. So the challenge is: "complete a survival mission with level 30 or higher enemies without killing anyone without using energy consumables"

    Me and my teammate have tried, several times with variations, to complete this. We've tried just stalling out a survival with invis/banish abilities, we've tried actually unequipping our gear consumables assuming just not using them wasn't enough, we even tried not using any abilities either. Our most barebones attempt was just running around not touching anything (no sentinels or kubrows to kill anything) like parkouring maniacs, and still this challenge doesn't complete.

    Also I've tried looking at the Warframe Wiki, and the only challenge i can find is this one except without the energy consumable portion.

    Any tips anyone? (oh and yes we were doing this on a lvl 40-45 survival, so the level req should be passed).

  4. I'm trying to come up with cool weapons (primary/secondary or even melee) that will synergize with Mag's Magnetize in an awesome way.

    Tried doing it with the Angstrum but the result was pretty lackluster for some reason. And I'm trying to avoid simple weapons like a Soma or Twin Grakatas, because those work with Magnetize on an effective yet simple level.

    Any cool weapon ideas you guys have to combo with Magnetize?

  5. You're asking/making about a generalization... sooo... since you're generalizing that should answer your question.

    I'm MR 18 or 19, I forgot. But I'm a helpful teammate, I do my part. But you probably wouldn't notice me as the "nice high MR" player because I just keep quiet and play the game silently.

    Also whoever that high MR player was, clearly isn't sensible in the least bit.

    If he actually cares more about his mind controlled pet more than a max dmg reduction Blessing... then idk >_>... I can't think of any single enemy I would want to keep permanently mind controlled that I would value over the entire purpose of the Trinity frame.

    So yeah, that dude's bonkers. I'm trying to imagine him in actual competitive games; like imagine if he pulled out a microphone in Dota, Csgo, Starcraft, Lol, Hots, or Cod.

  6. I like Hydroid's theme and the intent behind his skills but I feel like they could be improved and imo my ideas don't sound too OP

    - I don't know how many people have called Hydroid a reliable CC frame, but the reason I don't is because when I use his Tentacle Swarm, they just don't spawn reliably. Sometimes a tentacle will spawn on open ground adjacent to an enemy it could've spawned on, and sometimes several tentacles will spawn on the same spot, wasting the aoe CC. I'd also like to see the Tentacle Swarm allowed to be toggled off, sometimes I need to reapply the Tentacles to a new location but I can't because they're still busy.

    - I'd like to see Hydroid be able to move while in Undertow, maybe at a walking or jogging pace. When he moves, he drags the drowned enemies with him and emerge the same area he does. I don't think this would be OP; if we're going to let Loki run around completely invis and Valkyr completely invinc, I'm sure we can let a CC'ing puddle of water crawl around.

    - And I think his Wave should be changed to have a scooping effect. Rather than just throwing enemies back, it should knock them down, then scoop them with the wave, so at the end, all the enemies are grouped up in front of him.

    Cool combos can be done with the altered Wave, using a mix of the scooping Wave and his other abilities, Hydroid can run around the map scooping up masses of enemies and keeping them locked up in the puddle as needed, then once he (and his team) is ready, he can release all the enemies and then drop down the barrage and tentacles on the dense mass of enemies.

  7. I think some good rework ideas can be:

    - Tailwind's direction adjusts as you change where you aim. You can use A and D to strafe, and S immediately ends Tailwind. If you tailwind downward, you do a Divebomb, with more worthwhile knockdown range, and the knockdown also ragdolls.

    - Divebomb can be replaced with a flying ability, essentially a slower, more controllable, floating-capable version of Tailwind... Allowing Zephyr to navigate the map with ease and take advantageous positions even more easily (and likely better) than Ziplining Ivara can. Just copy and paste Archwing animals if it's too much effort to make flying animations. AND CMON ITS A FLYING WARFRAME SHE SHOULD BE ABLE TO LEVITATE/FLY... Tailwind ala slash-dash doesn't count >_>

    - Turbulence should be buffed where it's just as reliable against Grineer as it already is with Corpus and all their projectile-based guns. Turbulence should also deflect projectiles more extremely, so it can actually properly deflect missiles.

    - Tornado should be deactivatable. And Tornado instead of swirling enemies wildly, should swirl them in a tight spiral at the top of the funnel almost like a Vauban Vortex positioned at the top of the twister; it'll allow us to easily shoot at enemies that get caught. Also, if this isn't already a thing, bullets that are fired at the Tornado to change its element should not be blocked by the Tornado and able to pass through just fine; this will help with shooting at enemies being carried at the top of tornadoes.

    - Her floatiness should also be controllable. If you hold down S while midair, you'll quickly disable her floatiness and she'll fall to the ground like any other Warframe. Because sometimes her floating becomes a problem.

