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  1. Pretty much yeah There's a difference between Dark Souls lvl difficulty & doing 800 Quadrillion damage per bullets
  2. Blame that on the playerbase, each time DE tries to implement something that needs more that two brain cells to use or is a little difficult, it results in huge backlash because "muh power fantasy"
  3. Your not in a hurry, in not even a month you'll look back on this not even remembering that you had to wait 24h
  4. Press mouse 3 to select every of one item, that's the only thing there is & it doesn't take any time
  5. I do Steel Path with Nidus Prime, even if I'm not linked to an enemy & take huge damage, my health gets from 50% to 100 in an instant thanks to the amount of enemies & the spores ability from my Panzer with Hunter Recovery. I just wanted to correct @BiancaRoughfin who basically said the spores were useless
  6. Happened to me yesterday, even took a screenshot for the collection My guess is, if this is indeed intended, she is trying to contact us after what happened with "Erra"
  7. They could at least warn us that they won't be doing another devstream until TNW launches
  8. Did you know that spores explode with Viral & have an infinite lifetime if they keep spreading? Panzers are very useful for Steel Path
  9. We don't know how far in development TNW is, it could be 99% done & we wouldn't even know, so until they say otherwise, 2021 it is
  10. Liches are supposed to be getting tweaks & stuff with Railjack, maybe changing their loadout will be one of them? I'm all for it
  11. I think augments should all be like Nidus': change how the ability works, not just add one thing to it
  12. Oh, I thought only kitguns & zaws were renamable, well thanks then
  13. How? I'd like to remove their names too, never knew you could do it
  14. Got killed during a Steel Path survival by an Acolyte with full 300 stacks & instantly died while his dispel ability was active
  15. I don't see how that's relevant but ok
  16. On the other hand, it's not like DE can look up every swear words in every language of the world to add them as profanities
  17. Thanks, I'll take a look, I play Umbra for every story related missions & I want him to be in top shape for TNW
  18. How often does he cast it? 'Cause I put Shooting Gallery on him for when I'm using my mech, but he seem to only cast it when I jump out as my operator
  19. Not completely true, what matters is not just health or armor, but ehp, & Lavan has the most ehp of all platings Vidar are indeed the fastest, but for boost too, since boost is a multiplication of the base speed; it basically works just like ehp, you need to look at both stats & not just one EDIT: Also boost is infinite now so
  20. If nothing works, even resetting your password & checking if you spelled your username correctly, then wait for support, they're the only ones who can help
  21. You can also click anywhere on the screen to deselect the search box PS: DE doesn't read general discussion
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