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  1. Keeping it as short as possible I'm a fairly newish player, MR 14, only returning for large updates, and well I've been gone 3 years and I had some fun with all the new content on my return... that being said upon my return, I was introduced to kuva and tenet weapons through lich/sister hunting. Ever since I've gotten my hands on the Tenet Arca Plasmor, Kuva Nukor, And mid grind for the very powerful Kuva Zarr, I've found my prime weapons (including some S tier Primes) don't even come close to stacking up against them. Just curious to see if anyone has any primes that can compete (because God damn these weapons are good but I love those golden, sexy primes)
  2. This post aged like sour milk. As someone coming here in 2021 to look for a possible way to extend its duration: the problem hasn't changed on that. Also that being said it is currently one of the most powerful sidearms in the game (at least as a prime since the kuva nukor outshines it in every way imaginable) but it still holds up very well in end-game content. So to anyone like me looking for a way to extend its duration in 2021, don't bother. You can't. But that doesn't make the gun a gimmick. Its still very friggin strong.
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