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  1. Saying that DE doesn't care about the lore is the epitome of stupidity when it comes to this community
  2. You could explain that in multiple ways, one of them being, Orokins didn't call every warframe "Prime", just they're regular names If Excal is said to be the first, then it includes his prime & Umbra versions
  3. Communication I don't remember which one it was, but a few years ago, a huge QoL fix was done & ready to be shipped, but it wasn't for months, all because the staff at DE forgot to speak with each other
  4. Yes you are It's a QoL change, if you toggle sprint enabled, then it should act like it
  5. Yeah well, i'll keep suggesting it each time they launch an update or a hotfix It's the one thing that I absolutely want added
  6. Channeling effects are still here, armors show up with combo multipliers & frames with heavy attacks
  7. Sorties were added for that reason, people complained Then Arbitrations were made, people complained again Steel path was created, & now people are still complaining & don't consider a build good until it oneshots enemies there We can't entirely blame DE on that one, players have also a part in this
  8. Oh right, it may be because my PC has a filter to make colors a little less aggressive, I see dark stuff way more easily than they should be
  9. Welcome to paintown, where pain is 100% guaranteed, with bonus pain for every enemy affected by the disruption aura!
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