  8. I think Draco (or anything that is or will be similar to Draco) is a problem because participants can literally play Warframe with a blindfold on when on Draco.

    Sure you can argue the Trinity has to keep their eyes peeled for close enough Vampire targets, but absolutely no squad member should be able to play blindfolded.

    A week or couple of weeks ago I did a Draco, and I was Frost.

    The only job I had to do for my team was maintain the Snow Globe.

    Since it was late at night and I was tired, I literally dozed off, falling asleep in between Snow Globe casts.

    Even then, I was only recasting Snow Globe to have a small semblance of activity and interaction, because I would recast it after maybe a minute, but the old Snow Globe would be around 95-99% health so it wasn't necessary.

    I was sleeping on the job, but the safety of my team, the effectiveness of our damage, and the rewards granted by the mission were not negatively impacted at all.

  9. Limbo should remain visible while Rift Walking... It allows him to take fire off his allies sometimes.

    Also I think:

    - His Rift Walking should have no cast time, it should be instant.

    - His Rift Surge should be replaced with a new ability and the damage multiplier from Rift Surge should be inherent for any enemy in the rift.

    - Maybe his #3 can be replaced with a 'rift portal.' It'll be similar to a portal door like Wormhole, except instead of teleporting, if you, your allies, or enemies walk through the portal (and it can be entered from either side like Wormhole), you'll immediately switch planes. You could blockade a door with a Rift Portal so all enemies that flow through will be thrown into the rift and be harmless to you and your team until you decide what to do with them, or you could throw down a portal in front of you and your team to all immediately jump into the rift. This idea I mostly get from Bayonetta's ability to jump in and out of purgatory.

    - You should be able to interact with objects and pick up loot that are in Cataclysm with you.

    - Instead of having Cataclysm shrink slowly, let it shrink in a staggered fashion... every instance it shrinks down, something bad happens to all enemies within... whether that be damage, debuffs, or CC such as a stun, blind, or ragdoll knockdown... the staggered shrinking combined with an associated effect will make it more useful while making it feel more like an actual "cataclysm:" a catastrophic event.

    - And the Rift Plane should have a visual rework... What people look like when they're in the Rift looks simple and not obvious, it looks like a white energy colored Valkyr Warcry, and being in the Rift puts a lot of distracting noise on your screen.

  10. The only reason why I would treat Ash with a min/max mindset, and don't try to diversify him, is because well then I should just pick another Warframe.


    Why go a Smoke Screen build when you can pick one of the other better defensive frames anyways. Snow Globe is always good, and if you're that interested in giving invis to your team, then be Ivara with a duration range build and you can even have your invis follow your teammates around and her invis is a launchable projectile, unlike Smoke Screen which is small (even if it is affected by Power Range which I don't remember).


    Why convince yourself you're a single target assassin by teleporting up to heavy units, when you can just target your Bladestorm on that same unit. And if u'r that interested in being a single target assassin, then play Loki (who has a better invis), or Valkyr (who doesn't have much in AoE but gets to run around invincible).


    Why bring the anti-armor Shurikens, when your team can just bring four Corrosive Projections. And yes, you would probably be bringing four CPs because the only situation you'd want anti-armor Shurikens is where you'd also bring 4 CPs. And why waste the time throwing a Shuriken to lower the armor of your enemy then proceed to kill it, when you can just Bladestorm which ignores armor and is affected by the combo counter and I believe the bleed proc of Bladestorm also ignores armor.

  11. In addition to extending past the Daily Cap, they also allow you to keep stockpiling Reputation even after hitting the upper limit of 132,000/132,000 in Rank 5 Syndicate.


    'Cuz 132k/132k with 50 medallions is more rep than 132k/132k with 10 medallions :) and that's very useful to me cuz I've sorta run out of things to buy from my Syndicates.

  12. The quills are such a weird attack.


    It's hard to call them a fair challenge, because the Juggernaut could do all of its big smashing and pounding, summoning infested here and there, and do like no damage to an entire party using those attacks no matter its level.


    Then on a whim - a not very telegraphed whim, it just spits/farts out a couple of pebbles at us and out of nowhere four Tenno are down.


    We could argue if that's balance and fair challenge but this isn't the place for that. It's an issue when it's charging and pounding attacks do like 50 damage to you, but little pebbles will kill a whole team, leaving all of them who have Quick Thinking with full Energy bars.


    And yeah I feel like the quills might have some ridiculous AoE to them, because my team was tightly spread around the Juggernaut. Tightly spread, but not close enough to get wiped out by one shotgun volley of quills if they didn't AoE and we did all get downed instantly.


    And yes, I too also get hit when I'm behind cover.

  13. The reason I don't think they'll ever do gender switchable frames is because each frame has (intended) lore behind it, i.e. the original first frame; this at least applies to Chroma and Mirage.


