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Preferred Warframe: Trinity
Region: Asia
Clan: Cephalon Leone(Singapore/Malaysia)

Interested applicants in Singapore or Malaysia may request for an invite from any member. Clan officers that can be contacted are Arrowblast, Amistyrja and Sylverlune. 


Warframe and I
I actually play on a total of 3 accounts that are shared by family, 2 of which are Founders, and the first existing since Closed Beta. Back then Platinum wasn't tradeable and we were planning on playing without a single cent, so the first account was used for male Warframes(100 CBT Plat could afford more slots because there were more male frames) while the second was used for female Warframes. As time went on, it all seemed silly, but then we learnt the benefit of playing with teammates and here we are.

Role-Playing Subforum
I mostly lurk the RP section, sometimes losing enough timidness to actually join one of them. If you're looking for another member for your forum-based RP you could just give me a shout, I might just get off my lazy arse and come with you.


Watching this game grow is pretty exciting. Let's have fun.

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