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  1. 5 forma kuva weapon's isn't the weirdest things in my collection.
  2. her damage is good but by the time you cast 4 and 2 and get into melee range all the enemies are dead :P
  3. Also think switches have those screen covers that can help with light sensitivity.
  4. so all your progress is tied to a specific nintendo switch?
  5. In that case it's probably a 24/7 service
  6. the launcher is in the folder called tools in my installation
  7. think i made it work by saving the entire steam folder. but that was back in 2016, things might have changed. but i think you are fine
  8. don't count on it. i think they have canadian thansgiving this weekend or something. but idk.
  9. My starter Loki. probably a good thing he isn't a starter anymore he was a horrible choice :P
  10. Can reccomend a SSD for warframe's optimizations. SSD's might also become a requirement for a lot of games as the new consoles put down roots.
  11. Soma with the new mod for it is currently on my to do list.
  12. what is it even good for? i never used the ability for anything practical :P
  13. i guess the warframe slot and potato upgrade is included in the prime thing
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