    THE Chroma had a masculine suit and THE Mirage had a feminine suit.


    So when we build things like copies of Chroma or Mirage, meaning each player building their own Chroma or Mirage, what gets copied is the original masculine or feminine design of the original suit.

  14. Limbo is just as useful as Valkyr when it comes to the one thing most people enjoy having a Valkyr on their team for...


    Guaranteed uninterrupted revives.


    It's been a while since I've played Limbo, so I'm not sure if DE's fixed all those little things that still hurt Limbo in the Rift; but if those things have been fixed, then he'll always have a place in Trials where he can revive reliably... If he's trolling, idk why he's in your privately organized Trial anyways.

  15. I want a kusari-gama to be added to the game, not the blade & whips we have now... Or release a kusari-gama into the current Blade & Whip category of weapons but release a new stance that looks more kusari-gama like.


    I also want to see throwing spears maybe, idk if it would be a melee weapon or a ranged weapon, but I want the spears to be throwable onto the wall and it behaves like a tiny zipline (because standing on a spear wud pretty much look the same as standing on a zipline)

  16. Critical Magnetize Proc = enemy gets rooted to floor, wall, or ceiling, whichever is closest, being rooted inhibits only movement


    Critical Blast Proc = typical blast proc but also does damage


    Critical Viral Proc = health of enemy cut to 1/4 instead of 1/2 and any additional enemy that gets within 1m of the procced enemy will receive a regular viral proc


    Critical Radiation Proc = radiated enemy deals increased damage to its allies and takes reduced damage from its allies.


    Critical Gas Proc = Secondary enemies hit by the Gas Proc receive their own Gas Proc instead of a Toxin Proc, which they themselves release a normal gas proc.


    Critical Corrosive Proc = Deals a corrosive proc once every second for the next 5 seconds.


    Critical Fire Proc = enemy runs towards its allies in panic rather than panicking in place, other enemies that it touches will receive a fire proc


    Critical Ice Proc = enemy is completely frozen in place rather than slowed


    Critical Electric Proc = enemy continuously pulses lightning damage around it for 3 seconds while stunned


    Critical Toxin Proc = toxin duration doubled; enemy leaves a trail of toxin wherever it moves, the trail deals the same damage as the toxin proc itself.

  17. Some changes that I'd like to see that are both Frost'ish and Excal'ish in rework-depth.


    1) Let Banish keep it's cast animation, but if you spam Banish on several different enemies, you don't need to wait for the hand wave on each enemy; like if you spammed #1 fast enough to Banish 3 enemies in the time it takes to do one hand wave, then all 3 will be Banished but you still only do one hand wave.


    2) Let Riftwalk have absolutely no cast animation, make it instantaneous just like Volt's Speed.


    3) Let Rift Surge do more than just boost damage; let it cripple enemies in the Rift as well: things such as reduced movement speed, the already amplified damage, stunned, blinded, disarmed, rooted, radiated/confused, random assortment of those CCs, any of those things could be possible... the Rift seems like a chaotic and unpredictable place, Rift Surge should apply that.


    4) Friggen let people pick up items in the Cataclysm!!! The items are in the Rift with you anyways! A personal favorite I'd like to see, is to make it so that you can somehow customize the shape of the Cataclysm. Sometime's a sphere isn't always the best, what about a wall? a square? a ring? Limbo's Rift mechanic promotes tactical choices to approaching combat; increase our choices with customizable Cataclysms. And let Cataclysm spend 50% of its duration not decreasing in shape at all, and then let the last 50% of duration begin shrinking.

  18. I just think when one selects their first focus - they should be allowed to peek into the actual skill tree before confirming.

    Some people want to role play their Focus, others want to pick by tactical advantage.

    I started off with Madurai and was enjoying it, but being forced to use the tri-beam which maxes out at like 30% damage just to use the trailing fire passive just ruined it for me.

    Now I'm using Zenurik and it definitely allows me to fulfill the "swift, overwhelming rage and offense" that Madurai advertised... That super Zenurik Energy Siphon passive allows you to go ham with many Warframes :)

  19. I have a few questions about the Zenurik Focus, hoping someone knows more about this, cuz the wiki and the in game skill menu doesn't elaborate too well.


    1) Does the System Override efficiency bonus allow you to exceed the 75% efficiency cap?


    2) Does Magnetic Aftershock apply Bullet Attractor to all enemies hit by the Void Pulse? Because it says "Void Pulse inflicts the 'target.' " making it sound like it applies the magnet to enemies one by one.


    3) Is Umbra Lance a radial aoe? The wording that it "lashes out" and is called a "Lance" makes it sound like it will only damage one target within the radius rather than constant explosions.


    Thanks :)

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