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  1. Well if you just want to try something new then you buy some of the other Mk-1 weapons, they don't have any craft time, but they still reward mastery xp for leveling.
  2. i enoyed having a reason to play Ivara
  3. It wasn't the meta in the past, damage only turned meta because of how enemies scale combined with powercreep. and i expect things to change eventually.
  4. I feel like more can be done with the phoenix theme, they are creatures of healing and ressurection not just fire. Im not saying your ideas or bad or anything, they would be a huge improvement on her current situation. But i think it would be better to give her a more varied set of abilitiees instead of just turning her into another nuker. Because i don't think the current nuker meta will last forever.
  5. Well they have talked about reworking damage for years. but it was delayed and then forgotten
  6. if i remember right they said it could take up to a week
  7. i think it would be better with challenges that would span the duration of the event, just split up the reward a bit. (example kill 10000 eximus units, but every 500 reward some rep)
  8. Any plans for better damage numbers? they are really hard to read with how fast the game has become.
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