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  1. what if we played as some of the NPC charecters!? against other npc's!? not just saying that becasue i want to play John Prodman. i want to play as the prodman 😧
  2. i always level something so i don't feel like i waste the xp. it's not like i have anything better to do with all those ressources i gather.
  3. I will bet my right kneecap that railjack will eventually be everything they promised! it's that or i might have trouble walking.
  4. Warframe is my second most played game, at around 2200 hours. had more than 10k hours in World of Warcraft back in 2014 when i started Warframe
  5. Can't imagine switch is getting the rushed version from december 😛 but it's probably still going to be very light on content.
  6. PC was always used to beta test. just a reminder 😛
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