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  1. It works with any damage, including parazon finishers
  2. With what happened with Railjack, I doubt they'll release anything in December, so probably both on November
  3. Hmm, well at least I can see the thought behind it, even if it's still stupid in the end Making new systems means people won't get bored since they'll always have new stuff to learn & experiment with; but then others may found it frustrating to have to forget everything they learned so far just to learn it again, & that over & over So yeah, dumb idea on their part
  4. This DE clearly isn't the type that will just remove open worlds & their town. They might change, but that will be the extent of it
  5. Ah yes, DE invested hundreds of work time on all of those systems that we invested time in so it can be completely destroyed later, never to be seen/played again WTF kind of logic is that?
  6. I made a feedback (for all that's worth) on it. In case you guys want to respond too:
  7. I don't understand why this isn't a thing yet, DE made a new, deeper screech when he casts Ravenous in his Prime trailer, yet it isn't used in-game
  8. People cried for the bug to not get fixed, that's the only reason it's still here
  9. Abilities first, aesthetics second Example: 1. I find Revenant kinda boring-looking, but I like his kit, so I do play him from time to time 2. I like Yareli's look & quirky personality, but I find no enjoyment in playing her
  10. DE did say that they would "evolve" instead, but nothing detailed; I guess they want to keep it a secret for TNW
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